2018 WordPress Wealthy Affiliate review

2018 WordPress Wealthy Affiliate review

This is a review of the 2018 WordPress Wealthy Affiliate blog platform


WordPress, as you might be aware, is the open source software blogging platform, used by approximately 27% of web users and is home to some 60,000,000 websites

Every business owner who has an online presence needs to have a hub or online office to work from.Its a must

WordPress is that hub or office. Specifically wordpress dot org. The reason is that it is self hosted so you own it.

However, the majority of business owners using the wordpress platform, have blogs which are not set up properly

The reason they are not set up properly is due to a lack of training showing them how to do this.

Which is where the

Wealthy Affiliate WordPress platform comes into it’s own

It shows you exactly what to do step by step, which is easy to follow. This means you can’t go wrong.

There are

Two Membership Levels

which are free also known as starter and premium

The free level lets you start for free and try the platform out for a full 7 days

At that point, you have a choice, you either stay as a free member, or you upgrade to Premium

Why upgrade?

This is a good question, which is best answered like this & I’ll draw on my own personal experience, to illustrate the point

WordPress, hosts around 27% of the Internets websites. It is the self hosted and best version to have of the two wordpress platforms. They being dotcom and dot org

The dot org platform gives you total control over what you write on your blog, there are no restrictions at all

However wordpress can ve a very daunting platform to use and there is no real specific training on how to set up, install and properly protect your site once it’s ‘live’

Sure there are videos on YouTube, but there is no real up-to-the-minute training for wordpress

Which is Where

Wealthy Affiliate

Comes into it’s own. You need to be a premium member to access the training, but given that you are effectively setting up your own business with a wealthy affiliate blog and by your own business I mean your own blog hosted on your domain… In much the same way you would open an office in your local high street

The training also shows you exactly how to get indexed by google for the exact niche keywords you are using

This means attracting your target market is far easier than using google keywords or Facebook ads for example.

Both those methods’s can be expensive and drain your bank account quite quickly.

Having a wordpress wealthy Affiliate site indexed by google, with the right keywords means, compared to an ordinary wordpress blog, your site will get found far quicker.

That alone is a real plus

Another feature of the training provided at Wealthy Affiliate is the ability to get

Certified as a Wealthy Affiliate WordPress consultant

There is a certification course that you can do, which takes you step by step through the process of getting started, right through to achieving maximum success through content creation, which includes a section on mastering social media so you can appeal to your target audience

With WordPress making up around 27% of the websites online, it is sill considered a minefield to many, however with the training provided at Wealthy Affiliate, both through the certification course and the affiliate bootcamp, you can soon become a proficient guru in this subject even if you are just starting out.

Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a wordpress platform however, it is also a premium

Hosting Platform

Specifically built to house wordpress, and in doing so, eliminates a lot of the niggles that can be associated with other wordpress hosting companies and having experienced these issues first hand, speak from experience. For a good while I was actually put off using wordpress, purely down to these issues… even though I knew that it was a great blogging platform, well like by the search engines

All that was resolved when I found and joined Wealthy Affiliate. They have a technical team who work round the clock and are among the most experienced wordpress users you can find.


One of the main reasons for having a blog is for it to get found by the search engines through the use of good relevant keywords and to that end you get access to the incredible

Keyword Tool

which will help you find the exact keywords relevant to your niche, which can be used in a keyword tool developed especially for the wealthy affiliate platform

So imagines this, you do a google search for the term you want to use in your post, then set about writing your content, knowing that at some point, your post will get found by them

The Keyword Tool built into the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, takes that search one stage further, because it shows you the specific phrases people are searching for and gives you a series of top recommendations to use in your post

So no more guesswork the end result to you means that you have almost 100% more chance of having your post found quicker by those looking for the title you are writing about.

The Keyword tool is complimented beautifully by another great keyword benefit which is…

Keyword Lists

This feature, makes life even easier for you, because it provides a monthly update of all the relevant phrases which have been searched for in many of the most popular niches, meaning it has done a lot of the legwork for you, thus saving you time

The end result for that obviously leaves you free to focus on producing good quality content for your blog.

Finally, to close this review, lets take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate Program

Did you know that there have been more millionaires made through online blogging, than any other type of affiliate marketing venture

There are other blog platforms, such as pure leverage, which will pay you very handsome and nice commissions to promote there blog platform, the one downside with that venture is that you need to have your referrals, introduce people under them, for you to earn significantly serious income on a monthly basis

The Wealthy Affiliate Program, is different. First of all it’s not Mlm so there is no specific need to recruit others to earn a decent income

Its a one level deep marketing venture, which may not sound very glamorous, however, the financial rewards are very good. As you will see from the figures below

For a user who upgrades to premium and wishes to pay monthly, then you will be paid $23.50 per month

For users who upgrade and pay for the yearly membership, then you get paid $100 per premium sign up and $175 for every year that they remain a member of WA. Now consider that once a blog is up and running with content being added to it, very few are ever going to come down, so as you can see the commission structure is very lucrative.

To find out how you can get your own Wealthy Affiliate Blog just like this one, simply click on the banner located at the top right of this blog.

In Conclusion

When it comes to actually having a business you own online, then a blog and specifically the Wealthy AffilIiate Platform is a must have

It provides great training on how to get your blog found in search engines, together with a pay plan which is excellent and it’s must have have marketing tool, investment in yourself

Ranking out of 5: 5 for sure








2 thoughts on “2018 WordPress Wealthy Affiliate review”

  1. Hey Dave

    I’m already a member at Wealthy Affiliate and your review says it all beautifully.

    I love reading other member’s reviews since I like being reminded about just how fantastic the value is one gets there. In fact, I wrote a WA blog post just this week in which I challenged myself to see how many reasons to join WA I could come up with. In the end I found 52 reasons!! That’s quite staggering really but not surprising. You’ve covered many of them here Dave. 🙂

    One of the reasons I love Wealthy Affiliate is that the platform continues to get better and better. I’ve been reading some of the teaser posts by owners, Kyle and Carson, and the new imminent release sounds incredible. The great thing is anybody can get started for free. That’s exactly what I did but it only took me 2 days to realize I had found treasure so I upgraded. I’m sure I;; be there for life unless something even better comes up.


    • Mark
      Thanks for taking the time to read the review and I appreciate your comments in respect of the Wealthy Affiliate Venture

      Love the challenge you gave yourself… 52! crikey thats awesome

      As you rightly point out the new UI release thats coming soon, promsies to be awesome.

      WA, solves so many problems/ challenges that many online marketers face currently and in my opinion if a fraction of the 97% that are not making any significant cash online, followed the training and apllied it to a blog of their own, then they would realise why the platform is called

      Wealthy Affiliate


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