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How Do You Change the Homepage in Google Chrome


This post explains How to Change the Home Page in Google Chrome

Now you might be thinking, why would I want to do that?

The reason being is this. You could be a home business owner, who uses Google Chrome for their business.

As such you would want to set your business as your home page, but might have it set to a default google or another website altogether

Changing it, is easy, when you know how to do it!… Admittedly there are no lessons on how t do it, but this post will explain how step by step and then show you in a live demo How it works

So, that said the first thing you are going to do, is log in to your gmail account.

Then Click on the 3 black dots, at the top right of the screen as shown below marked #1


From the Drop Down arrow, select Settings marked #2

This takes you through to the settings  screen you see below

Now once there, you need to go to the appearance section, as shown above

You need to ensure that the Show Home Page button is blue meaning its on

Under that, you will see the website that is currently showing as your default page, it could be google, it may be something else

To change that page, You simply click on the website currently shown, as you will see in the live demo below


Once you have made the changes, simply close the page, then refresh your home page button, and Your New Home page, will be shown when you next login.

Thats how you change the home page in Google Chrome


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How To Verify Your Pinterest Site on WordPress


How to Verify Your Pinterest Site on WordPress

This is probably the easiest thing to, but because ofHow Pinterest word this, many people will get put off from verifying their website on WordPress

Bearing in Mind How easy it is to Pin images to Pinterest, its makes sense to drive as much traffic as you can from it to your website

So, the first thing you need to do is go to Pinterest (below)


Once there, you login to your account, then click on t he Photo icon (below)



This takes you to the settings page, which once there, click on claim website, as shown below



As you will see in the image above, it shows unclaim website, this is because, in this particular case, the website has already been claimed, but normally it will say claim website

You would then click on claim website. When you do this, a box opens up showing some META Code. Copy this code

Then come over to your WordPress website and log in to the dashboard area. Once there, click on the Appearance Tab and select, editor from the drop-down menu, as you will see below

Click on the editor tab, which will then take you to the screen you see below



Click on this and it will open up a new window, which contains a lot of seemingly random code. Don’t panic, this is the head section of your website

As you will see from the image below, you need to place the code into the section shown


Once that is done, you simply click update options and the verification process then begins

The video below shows you a live demo of this happening


It can take up to 24 hours for Pinterest to verify your website. That said, in this case, the verification process took around about an hour or so

You receive an email notification that it has been claimed. When you get that email, log in to your Pinterest account, hover over your photo, click the settings tab

once there, click on claim your website and you will then see the image below



That’s it, you will now start receiving analytics from Pinterest and traffic to your website


A Review of Global Domains International


This is a review of Global Domains International, below

Global Domains International(GDI) was founded in 1999, By the CEO Michael Starr, below

and his business partner and friend Alan Ezeir (pictured) who is also the companies president

GDI was set up to offer those using the internet, the opportunity to secure an internet address for life, using the WS web domain and is in effect an MLM / Networking marketing venture.

It offers a complete Internet service for life, starting with buying a .ws domain name for just $10, though you can upgrade to premium for $40 per month

You can see a comparison between the basic and the premium business opportunity in the table below

As you can see, GDI is affordable for those who want to market online, working for themselves, with their own business

It should be stressed that marketing any opportunity online, will need promotion of that opportunity. That promotion starts with a blog, so without

doubt , the basic version would need to be upgraded to premium, so that you can access the WordPress blog. so you would be looking at the $43 per month premium membership, as an absolute minimum, to be totally clear

MLM /Network Marketing

What you will need to bear in mind as well, when considering this venture, is that GDI is an MLM / Network Marketing venture, with a matrix pay plan structure

There is nothing wrong with any MLM / Network Marketing venture, nor is there anything wrong with a matrix pay structure.

In fact, by having a matrix pay structure, you are guaranteeing the residual income you will get every month, simply because of the way a matrix structure works.

The picture below shows the GDI pay structure

What you will need to understand is this. To achieve a significant level of monthly income, then you will have to recruit, refer & sponor other people into your opportunity, then train those people to copy exactly what you do


With MLM ventures and GDI is no different, it is key that those you refer understand that they have to copy exactly what you do, no more and no less

What you will have to bear in mind as well, is that when you start training and showing people what to do, your own income levels will naturally drop, during this period.

So if you are looking to earn good commissions through the training, be advised that you will be looking at that coming somewhere in year 5 or 6 and that is assuming that everyone follows exactly what you show them to do

However the harsh reality of MLM / Network Marketing is that this very rarely happens



So in summary, GDI is a well established venture, that won’t be disappearing anytime soon and getting a basic account is only going to cost you $10 per month for the first domain

However, to achieve any significant earnings from this venture, then you are going to require the premium upgrade at $43 per month, to buy the blog

So if money is tight for you in the initial instance, the basic account is sufficient, but no matter which account you settle for, you are going to be required to advertise that account for sure. No advertising… Sadly no leads and no income, you can find reviews on different types of advertising elsewhere on this blog

Take that out of the equation, then you will achieve a degree of success with it, as long as you are prepared to work very hard


How To Edit Your Pinterest Profile


How to Edit Your Pinterest Profile
This post explains how to edit your Pinterest Profile

First of all, go and Login, so that you see the picture below

Hover over the photo, so that you see the drop down menu, shown below

Click settings which takes you to the page below

From this screen, as you will see by the various arrows shown, you can scroll down the screen to edit your Pinterest profile

To watch a live demo of this in action

So that’s how you edit your Pinterest Profile

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How to Set Up a YouTube Channel


How to Set Up a YouTube Cnannel


This post explains hw to set up a YouTube Account

First of All, go to YouTube as show below

Click on the Sign in button as yo uill see in the image above

Then you need to login to the Google Account, you want to have associated with your YouTube Account

Once you have logged into your account, you need to click on the photo sysmbol at the top right of the screen as shown below, then click settings

This takes you to a new page, which has a series of simple walk through steps, which will help you to set up your YouTube Channel