4 + Great Ways To Promote Your Blog

When it comes to Blog Promotion, its an area, which proves a sticking point for a lot of bloggers

So this post will explain 4 + Great Ways to Promote Your Blog

Following this strategy, will produce you some good, if not buyer traffic.

Lets look at the 4 Great ways to Promote Your Blog

  1. YouTube

YouTube, is the worlds second largest Search Engine, so it stands to reason to use it

The sheer amount of Video uploads that occur, virtually every minute mean that there are people looking for the content you are producing

Don’t forget, its Google’s mission to bring you the content you want

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is often under rated by many as being difficult to use.

However, did you know, that alongside Instagram it is a fast growing network

Of all the Social Networks, Pinterest is Probably the easiest to use.

Don’t worry if you don’t know a thing about it, this course covers all you need to know

3. Twitter

Again another often underrated social network when it comes to blog promotion

Did you know that Twitter’s primary function is as a Micro Blogging Site

This is because, you can only use 140 characters or more for each tweet

But, Twitter is the Only real time blog social network there is.

So while it may not have the growth of Pinterest, or the Traffic Generation of YouTube

It does carry a lot of very relevant, real time information

It is also the only online network to continue an affiliation with Facebook

So though you can only tweet in 140 Characters of Less

if you tweet from your facebook page or profile, using hash tags, then it will get sent direct to Twitter.

4. Facebook

Now there are mixed views when it comes to Facebook for Blog Promotion

The vast majority of people, despite their being 2 Billion users of the Platform

Dislike seeing what people have for breakfast, or working out down the gym

However, that is the ‘social side‘ of the platform

There is, believe it or not, a very vibrant business community on the ‘other side’

The ‘other side’ refers to the Pages Side of the Platform.

But to have a Facebook page, you do need to create a social profile, even a very basic one

Once you have a Facebook Page, then you are talking an entirely Language

You may even see Facebook in a different light.

This is because pages caters specifically for businesses, large and small alike

Pages contain some vital data, that you as a business owner, need and want

You could almost use your page, like a blog, but strictly within the limits of Facebook

Indeed, through the use of your page, you can share your post updates anywhere

With that covered, let now look at the area, you do need to have to succeed online

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