7+ Benefits Of Using Twitter

Twitter, is a fantastic social media platform ,which is among the forgotten ones when you immediately think of social Media Sites

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, trip off the tounge easily, yet Twitter doesn’t

That said, though it is an extraordinary powerful social media platform, which provides you as a business owner, with some great benefits. This post will examine 7+ of them

1.Currently ranked 11th in the Worlds Most visited websites, which makes it a forgotten soul effectively, but did you know that among all the social media platforms, Twitter is the only real time social network

Founded on 21 March 2006 in San Francisco, California,  United States, by two former Google Employees Evans Williams, who had also created Blogger and  Biz Stone, so it recently celebrated its 13th Birthday

Williams began experiementing with a side project he was was working on called Twttr and seeing how it had a future, Williams brought an engineer called Jack Dorsey onboard to develop it further, Twitter was then born as an SMS service

2. Currently there are more than 320 Milliion Active Users 

3.Among its many benefits are the fact that it is also the only social network which can be automated.

4.Doing this allows you to automate, tweets, blog posts and any other type of info you want to communicate

5.Twitter also integrates with Quora.com and also YouTube 

With Quora, as long as you have your profile connected to Twitter, then every question you answer on Quora, is also published on Twitter. 

So if you are a blogger, answer questions on blogging and the information is contained on your blog link, when you included the link in your reply, your blog is immediatedly posted to quora

6.This results in Your blog getting quality traffic to it and in many cases this traffic is on autopilot

7.It enables you to easily follow trends

8. Through the Analytics tool, you can easily identify what content works best and tailor yours accordingly

9.You can retweet & comment on tweets so that people visit your profile 

10 Set Up lists

11 Build up your personal brand

12. Boosts your SEO visbility

13. You can pin a Tweet to your profile, which contains a  link that either asks a question of your target audience, or solves a problem and invites your target market to click through

By far the most effective way of inviting click throughs is by adding a thumbnail or image to the Pinned post, so that it stands out above the noise as it were

14. Add your Blog link, with a tracker to your profile, so that when you get profile views, your reader is curious enough to click through

Now the overriding benefit of all of this is that none of this costs you any money to do, which is fantastic, though it might cost you a little more in time, so that you establish your brand

So in Summary, there you have 7+ Benefits of using Twitter

As always, if you would like more exposure for your own blog, website or profile, then feel free to comment and share below, across the networks, you never know who will connect with you


12 thoughts on “7+ Benefits Of Using Twitter”

  1. I’ve definitely been neglecting the fact regarding Quora, which I used for a while but dropped off after last year. I totally forgot that we can link our blogs and post our responses to Twitter. If I dedicate an hour of my day, or even a half-hour to answering questions via Quora, it’ll go a long way in my own blog traffic. Thank you for the reminder. 

    • Your very welcome, and glad it helped, looking at my own QUORA & Twitter stats, its good to see how much engagement and response comes from it

  2. One of the well Visited social media is the twitter. Its reaching out ability is unprecedented and can always be used to reach out toma targeted audience all over the word.

    The Twitter also stands as a large markets of infinite opportunity for people who knew how to make use of it , the aforementioned benefits in this article are a few of the numerous befits if this social media wonder. Thank for this article.

  3. Thanks for sharing this article on benefits of Twitter. I agree with you that twitter is becoming forgotten among the social media platforms. But yet your article has opened my eyes to the importance and how beneficial Twitter can get in area of drawing traffic into my site. I hope people get to read this article as it us really informative. I learnt something new about Twitter today in your article. Thanks for sharing. 

    • You are very welcome, don’t forget, if you want people to see your contribution and profile you can share out and see who connects with you

  4. Hi Dave,

    I agree Twitter is the social media platform that I have preferred, I have had several accounts over the years, a personal one, a poetry one  and now one for my new website.

    It’s in its infancy but I always find twitter easy to use and friendly. I have not yet learnt how to automate blogs onto twitter but I do always share them. Time will tell if my Twitter account will generate some quality traffic to my website.

  5. That was a great and rare review about tweeter. I have seen some articles that contains one or two facts about tweeter but it has not been detailed and nailed the way you did it in this your article and I love that. However the one question I have is how is tweeter an Automated platform. I didn’t understand understand it and if you can make me understand what you mean by Aumated site, I will be glad. Thanks. 

    • Twitter has some tools, such as SocialOomph, which mean that you can schedule tweets, posts and other such content to go out at various times, You can also if you wish schedule Automatic welcome messages


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