3 + Great Reasons To Use Thrive Leads

This post looks at 3 Reasons why you should consider using Thrive Leads for building your mailing list

Thrive Leads is part of Thrive Suite which is widely regarded as the most complete WordPress Toolkit.

When working on your blog its important that you build your mailing list

Without a mailing list, just like any other business, then earning money is going to be difficult

Thrive Leads (pictured right) will make that work waaay easier

You see it offers a variety of different ways for you to build your mailing list

Lets look at them, so you get the overall picture, of how you can benefit.

The first one is the pop up light box, seen below, which is displayed above your content & attention grabbing

Next is the Slide in, pictured below and which on this blog page you can see a real life working example

Less Intrusive than a pop up, but equally attention grabbing, this form slides into the corner, hence the name slide in

Next up is the Scroll Matt, seen below, which is a different type of option and scrolls in from the top of the screen

Filling out like a mat, hence the name scroll matt

Perhaps the most discreet type of form is the In Line one, shown below 

Its called in line, because it sits neatly and unobtrusively ‘in line’ with your content

So as your readers natural eye movement scrolls down the page, it will inevitably fall on the form.

Now these various form elements all do a different job and can be programmed right from within your 

Thrive Suite Product dasboard to perrfom any behaviour you want according to your readers actions

The video below, shows a demonstration of this happening

By now you will be seeing exactly how Thrive Leads can help your grow your email list faster.

Compare this to your current theme and how you grab leads at the moment.

You might agree that your choices are severely limited by what you can do to grab your readers interest.

Thrive Leads maximises every opportunity for you to grab their details

On this blog, you will notice there are 4 main pages listed at the top

On each page, Thrive  Leads has been used in different ways to get readers details

Not in an offensive way, but simply offering a solution to make a fellow bloggers life easier.

Does it work?… You bet it does. Ask yourself this question 

“If You were shown a way to get twice as many leads in half the time it takes now, would you want to know more”

Many bloggers use Thrive Leads and a lot of them have reported conversions of 

238% Extra

As you might agree that is a staggering amount of extra conversions.

So if you are looking for a way to increase your subscribers, why not take a further look at and Try Thrive Leads.

One thing for sure is that once you try it… You’ll never go back to another WordPress Theme.

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