About Dave

Welcome to this website, I hope you enjoy the content.

Now, though this page says about me, the website is for you as an, independent business owner and fellow affiliate marketer, so let me explain

 Why I Want To Help People

With  over 15 years experience in the ‘online’ world, I am going to  show  you,  exactly what you must do, to build a successful online business, & that is…

Build Your own list, using an auto responder. Without this, there is no success (Sadly 97% of online business marketers don’t do this)


Own your own self hosted blog / website, on a domain you own

Believe it or not to do both is… very easy .

When you do, both time and financial freedom can be yours.

How will this site help you

The goal of this site is very simple.

Affiliate Marketing online is a very simple process, which this site will show and teach you how do to.

You Will Learn How To

Build Your Own very Profitable List 

You will learn about my own which is one I highly recommend you using

Become an authority in your chosen niche and

Earn Thousands of Dollars monthly, following a proven plan.

Even earning from those affiliate marketers who don’t join your opportunity

Access the tools you need to do the work for you.

Follow the plan. If You do, then soon you will have rich rewards.

If you are new,  or newish,  to the world of online marketing, or perhaps, even an experienced affiliate marketer, then you will have maybe realised. that there are a ton of so called ‘great opportunities’ that drop into your inbox All …

….Promising to be the next great thing and claiming that you will become a millionaire in just 6 months

So, those opportunities will be laid bare on this blog, where you can find out what works & … what to avoid

You will also find reviews on the mailers, or if you prefer list building programmes which work the best.

You can also read reviews on the tools and resources you will need as well

You see, Direct Response Marketing, which is effectively what Internet / Online Marketing is …

Is The most exciting industry in the World in my opinion

Low Start up costs, high profits & you can learn how to do that right here on this blog

Talking of which

You’ll be shown how to set up a blog, like this on the Start Here page so that you have your own online business, which attracts the exact type of client you want and how to twice as much money in half the time it takes you now, no matter if you are affiliated to one opportunity, or … several

My Story …

So, now you know how this site will help you, let me introduce myself properly to you

My name is Dave Hayes, that’s me below. I am from the south coast of the UK.  

I have been associated with online affiliate marketing or Network Marketing as it is also called Since 1999,  after being introduced to this niche at that time and liking it so much I stayed put!

I am also very proficient in website development and programming as well


Between 2000 & 2006, while still in full time employment, I should add,  I aligned myself with various different affiliate marketing companies, such as,

PluginProfits Site,

Global Domains International and

Strong Futures International 

to name but a few. You can read about the rest in the review section.

However, after much graft with each and looking further at the compensation plans each had, it was became clear that to earn any significant, income, then I would have to rely on… recruiting, referring and sponsoring, then train and show those people what to do

I discovered  that this type of affiliate marketing was called traditional or low ticket affiliate marketing… In short, the financial rewards amount to no more than a few hours overtime, if you had a job 

So I decided to stop and look for a venture that would allow me to achieve the sort of income goals I was looking for, without relying on recruiting or sponsoring.

You see my main goal was to leave my job and work for myself

After all, if you are going to market properly online, then you do so, because you want it to become your full time income and so you want to choose the venture/s that will provide that income for you.


In 2007, I was then introduced, to a financial education product, which had an MLM Structure, but also paid very well & I was doing pretty well with it

At the same time, I was also introduced to two  books, one called magnetic sponsoring which showed me exactly how to market not just my MLM Opportunity, but any MLM opportunity online and to attract the exact type of client I was looking for, to me

You can get your own copy of Magnetic Sponsoring Here 

The second one was This One which teaches you how to grow a business online, successfully

So, I stopped promoting the way I was and applied the methods shown in Magnetic Sponsoring .

The Book also showed me how to have 100% success in MLM & to attract the 90% of people who will say no to your opportunity

Through This Incredible Marketing System, I was also advised that to be successful online, then you had to two very important things.

