3 Ways To Monetise Your Blog …

As a fellow blogger, whose content will be up in the cloud 24/7, its important to have ways to monetise your blog

The issue faced by most bloggers is this, they want to monestise their blog, without it seeming


There are several different ways to do this and this post will look at some of the more innovative

#1 Google Ads

Google, ads are probably the most common way for most bloggers to earn money from their blog

Google ads, work on a content driven basis, which means the ads are directly, or as close to directly related to your content as they can be.

They are also inoffensive to most people and its this inoffensive ness which is the key to successful monetisation

Once you have sufficiently good content then Google, provides you with a code, which you place on your website/s

You then have full control over where yoru ads will apear om your site

The most common places are in the middle of the content, by that I mean in between paragraphs as opposed to slap ban in the middle of the content

Another place you will see ads are at the foot of posts, or on the right hand side bar.

However, if you are planning to make your fortune from this type of advertising, then you could be in for a logn wait

Google pays for clicks, but you would need an awful lot to make any serious money

That said, if its pocket money, which mounts up then Google Ads are certainly a good way to go

#2 LeadsLeap

Leadsleap, is a lovely way to earn money from your blog, with in offensive being its middle name

It works in a ver similar way to GoogleAds, but through the clever use of a WordPress widget which when installed displays ads very nicely on the side bar and calls them sponsored Links 

You can see an example of this on the right hand side bar of this blog.

The good with LeadsLeap is this, Though it works similar in terms of placement of ads to Google Ads

Its earnings potential for you is far better, because

You only have to click on 10 ads daily, to earn a share of the revenue that Leadsleap generates.

Now the beauty with this is that if you refer people to LeadsLeap you get paid a referral commission on their activity and everyone who joins you, righ the way down 10 levels

So you can earn significantly from the platform and I know of people earning a goodfew thousdand every month from people clicking on the widget on the side of their blog

#3 Affiliate Banners

Now this is again is a variation on Google Ads banners, and in offensive, simply because you have the choice of placement of where the banner goes

But before you read about that, you might be wondering what a banner isand you can see one below

Typically, it will be a 468 x 60 banner, which is what the one above is

As you can see, it doesn’t look that much different from a Google Banner placed in the same spot for example

To the naked eye, there is no real diference, its still a banner ad of sort.

So why would you want to put a banner ad in between your text, how does it work for you

Lets look for a minute at the Google Ad example.

Someone clicks one of Your Google Ads. You might earn a few cents, literally for someone clicking the ad

they then go on to buy the product from company X. You don’t get anything from Company X

Now lets look at the banner ad example

The person click on the banner ad, and sees a product that is going to solve a problem for them.

The difference this time, is that the banner ad, is a product you are an affiliate for

Your reader, then decides that the product is what they want and signs up to use it

You get a referral commission  which is a minimum of 10%



they like the product that much, they then upgrade to the higher level 

You now get a further commission of 50% every month

They also tell others about this incredible product and they do likewise

So now your getting commissions from others every single month

All this for work you have done quite literally… Just once

The key with monestising your blog, is that it is done in an inoffensive way

There is nothing more in offensive than a Banner ad. People are expecting to see them.

So in concusion and summary, these are 3 ways to monetise your blog

3 ways in which you can monetise it 24/7 even while you sleep, because its ‘out there’

Which way is best, or the most preferred?

Well thats entirely dependent on you and which way you think is the least offensive, but of most benefit to you

Once you have chosen or decided that, then that is thr route to go

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8 thoughts on “3 Ways To Monetise Your Blog …”

  1. Thank you very much for the awesome post!  I do a lot of affiliate marketting, and right now that is my primary source of income.  I already do two of these, however the banners I have never done.  I would like to though!  How do you put banners on your site?

    • Thansk for commenting. To put banners on your site, simply find the banner you want to use, 468 x 60 is best, copy the HTML code and paste it either onto your web post, as you will have seen with the banner in this post or use a custom HTML widget

  2. There are some great ways here to monetize your blog. I love Google Adsense, and with all the improvements they have done lately, it is definitely improving the click-throughs on my sites.

    I am also a member of LeadsLeap and they are great, however, I haven’t monetized my blog with their ads yet, as I wasn’t sure if it was worth it. Do they pay as much as Ad Sense? I don’t like too many ads on my blog, but I may look into this method.

    • Michel, thanks for commenting and in my opinion the upgrade at LeadsLeap, make it well worth while

      You get paid for clicking 10 ads daily, both as a free and Pro member. But Pro pays much better and 10 levels deep.

      I have earned some nice commissions as a Pro member, paid direct to my bank

  3. Which one do you think it’s better for a beginner?

    I’ve just started my site and I’m looking for ways to monetise it, but I’m not sure how. I’ve heard about affiliate marketing before and I think it’s a legit way. What’s the best way to make money long-term?

    Thank you in advance!

    • From experience, this is my take. I would choose Leadsleap as a daily revenue making venture, because you get paid daily just to view 10 ads as both a free and Pro Member.

      As a Pro Member you make better commissions as well, so that kind of gives you income protection on autopilot

      After that I would choose the affiliate banners, simply because they give you ful control over what happens after the click through and purchase.

      My last choice would be Google Ads, because, it is dependent on the content you have written, or yet to write and can take longer to get accepted. It took me months to get accepted , because I didn’t know any different when starting out, but from experience thats why I say what I do n this reply

      Long term, both leadsleap and having a blog membership site will pay handsomely

  4. There are so many ways that someone can follow in order to monetize a blog that you just need to choose the one you think is better for your website. Sometimes thinking outside of the box can also result in successful earnings. Adsense is a great way to get some income but from my own experience it takes far too much traffic for it to be worthwhile. And until you get this kind of volume there are better services like Mediavine that offer much better ratings than adsense.


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