21 Proven Traffic Generators & Commission Builder

As a fellow blogger ,you will be all to well aware of the need to generate traffic to your website, so that you can build your list

when you build your list, you can then email that list with offers that might be beneficial for them

Now, as a blogger, you will also be aware of the need for getting and making sure that your keywords are good and that your blog is being found

All of that can be a little time consuming sometimes, so its good to have an alternative, which automatically helps with your google rankings, and at the same time helps keep your bounce rate to an acceptable level

As an example of this, using the methods you are about to discover, my own bounce rate is 0%

These 21 Proven Traffic Generators & Commission Builders

When used daily, will prove to be very beneficial for your blog. You have already learned how it can keep your bounce rate down

What you will also discover, is that these resources, will help to build your own list, through your blog and the various ways you have of capturing a persons details such as name and email address

The great thing with the list builders is this, they are absolutely laser targeted to your specific target market, so they are in effect, way more cost effective than say Faceboook Ads, because not only are they targeted to your target market, but you will also earn good commissions as well from those you refer

The difference with Facebook Ads is that you pay and then you have to hope you get a return on your investment

The only guaranteed way of making sure that happens with Facebook Ads, is by spending a lot of money on them, to get anywhere near that guarantee… Pretty much like looking for a needle in a haystack!

Another very essential thing with these proven traffic generators is that when they are used properly, they deliver traffic to your blog, lead capture page within your blog, or however you are building your list. on autopilot, because when you get referrals who buy traffic themselves, then you get paid a percentage of those traffic packs

Additionally, all of them  have been tracked, tested and continue to be on a monthly basis, to make sure they are still producing results

So this means that you don’t have to constantly think about SEO for articles and can even take a vacation for a week or two, knowing that your traffic generation and advertising is taken care of

Now you might be thinking, that this sounds like quite a smart idea, in theory… Be assured, that the practice is even nicer and way more rewarding, especially when you are getting email notifications that you have sold a traffic package

Are you beginning to see that there is more than one way to ‘skin the cat’ & apologies now to all cat lovers, its just an expression used and as the father of 1 cat myself, rest assured that he, nor any other cat was harmed in the writing of this article

All of these Traffic Generators are free to join, though it is adviseable to upgrade in 1 or 2 if budget allows, for the simple reason, that the potential earnings from them in terms of commissions can be anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 and that is without the tiny upgrade to become a member

Speaking from experience of using these, over the last few years, its fair to say, these are underrated and misunderstood by many, yet when the realisation hits as to how good they are, then your blog, bank account and income take a swift upward turn

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22 thoughts on “21 Proven Traffic Generators & Commission Builder”

  1. David I have to build my traffic generators but   you have give the reasons why I should have one .so I was thinking where is best place to start should I not first get enough traffic for blog ? or should I go one and start building an email list for my camping? please let me know .

    • Charles, thanks for commenting and good to know it nudged you a bit ; ) 

      I can relate to what you say, because I was there a few years ago myself and in all honesty, while social media is great for building relationships and such like, I started with the proven traffic generators myself, for this reason. I like to use resources which are tested, I know have been tracked and which produce great results

      These do all that in abundance for sure and as the article says, are a great time saver when you know how to use them

  2. Web traffic is like food to a website owner or a blogger. It is what feed the website itself, what brings money to the owner of the website. so why would anyone see an opportunity to boost this traffic and not jump at it? It is difficult, right? So I think I would love to try this product and see how it works, maybe after 30 days, I will write a review about it on my website.Cheers!