The First One was… Build my Own List on a domain I owned, using an Auto responder, geared specifically for the Affiliate Market Place, so it paid you

Now over the years, I have used a variety of different auto responder’s such as AWeber, Pure Leverage & MailChimp, all of which are good in their own right

But if you are promoting Affiliate Marketing products, then you need an auto responder geared to that market

It is for that reason, that the Marketing System  is my system of choice now. It gets the job done simply and with the minimum of fuss

The second thing was to have a self hosted WordPress Blog.

The reason I wanted to have a self hosted blog, was to document my journey, warts and all so to speak

So, I began looking at WordPress,  but more on that later!

In the meantime, I started to…

Build My Own List!

It was very simple to do. I chose This Autoresponder

This had all the benefits that not only I wanted, but would be good for others as well.

and used a very simple method called landing and  / or Squeeze pages.

If those terms are not familiar to you, don’t worry, both are just pages designed to capture your prospects email address You can see an example of a

a landing or squeeze page here

I also used a very proven marketing system, which you can find Here

The traffic & list building sources you will find there, have all been tested and proven to work, over an 18  year and growing period

They still work fine to this day,  in fact  I use them myself

Or if you want to be ultra successful, then you can use a bridge page, but more on that later

Using the marketing system above, and using it daily,  my list grew very quickly. This was in late, November / December  2008.


In fact my success was so quick, that in 2009, I quit my secure J.O.B ( I was earning more than my salary, through my P/T work), to work full time in the online affiliate marketing  industry, with my own affiliate marketing consultancy

I specialised in providing the Home Business sector, with business training & advertising solutions to grow their businesses.

I had the list, but not the blog, so I started looking more closely at


Now you will remember the book which explained that setting up your own blog was a must, well…

after much research, and using a few different hosts, all of which fell short of my expectations for different reasons, which will be reviewed elsewhere,   I then discovered the Wealthy Affiliate Platform below, and discovered that it also hosted WordPress! ~ Yayyyyyyy… Success!!

In this day and age, both are vital for success

You can read more about this decision, on My Recommended Hosting page

WordPress,  Can be a minefield, it starts with choosing the right host, there are many to choose from.

In the last 9 years, I have used and come away from 3 of the biggest names in hosting, for a variety of different reasons. The main one being lack of support

You can read more reviews on WordPress Hosting, themes and Plugins Here

You can see my current host here, together with the reasons I chose them.

But now I have the right platform, I can now share my success story with you, and as this site is more for you, then you will read about what works well & pays, as well as

What to Avoid… Because, yes, there have been mistakes.

You can find all the Products I currently use here

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, or equally feel free to connect with me on the Internets #1 Community for Affiliate Marketers  and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Away from ‘Work’

I am very happily married to my Ideal lady, we live in a lakeside lodge, which we own and have a pet cat called Charlie. I also have one younger brother, who many people tell me looks like a cross between Tim Vine and Boris Johnson ( two total polar opposites of men!!)

For my sins, I support two football teams, Chelsea and AFC Wimbledon.

Why two?… Well I lived for the first 3 years of my life in Wimbledon, so its only right to support your home town team.

Chelsea is where my dad first took me to watch a football match

The other reason for supporting two is this… my parents came from the respective towns!

I enjoy cycling, walking, fine wine, watching comedy shows and good re~runs of old TV shows. Music-wise, I love 80’s music, daddy dance very badly according to my wife, with who I go ballroom dancing once a week, which is really good fun.

If you found this content enjoyable and think it would benefit someone else, please feel free to share it using the social media sharing buttons below

So, having explained how this site will help you and a little more ‘About Me’  lets go to the Start Here page

All the best,



21 thoughts on “About Dave”

  1. You sound like you have a lot of experience within online marketing.
    And you are from the U.K which is a big bonus for me. I’m a bit fed up of everyone being from the U.S.A. Or Canada.
    You seem to promote two products here, Wealthy Affiliate and Mobe. Which dou you recommend to start with as a newbie to Affiliate Marketing ?

