7 Must Have Google Apps

This post looks at 7 Must Have Google Apps

In case you weren’t aware of it, Google 

Is much more than just a search engine

True it started its life that way, in much the same way that the

Wealthy Affiliate Platform started life

However,over the years it has grown into much more of a technology platform

Search is still part of it, but as you will discover in this post,

There is way more to Google than that

So, let’s look at 

7 Must Have Google Apps

Now these are not in any particular order and if you are a Google User, then you may well have your own favourites

Apologies also for teaching you to Suck Eggs!

1. Search Bar

Everything in Googles life starts with a search phrase or Term.

Without it, neither Google, nor you as a Blogger can exist

The search bar, like all the Apps mentioned below, can be found in two places

The first one is on the home page, which you will be familiar with below

The second place, is inside your Gmail Inbox.

It can be found, when you click on the 9 little black dots

These are found at the top right of the screen.

2. YouTube

Related to the search bar in its own and unique way.

YouTube, which Google brought in 2005 is Googles very own Video Traffic Generation platform

It also happens to be the Worlds second largest search engine

There are countless millions of hours of video uploaded every minute.

How to and Review videos are by far and away the most popular type of video

They can be found by typing the right term into the search bar

3. Gmail

When it comes to free email services, Google has the territory there without question

You can be absolutely certain that when sending an email from your Inbox that it will reach its destination

Though it’s not an app, Gmail uses an Extension called Mail Track 

Mail Track tracks the emails you send

When they get opened, Gmail notifies you

Gmail, lets you organize your inbox into Folders, Labels, and Filters

It even lets you tell it what you don’t want going to the spam box.

If you have multiple Gmail Accounts, as some people do, then you can have all of them working from one central one


Drive is the Google Equivalent of Microsoft Word, but slightly superior

In Drive you can prepare documents,, PDFs, and Folders for anything you want

5. Calender

Absolutely essential for planning your week, Google Calendar, works seamlessly with other 3rd Parties

An example of this is Zoom the video technology software. Which you can Pin to your calendar with ease

It makes planning your week, so much easier and in some cases better than a paper diary

6. Google Translate

Now while this might not seem as important as some of the others, it has its place

For example, if you are a blogger, then occasionally you might get left comments in a foreign language

After all, if your writing has left an impression on the reader, whose native tongue might not be English

They might leave a comment in their native language

This can be easily translated with Google Translate

Likewise, if you are speaking online with someone whose first language is not English

Then you can translate what they mean and reply in their native language, using Google Translate

7. Google Adsense

Now like them or loathe them, they have their place

What are Google Ads?

In simple terms. they are the ads, which if you have an Adsense approved account, you can choose to show them

If you are a blogger, then Adsense is a great way to earn from Google, just by writing

Google Ads are content dependent, so the better the quality of your writing, the more relevant the ads

You can choose where they get placed.

This blog runs Google Ads, as well las other relevant ads related to blogging

When people click on an ad that they are drawn to, then Google will pay you

Now the Per Click might not be much, but if you are posting regular content

The small amounts amount up

Google has a minimum payment threshold of $60

Once you exceed this, Google pays you, direct to your bank account

So, there you have it

7 Must-Have Google Apps

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