List Building

List Building

List building is without question the one activity you must do daily if you are to earn any income.

Yes, you can earn money from blogging, but its the list building which is your first asset if you like

Without a list, then the income you would like simply isn’t going to arrive

I know Nothing About List Building Online

Don’t worry if you don’t know about List Building Online

In simple terms a List is a List of people some you will know, some you won’t

Who come to your blog or website, especially if its on a subject they are interested in

They like what they read and the way its written and decide to get more information.

Equally they can also arrive through a landing page.

Can I start Building a List Straight Away?

The Answer to this is yes you can. If you read the rest of this post, or indeed

Any of the rest of this blog, you can start

Even if you are new, you will be directed what to do

So How Do You Build Your List …

This is a good question and this post will answer that question for you.

The first thing you need to have is Traffic

or at least you do, if you are serious and committed to being taken as a Pro

The gets delivered to your autoresponder

Your auto responder will deal with the people who visit you site and read your content

Your autoresponder is also a great and the only way you can …Duplicate Yourself

But, maybe aren’t quite sure, if what they are reading is for them

This is in spite of you having good content and compelling content

So they will need to have more information and that can only be delivered by an auto responder.

The second thing you will need is a landing page . If you don’t know what that is

This is a good example of one

For the people who are sure, from reading what you have written, that they product X or Y

Those people will make an infromed decision to buy that product

When they do, you will earn a commission and they have access to thousands of …

Targetted professionals, who are already running a home based business

When you send a malling out, then the theory, which more often than not tunrs into reality

is that they buy your product or servce .

With that in mind, how do you know which list builders are the best to use and even,taking it one stage further

Which are tested and proven to produce results

A search of google for viral mailers or Solo ads, as they are also known, will produce the result 164,000  shown below

Now as you might imagine 164, 000 is a huuuuggeee Number of mailers.

You couldn’ty possibly be expected to join, every single one, let alone know which of those actually produced results

You will be pleased to know that you don’t have to join every single of them, neither do you have to guess which ones will work

Because …

That guess has been eliminated for you, because This will build your list

On total steroids and virally of which there is no better way to build a list

Especially when 20% of it is being built for you

It is known as a High Ticket List Builder

High Ticket, means that they pay, more than decent commissions

High Ticket also means that you don’t have to work as hard as some do

Work, yes, but in a much smarter way

You will also be able to find a review of it, either by clicking on the categories section on the right and selecting reviews or …

Save you time

Build your list fast, so that you can take another step towards your own specific goals, what ever they might be.

For example: Quit your job, or just have more money to pay the bills

It should be added that, list building is something you have to do every single day

Doing this daily means that you soon build up a rich harvest of passive residual income

And there is no better feeling than having a passive residual income every month

Passive Residual Income …

In case you don’t know what means, is income earned, every month, before you get out of bed

Compare that to Linear Income, or Employment income which is income that you only earn after you have traded your time for money

When you fully grasp the concept of Passive Residual Income, which only happens by experiencing it

Then you quickly understand why Direct Response Marketing which is what list building effectivley is,  is the most exciting industry in the World

It is almost like having a cash macine on your computer.

Note Of Caution

One of the major, major reasons that the majority of online marketers fail to make any money online is

Because they don’t follow the principles above

Instead trhey focus purely on promoting an opportunity and spend hours doing this, for little or no reward

So in finishing off, this post has explained

What List Building is

Why you need to do it

Proven resources to help you achieve your end goal

What happens when you do it

What happens when you don’t do it

If you have found this content useful and know someone who might be in the same boast as you

Feel free to comment, like and share, because it will take you close to your own end goal.

The next step is to start advertising.

Unless you start advertising, then you won’t get any traffic to your website.

So, lets look at how you drive traffic to your website

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