    • Karen, thank you for your time in commenting, I appreciate it.Yes I am from the UK, which I know is unusual in Internet Terms for success

      Yes you are right I do promote two products, the reason for that is because MOBE compliments WA, by teaching you how to generate a 4, 5 and 6 figure income per sale, through a tiered product mix, which delves into asset protection and exit strategies for ANY business owner, hence that is why I promote two.

      Which would I recommend for a newbie to affiliate marketing?

      Wealthy Affiliate, without a doubt. Why?~ Because WA teaches and shows you how to start your OWN business, on your own domain and to generate traffic to that business

      The MOBE business model, then compliments the above, for the previously documented reasons, but also provides slightly more in depth training than that received at WA.

      Does that answer your question 🙂

  2. Hi Dave, thanks very much for sharing your online journey, it sounds as though you have a wealth of information to share. You mention that in the early days you had to rely on recruiting, referring and sponsoring to build your online business, can you explain the differences between each of these and how you used these methods? Hope to hear from you soon, Cheers, Karen

    • Karen, thanks for taking the time to comment on this, I appreciate it very much.There is no real difference between referring, recruiting and sponsoring, as they all mean the same thing, just a different way of putting them across, depending on who you are /were talking too

      No one likes selling, but in MLM ,you have to, you are a company rep and so have to point out the benefits to the individual. If you can’t sell yourself, you won’t sell anything. MLM is reliant on all 3 methods, whereas what we do in Direct Response Marketing, you don’t have to.

  3. wow this was a very interesting article, you have a lot of experience with online marketing. I could learn a lot more because i want to succeed at this really bad. I have been doing this for about 4 months and i have 2 websites im trying to grow, i still have a lot to learn and i may start a PPC campaign. I hope i can become successful like you!

    • Justin, thanks for your comments, I appreciate you taking time to do so. Yes I have a lot of experience in online marketing, because its the only industry I want to work in… EG Direct Response Marketing

      The purpose of the site is to show people exactly how to start and grow a sucessfull business online. Now PPC is good, but, my advice would be follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate first in terms of Traffic Generation, and work Towards PPC, because a poorly run campaign, can drain your bank account quite quickly

  4. Dave,
    What a great background you have. You really came up through the ranks.
    I thought your layout was good and the information showed that you knew what you were talking about. However, there were a couple of times that the train of thought was not coherent. It may have had to do with the punctuation or the picture interfering with the text. Use the grammar tool when you get ready to post and that will probably take care of that.
    Overall it was very informative.
    Thanks for the information.

    • Thomas, thanks for taking the time to comment on this post, I appreciate your feedback and will look at using the tool you suggest

  5. Lots of good information for marketing and building a business that you can work from your home, Dave.
    You have “been there”, and it is good that you are sharing your experiences and knowledge with people starting out so they can avoid a lot of the pain that many others have been thru.

    • Thanks for the comments and glad you found them helpful. As a slight aside, did you get a copy of your free marketing report which you can get by entering your details on the top right hand side, where it says free marketing report you’ll find it beneficial as it shows you how to automate your marketing and save 50% of time

  6. Hello, Nice article and discussion about online marketing and making income online. we are using crowdfunding technique for our blogging and online earning website. but we are struggling about free website traffic. any good online tools to generate and exchange free traffic for our websites? wee just started http://www.hitwebup.com .

    Thank you

    • Thanks for ccommenting

      What I would say is this. Make sure you are using all available Social Media Platforms, specifically YouTube, Facebook Pages, Instagram and Linkedin

      Also you would need to add a blog section to the website to make sure it gets found by the search engines.

      I’d be happy to advise, if you send an email to dave@davehayes.co

    • Thanks for the comment you have left and to copy what I have done is very simple. Its based on daily action taking and consistency

      I built my blog in line with this training

      Then I have made sure that as well as following that training, I have advertised my business using the ad resources shown on the red/brown banner at the top of my blog. I have done this daily and consistently for years. I’m happy to help you if you wish me to


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