2 Questions To Ask Before Joining An Online Opportunity

When it comes to joining an online opportunity, you will be swamped by offers

All of them will claim to earn you thousands in the next 6 months

So there are

2 Questions to Ask, before you join an Online Oportunity

Believe it or not, those questions, while seemingly obvious, are not by the vast majority of people

It is this lack of Planning and Due Diligence that causes people to lose fortunes online

So lets look at the 2 Questions you need to ask before  you go any further

1. Where can I find the Policies and Procedures

This is commonly called the Ps & P’s

By looking at the Policies and Procedures, it will save you hours of hard work and cut your Due Diligence time

They should be readily available on the website for anyone to view

So what do you look for when you find them

The first section you need to look for with the Policies and Procedures is  The …

Termination Clause

Now while this might sound strange, it needs close looking at

Because in this clause it will tell you where and when you can promote

What you can’t use

Why You can’t use it

And both of those will relate in part to the use of Social Media.

Any misuse of this and Bam your distributorship has G.O.N.E gone

So with Question 1 covered and most likely most of your Due Diligence Done as well this way

How long has the company been established

Is it financially sound

Who is the management behind it

Why the management?… Well in this day and age with so many scams around, its very easy for scam artists to be behind companies and take your money

One classic case in Point is My Advertising Pays and The Advert Platform, both set up by Mike Deese

Both suffered the same fate

Let’s Look at Question 2


2. Compensation Plan

Yes the Good Old Compensation Plan, which strangely enough, when you ask for the Ps & Ps

You are directed to the Company Pay Plan, as most people think that is what you are asking for

However the Compensation Plan is, outside of the Policies and Procedures the next most important thing

It tells you how much you will get paid and by which method.

Surprisingly, most people don’t treat this with any type of caution, but look at it from an Employees eyes

Which is wrong!

It is wrong because, as an affiliate, you are becoming a representative of that company

So you need to take into account…

Percentage of commission you will be paid

How much advertising you will need to do

Are you allowed to use Social Media

What is the support issue like .

Once you have answers to these questions then you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether the company is right for you


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