A Review of The King William Pub, Glastonbury

This is a review of The King William Pub, 19 Market Place, Glastonbury

The Pub, shown below

Is situated in Market Place, Glastonbury at the start of the Precinct, which runs from the main high street

A Punch Taverns pub, myself and my wife used it, while visiting Glastonbury, during a recent holiday stay in WestBury Sub Mendip, during the second week in January, and were looking for a place to have a cup of coffee, and to get out of the cold and wet weather, which had hit Glastonbury that day

On entering the pub, you are immediately struck by a cosy warm atmosphere and welcoming bar staff, who greeted us with a lovely smile and politely asked what we would like, we visited between 12 and around 1.30pm

The interior of the pub was very cosy as well, with a nice fire and a pool / snooker table situated just round the corner from the far end of the bar.

We had two very nice reasonably priced coffees while in there and got chatting to the bar staff, who were very helpful as we were deciding on going to see the Glastonbury Festival site, but were advised that it is around 5 miles outside of Glastonbury itself and as the weather that day was not brilliant… Wet, Windy and slightly cold, we made an executive decision not to go there.

The King William, also had a very nice and big, skittles alley at the back of the main bar, but located in a back room and was unusual because I have not seen many pubs that have one of these.

Overall our stay was very nice if a little shorter than planned, but we would certainly recommend it as a place to go if you are looking for a warm atmosphere and reasonably priced drinks

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  1. Hi – thanks for sharing this interesting review. I love what I call “proper” pubs, old-fashioned and cosy. I have never been to Glastonbury, but it is definitely on my bucket list. I’m surprised that you said the coffee was reasonably priced, as I have always found that major tourist areas tend to be on the expensive side. Having said that, I never drink coffee in a pub, being a real ale fan! I don’t suppose you noticed if there were any local beers available? All the best, Diane 

    • No the coffee was reasonably priced, my wife drinks a lot of it and she said it was, so it must be right, I am also a real ale fan and there were plenty in there, but I didn’t have one this time.

      Interesting you mention local beers, because while we were away, I made a point of having a couple of pints of local beers, in other places that I have yet to review and they are really nice

  2. I read your review of the King William pub in Glastonbury UK, it sound just like the type of pub that my wife and I would like to visit.I love the old style English pubs they are full of charm and character, it sounds like the food is of good quality and reasonably priced.Some day we would love to travel to the famous Glastonbury festival the King William sounds just like the place top stop off for a bite to eat, do you know if they provide accomodation?

  3. i hope you and your wife had great time to remember the pub looks meticulously  design and the settings of the furniture is great to say the least . i have not be to UK but  that pub like a place to go and relax with friends and let the waiters do the job for you by the time you leave the place you will be looking forward to the next visit to the pub

  4. Dave,

    I enjoyed your review of the King William Pub, Glastonbury.  I’ve spent much time in the UK but have never made it to Glastonbury, most of it was spent in London and Godalming.  Thoroughly enjoy the pubs and the pints.

    I was fortunate to watch Arsenal beat ManU in the 2005 FA Cup (5-4 on Penalties) in a church that was converted to a pub in Godalming – it was epic.

    Truth be told, I am a Tottenham fan 🙂

    • Hey there is even space for Tottenham Fans on this blog : )…. I am a Chelsea fan and looking forward to tomorows second leg. Godalming I know well and Glastonbury is well worht a visit

      Thanks for commenting

  5. I genuinely enjoy pubs, nothing else quite matches the atmosphere of a warm cozy pub, particularly on the kind of day you described. I certainly understand why you decided to forgo the five-mile trek to the festival!

    That said, was there anything within walking distance of The King William Pub that you found interesting?  I would think you would not have wanted to go very far.  (Based on your description, I could see spending the entire afternoon there!) 

    • Glastonbury, I found to be a strange town, bearing in mind I had not been there before and by strange it was full of, or had quite a lot of the kind of Myth and alternative shops, which I guess you would have in a town close to the festival. Our trek would have been by car and not walking, but there were other coffee shops and pubs within the town, but none appealed quite so much as the King William

  6. WOW! It looks like a classic pub. I have many friends in the UK and they really like puds, snooker and darts. Once I was on the Glastonbury Festival, and I remember that this is a beautiful town. From the top of the hill, it looks good, mostly during the Festival season. 

    I will go to London in March. I don’t know when will we go to Glastonbury again, but next time, we will check The King William. 

    • It really is a classic pub and very nice, we are choosy when it comes to the ones we choose and this fitted the bill perfectly, we loved it on a wet day, think what it could be like on a lovely summers day

  7. This is a great post! Reading this I can picture myself being there quite vividly. The King William Pub sounds like a great place to visit. I think it is even better on a day with less than spectacular weather because a nice hot cup of coffee and warm atmosphere is especially appreciated on days such as those.

    I love the fact that they have a snooker table and a skittles alley because it makes it even more interesting. I will definitely remember this pub for my bucket list!

    Thanks for sharing this great adventure spot!

  8. I love the way you explained in this article how lovely this place is talking about  the atmosphere, the quality service rendered to you as a guest and to be honest it makes me want to experience the same exquisite treatment you got when you visited the king William pub hoping to have a wonderful experience When I visit 

  9. The King William pub looks like it would be a great place to hide out on a cold winters day!  Do they have a big range of beers on tap?  Are the ales, ciders, and larger type beers delicious?

    Skittles is a cool game, is it open to the public to play at?  Good old pool tables in any pub are great, my wife tends to beat me every time.

    Was the coffee good? Or was it just on par with most places.  Would you say that the pub is kid friendly or would my family get looked at and told to leave?

    I hate when pubs don’t welcome families, we just want to have a nice cold beverage to calm the nerves you know!

    • Kris thanks for commenting. They do have a range of beers, ciders and lagers on tap, as you would expect from a Punch Tavern.

      The skittles game is open to the public and if we had more time on the day, may well have played a game or two

      The Coffee was lovely, my wife says it was the best she has tasted, so she should know as she drinks a fair bit of it

      It appears to family friendly and I am sure they wouldn’t tell you to leave, not judging by the way the staff were, who we didn’t know from Adam on the day, but who were more than happy to chat


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