6 Ways To Create Readable Content That Converts

This post is going to explain, 6 Ways To Create Readable Content That Converts

When it comes to attracting fellow business owners to you, it’s important that you know how to do this

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Content obviously needs to be readable to start with Because people are less likely to read

“Novels” of Content

So you need to keep your content brief and to the point

Its also essential to have White Space in the back ground to help with readability

By White Space, in case your not sure what I mean, it’s the white space in between the text

If people don’t read your content, then you lose the benefit of creating then writing the content.

People that engage with your content, will convert


So, doing that means your off to a good start!!

Let’s look at the 6 Ways That make up a quality Page or Post

1) Small Paragraphs.

2).Seperate Your ideas with HEADINGS tabs (h3 or h4)

3) Black or Dark Grey text on a white background

4) Use Conversational Speak. In other words as you would talk normally!!

5) Use a Captivating headline. You literally have a few seconds to grab your readers attention

6) Use a Relevant Image within the first fold of the page.

The first fold in case you don’t know is the first part of the page that you see on the website

Your Ultimate Goal should be to show people something within your content, not tell people

There is a huge difference between the two, as the example below shows

The example by the way is using the Free Website Builder on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

This is being used as an example because it is one of the better ones to use

Option #1 Show people how to use a Free Website Builder by using screenshots and imagery associated with the process

Option #2 Tell People What the Free website builder at Wealthy Affiliate is and how it works

The showing will have much more of an Impact than the telling and make your content more credible

Building out your content your ultimate goal should be to help people.

By helping people, you can build your own business at the same time

When you show someone you build up trust in the process and that equates to conversions

This is an example of a page that focuses on Beautifully Readable Criteria

Web page >>>>>>>> Beautifully Readable Criteria

So the way you present your content on your pages, is the difference between someone staying on your site and leaving straight away. the more pleasing your content is written in the WAYS formula, which in case you don’t know means

W = Write

A = As

Y= You

S= Speak

When this is combined with the AIDA formula,

A= Attention

I = Interest

D = Desire

A = Action

then you can be sure you have a winner

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