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  • Affiliate Marketing ~ Learn how to set up your blog

    In this post you will learn how to set up your affiliate marketing blog Affiliate Marketing is all about branding yourself in a niche you know something about Eg Football, Music, Advertising Branding is all about getting your name known for that niche The best way to do all the above is by having your…

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  • Affiliate marketing ~ How to succeed with Affiliate Marketing

    As an online marketer, you will be aware of or heard the term Affiliate Marketing It is nowadays, probably the most secure profession to be a part of, because by being an affiliate marketer you have taken the first steps to guaranteeing your own future by taking control of your life and future pay cheques…

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  • Internet marketing tracking

    Internet Marketing Tracking One of the most important things you need to do when marketing on the Internet is to track your results. Tracking your links, will show you Which pages work best giving you optins Which places work best to produce those optins Now by the last one I mean the places that produce…

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  • How to work online and make money. In 3 easy Steps

    How to work online and make money Working online is fast becoming the new way to absolutely guarantee your future security Its done by working in a sector called affiliate marketing However, if you haven’t heard of the term and think it sounds foreign or like something weird… Fear not! Affiliate Marketing is something well…

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  • How to build a list of email subscribers

    How to build a list of email subscribers There is a saying in the online marketing world “The money is in the list” To be more accurate, the saying should be “the money is in your list” Why Because without a list of your own, then you point-blank won’t make any serious or significant income…

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  • 2018 WordPress Wealthy Affiliate review

    2018 WordPress Wealthy Affiliate review This is a review of the 2018 WordPress Wealthy Affiliate blog platform   WordPress, as you might be aware, is the open source software blogging platform, used by approximately 27% of web users and is home to some 60,000,000 websites Every business owner who has an online presence needs to…

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  • Welcome to this Blog

    Welcome to this blog. I hope you enjoy the content. So what is so special about this particular wordpress blog? The first thing is, its hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate WordPress hosting platform ( you can find out more about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the banner at the top right of this blog) WordPress sites…

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  • About Dave

    Welcome to this website, I hope you enjoy the content, let me introduce myself properly YOUR STORY My name is Dave Hayes & I am from the south coast of the UK, near Bognor Regis. In a place called Chichester I have been associated with affiliate marketing Since 1999, specifically the niche of advertising after…

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