List Leverage – 4 Great Ways To Earn

When it comes to List Building, its crucial to your income to get it right

So if you are looking at ListLeverage as a way of building your list

Then this post will give you the information you need to compare it against Your current list building method

ListLeverage, differs from other List Builders, because it is a Viral List Builder.

This Video explains more for you

What that means is, it earns everyone who joins it money, so it gets shared very fast

4 INCOME Streams

Before you learn about the four income streams

Its important to understand, that this differs from all other types of list builders

How it does that is like this. Absolutely everyone who uses it starts at

Ground Zero

So no matter what experience you have online it makes no difference

You can be a newbie, intermediate marketer, or seasoned professional

You can be a 5, 6 or 7 figure earner. Everyone starts at the same place

Income Stream #1

This is the system itself, which has some very high converting lead capture pages

To set the system up, you simply need to follow the set up steps… To the letter

This includes setting up the autoresponder of choice and Traffic Supplier

Once you do, you will have a very powerful marketing system in place

Which by the way, also contains the blueprint for earning

$10,000 per month

Now it should be stressed at this point, that for the Blueprint to work

Then the system needs to be followed to the letter and there are no guarantees

That you will earn that money, because your success is entirely dependent on following The system

However a major advantage of this system is that it has two unique features

That no other list builder, you have ever seen before has

It will provide you with 20 per cent of other peoples leads

It will provide you with an opportunity to get paid, when other people don’t join

Income Stream #2

This is in the form of the Autoresponder whichhas been specifically chosen

Because it is designed for the make money online niche

Its owner, has built a massive fortune online and the Autoresponder

Has a unique payplan attached to it, which means that any one who becomes

An Affiliate of It, will earn money with it, as long as they are active in using it

It works equally well with both AWeber & Get Response as well

Income Stream # 3

This comes in the form of something every business world wide needs


Without Traffic, no business would be in existence today

Now where this traffic differs from the rest is because it is Premium Traffic

Premium Traffic is way better than other traffic sources you may use currently

Such as

Google Ads,

Bing Ads,

Facebook Ads

It is also better than the traffic gained from Facebook Groups

And while there is nothing wrong with that type of traffic

To build a business and a successful one, then you need motivated buyers

That type of traffic comes at Premium Cost, however, through the Traffic Store

At Traffic Authority, then you can buy that traffic at heavily discounted prices

And make significant commissions on those packages as a reseller

So the commissions on this vary from $50 up to $3,200

Then there is a really unique

Income Stream #4

This is known as Click cash

How this works is unlike anything you have seen in the online industry before

Once two weeks have gone buy from starting your ListLeverage Business

With every email that goes out to your subscribers, for the ones that don’t want to

Join your opportunity, but who click on the link in the email they read

You get paid either 0.01 or 0.20 per click, depending on the Level of your Package

So consider your email list is a good few hundred. 20 percent of it which

Is being built by the efforts and you are getting paid for people who don’t want to

Join your opportunity. The Click for cash can mount up

Now bear in mind that your current list building system, autoresponder and

Traffic Source, might be producing results for you, you have to ask the question

Are they Producing the Results I Want, Am I getting CEO Income

If the answer is no, then it might be time to tweak your system

From a personal perspective, I did exactly that and my results exploded

It is my #1 Recommended System

If that is your own thinking then you can start your own ListLeverage System

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