  3. Nice and wonderful information. I going to put all these idea into cognizance

    I will start using the tips daily now for me to keep my bounce rate higher. At least i can be able to build my list through my blog, capture names and details

    Because i have spent a whole lots of money on facebook ads but still no ROI. I am going to put my destiny in my hands now. Thank you for all these information, author

    • Your welcome and thanks for commenting. Like you I have used Facebook ads and unless you spend a lot of money then the ROI is not going to be good

      With these proven traffic generators, you know they work and will put money in your pocket and people on your list

  4. Hello Dave,This is what im looking for.  I have a small blog and have difficulty in traffic generation. I have checked out the Profit Hoopla and it is very promising, you avail different services to produce traffic leads.  I also totally agree with you that the email list program is very good to retain customers that have visited your website and they can be your recurring customers.Thank you for an awesome helpful alternative solution.

    • Francis thanks for commenting and glad it was helpful. Even as I wriote this article, I was getting notfied of new referrals from the promotions I have and am doing

  5. I’m intrigued. I went ahead to the website, it seems very helpful and the traffic generators seem legitimate. So I’m hoping this will boost my ranking and or my overall traffic. Though, I’m pretty sure that this will boost my traffic anyway

    i appreciate the article, I’m glad you could make a bit off of the affiliate as well. Helpful articles really need to be rewarded, and I think this is just the way to do it!

    • Patrick, glad it helped you myfriend, all are legitimate and all work well, as mentioned I have used them for 18 years and they are my online bible if you like

  6. You did not outline the 21 proven traffic generators. I thought you would have outlined and discussed them in details. In previous articles I have read in some sites I have come to learn that one of the things which helps to gain traffic is google ranking. When you use the right keyword, your website will be ranked high on Google and visitors will definitely visit your site. Social media like facebook and instagram also play vital roles in generating traffics when you use them appropriately.

    • In answer to your question about an in depth review, yes I considered it on the post, but have decided to do individual reviews on each one, as they are very indepth and each has different benefits, which to have covered that on this post, would have led to a several thousand word post and potentially the reader switching off, which I wanted to avoid

      Thanks for commenting

  7. Hello Dave,

    To be honest, I would have loved if you had taken the time to explain each of this traffic generators to us.

    I tried clicking the link to the post but found nothing related on the website.

    Hope you can look into it so that you can give your followers better information.

    • Louis, thanks for commeneting, I have just clicked on the link myself and it works.

      In answer to your question about an in depth review, yes I considered it on the post, but have decided to do individual reviews on each one, as they are very indepth and each has different benefits, which to have covered that on this post, would have led to a several thousand word post and potentially the reader switching off, which I wanted to avoid

  8. It’s great to know about this proven way. Most especially as it is more cost effective than Facebook advertisements. This should be a very helpful tip for beginner bloggers. Getting your site or blog get a good ranking has mostly been an headache to not only beginners but also bloggers that have been into blogging for quite a while. Thanks for this educative tip. 

  9. Hi Dave! As a blogger there is something we will always want to increase. And that is traffic to our site. I’m eager to read more about these traffic generators. I know that driving traffic through Facebook ads or Adsense costs a lot of money. And your alternative may be an excellent option. Thank you very much!PD: Cool lemon buddy! 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting Henry, much appreciated, with these the proof is very much in the eating and … profiting

      I mean why go searching for money, when there are 21 proven methods which will earn you cash, starting today : ) 

  10. Thanks very much Dave for this info. I’ve read several reviews online about these 21 proven traffic generator methods, and I say they are good. I’m now very much interested and I will try them out. I intend to test them on my different offers I promote and I’m hopeful  I the ROI I’d be getting will be worth it. Thanks again Dave for the article. 

  11. Thank you for sharing this great information.

    As I going through your 21 proven traffic generators it seems to be a great way to increase traffic on websites site and hopefully get more conversations, but it looks a little bit complicated I was wondering if you can share more information about each of one this methods. 

    Thank you again and hopefully you can share more info.

    • Hi and thanks for commenting on this post. Apologies if it seems complicated, it is in fact very easy.

      You can join as a free member, no problem there at all. 

      What is highly recommended, is that you then join all those shown in the first join as a free member.

      Now I send information and instructions out on how to use each, through my own list which you can find at 


      Hope this helps you a bit further


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