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Welcome to this website, I hope you enjoy the content, let me introduce myself properly, through

My Story


My name is Dave Hayes, thats me below. I am from the south coast of the UK, near Bognor Regis. In a place called Chichester

I have been associated with online affiliate marketing Since 1999, specifically the niche of advertising after being introduced to this niche at that time and liking it so much I stayed put! ( Apart from a brief foray into MLM, which, though I am an advocate of, takes far too long to earn the kind of money which advertising and marketing offers)




Between 2000 & 2006, I aligned myself with various different affiliate marketing companies, such as Global Domains International and Strong Futures International. However, after much graft with each and looking further at the compensation plans each had, it was became clear that to earn any significant, income, then I would have to rely on recruiting, referring and sponsoring

I discovered  that this type of affiliate marketing was called traditional or low ticket affiliate marketing… In short, the financial rewards amount to no more than a few hours overtime, if you had a job

So I decided to stop and look for a venture that would allow me to achieve the sort of income goals I was looking for, without relying on recruiting or sponsoring.

After all, if you are going to market properly online, then you do so, because you want it to become your full time income and so you want to choose the venture/s that will provide that income for you.




In 2007, I then started to focus more on the online small business sector, providing them with traffic generation solutions. It was an area that grew very quickly for me, much more so than I had done up to this point by promoting ‘my opportunity’. So naturally I stayed put!!

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

At the same time, I was also introduced to a different type of affiliate marketing, through a financial education company and thus began to read, use and apply the educational products they were providing. This was also added into my portfolio ( with the internet being an information super highway, this was a no brainer addition) and a book, called magnetic sponsoring ( now evolved into Elite Marketing Pro, see Below)

which showed me exactly how to market online and to attract the exact type of client I was looking for,to me

Through Elite Marketing Pro, I was also introduced to an incredible courses, which helped me to eliminate Shiny Object Syndrome that course can be found by Clicking Here and another excellent course, which would also have a profound effect on me, called Building on a Budget. This explained the need for, How and Why, I should start a blog.

So, I began looking at WordPress,  but more on that later!

Sadly neither the financial education company or the two books exist in affiliate marketing terms at least.

However, Elite Marketing Pro, is still going strong, some 9 years later, which is a blessing and I am pleased to say, that I am still affiliated to them




In fact my success was so quick, that in 2009, I quit my secure J.O.B ( I was earning more than my salary, through my P/T work), to work full time in the online advertising industry, with my own direct marketing consultancy specialising in providing the Small Business sector, with business training & advertising solutions to grow their businesses.


Since 2014


Since November 2014 I have further expanded into the same area which both Google and Facebook focus on, however one which is unique and does what neither of those two platforms can, which is provide business owners with an opportunity to advertise their own business, receive quality real time traffic and get paid every every hour. You can discover more about this opportunity, in the Ad Revenue section at the bottom of this blog


Why I Want To Help People


With  over 15 years experience in the ‘online’ world I show fellow online business owners, exactly what they must do, to build a successful online business, & that is… Build their own list Without this, there is no success (Sadly 97% of online business marketers don’t do this)

Believe it or not too do both is… very easy


How will this site help you


The goal of this site is very simple. Marketing online is a very simple process, which this site will show and teach you how do to, in simple steps.

You’ll be shown how to set up a blog, like this on the Getting Started page so that you have your own online business, which attracts the exact type of client you want and how to twice as much money in half the time it takes you now, no matter if you are affiliated to one opportunity, or … several

From there you can then access the  Courses page and by clicking on the little arrow to the right, you can access an exceptional Affiliate Bootcamp Course

As well as other courses which cover a diverse mix of online marketing strategies, such as How to..

Attract the Clients you want

Use Linkedin, the right way

Get Quality Traffic in just 10 minutes a day

Also, On the Resources page, you will find a selection of all the none SEO resources which work for me. all of which are proven to earn you money.

Moving to the Right Sidebar

You will see the Search Bar… Type in the term or word you are looking for and all the posts on that topic will be shown to you, or alternatively go to the Categories section, click on the drop down menu, which will show you the topics covered together with the amount of posts on that subject.




Now you will remember the book which explained that setting up your own blog was a must, well…

after much research,  I then discovered the Wealthy Affiliate Platform below, and discovered that it also hosted WordPress! ~ Yayyyyyyy… Success!!

Not only did it host wordpress… But it also had

Business Training & Advertising…


You can read more about this decision, on my #1 Recommendation page

WordPress,  Can be a minefield, its starts with choosing the right host, there are many to choose from.

In the last 9 years, I have used and come away from 3 of the biggest names in hosting, for a variety of different reasons. The main one being lack of support

You can see my current Host here, together with the reasons I chose them.

Then there are



with a huge selection of Themes, both free and premium to choose from, it can be daunting knowing where to start

That’s not including the 50,000 (Fifty Thousand Plus) plugins, which have had to date over 1,000,000 (One Million downloads )

With 9 Years …And counting!  experience of using self hosted WordPress websites and having built a successfully thriving WordPress Consultancy, I am well placed to advise on the best recommended course of action for you

Transparency, value for money and Big Benefits are my watch word!!… Okay my watchwordS!!


the aim of  that site is to guide you through the maze of both and guide you to the best themes and relevant plugins, you need to grow your site

You will also find subjective  reviews of both on my blog.  Providing you with enough information to make an informed decision

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, or equally feel free to connect with me on the business social networks shown below at the foot of this blog, and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Away from ‘Work’

I am very happily married to my ideal lady, we live in a lakeside lodge, which we own and have a pet cat called Charlie. I also have one younger brother.

For my sins, I support two football teams, Chelsea and AFC Wimbledon why two?… Well I lived for the first 3 years of my life in Wimbledon, so its only right to support your home town team. Chelsea is where my dad first took me to watch a football match

The other reason for supporting two is this… my parents came from the respective towns!

I enjoy cycling, walking, fine wine, watching comedy shows and good re~runs of old TV shows. Music wise, I love 80’s music, daddy dance very badly according to my wife, with who I go ballroom dancing once a week, which is really good fun.

To find out how you can get a site like this simply click on the banner shown on the right hand side

All the best,

Dave Hayes