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    As You will have read, on About Dave I had started looking at WordPress

    I needed WordPress, because, by having an online blog, really does mean, you are your own boss, with your own online business, as opposed to being an affiliate of company X, which equates to you being no more than a self employed rep

    Over the course of time, I set up blogs with two different companies, but in each case, and over the course of my hosting with them, experienced severe problems.

    Those hosting companies were




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    So severe, that in one case I actually lost an entire blog, through a dodgy plugin. I got so fed up with this, that I temporarily moved to googles blogger

    Though in fairness, that was never going to be a long term solution

    So after a lot of searching, I literally fell on Wealthy Affiliate Below

    Started in 2005, it has been established for 13 years, with currently over 1.3 million active online entrepreneurs and had the main benefits I was looking for



    Now the very important factor for me with the hosting, is this. Wealthy Affiliate Uses Web Based hosting as opposed to WordPress hosting, as you will read in reviews, there is a world of difference between the two

    As well as hosting, there was also a free 7 day starter account, so I could try it risk free for 7 days &… try to break it!!

    Another very key Benefit for me, was security, bearing in mind what had happened to my previous blogs, so I was reassured to see


    They took it seriously… I was made up, what could be better than that?

    How about Saving me money!!!…. Take a look at this comparison chart



    So what makes Wealthy Affiliate so different to other online training ventures?

    That’s best answered like this, with hundreds of thousands of people making the decision to move online to work and market themselves, most will end up in affiliate marketing of some sort, the downside to being an affiliate in those circumstances is this

    You are no more than a company representative, paid self employed commissions. You don’t have your own business

    Wealthy Affiliate shows you through an Online Entrepreneurs Course , how to set up your own blog, together with the reasons behind why you need to.



    NB Note the need to… Not should!

    Just take a look at the picture below




    That is further backed up by the amazing statistic shown below


    Over 217, 000 Independent Business Owners



    It speaks volumes and in addition to that, You have a very supportive community, all willing to help you succeed.Its a bit like going to a large virtual office every day

    Your in business for yourself, but not by yourself

    if you truly want to work for yourself and online, then a properly set up blog, which is secure and indexed so that it gets found in the search engines, is an absolute minimum requirement

    You are shown exactly how to set up your own wordpress blog, which is hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and is as secure as you can get. They take blog security very seriously, do the team at Wealthy Affiliate

    In fact, you can even Get Started Right Now… if you wish!

    There is Live training every Friday


    Online Certification & Affiliate Bootcamp


    The Online Entrepreneurs Course  explain the reasons why you need to do certain things

    Now, add into the equation, the fact that there are over 1.3 Million active online subscribers / fellow entrepreneurs, virtually all of who are happy to help, support and provide advice, according to each ones own experiences and it like working in a live virtual office.

    While the  Affiliate Bootcamp explains and shows you how to monetize your blog, through established and proven affiliate marketing ventures

    The support is crucial and vital


    Does it work?


    The simple answer to this question is Yes, but there is a however, which is this. YOU have to work at it, consistently, being committed to following the training and online certification course

    It is no different to opening your own real office in the high street, except of course you don’t have business rates to pay, the only payment you will make to Wealthy Affiliate is the premium payment, which will either be a monthly subscription or, as most do, the yearly premium membership which is $537

    Look at the comparison table below to see the benefits you get from premium

    Part 1 is Below



    Part 2 is below


    When you see the benefits and comparisons laid bare, then if you are really serious about wanting to start your own online business, then this really does make it a no brainer.

    By the way this is without actually talking about the money, which is discussed below

    Before we speak about the money, though, bear in mind, that this post is written by an author, who has over 15 years experience working in the online affiliate marketing industry during which time, has partnered with many companies in that time in search of that ‘elusive goal’

    Well, it has to be said, hand on heart and very truthfully, that …

    Wealthy Affiliate perfectly fits the bill  in every respect. You have your own business, together with excellent training and support

    That said, lets move onto How the money works with Wealthy Affiliate

    The chart below gives you a very conservative indication about how the money works


    That concludes this summary on Wealthy Affiliate, the information contained in this review, should give you enough details for you to make an informed decision as to wether its for you or not, but…

    Bear this in mind

    Starting your own online business can be a daunting prospect, however, starting your own online business with Wealthy Affiliate is a different proposistion entirely, because you are in business for yourself, but with the support given, combined with a very active community, and perhaps more importantly, a step by step online entrepreneurs certification course and affiliate bootcamp, both of which walk you through the steps need to suceed the chances of success are far higher than most other online business ventures

    So, you have now read why Wealthy Affiliate is my Number 1 Recommendation

    From the benefit of 18 years onine experience, I can say hand on heart, that this venture knocks every other venture into a cocked hat

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