Hi and Welcome!

Hi and Welcome!

Let me introduce myself to you. I’m Dave, that’s me below. I am based in the UK.

I’ve been working online for the past 20 years. the last 12 of which have been full time.

I’ll explain a bit more about me, in a bit, but first…

This Website

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It is simpler than you think it is, but does require time and effort.

However, you will be given every help and support to do just that

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Free Money

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Yes it is a daft question I know, but everyone wants free money

With most online opportunities you earn passive income

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So, who exactly am I?… In a UK based Online Marketer, who is married to his soulmate & Ideal lady.

Between us we have 4 Grown Up Children and 6 Grandchildren

I co~own an English Football League Division 1 Team, called AFC Wimbledon & have shares in a high street retail outlet.

I have worked in corporate for a long time.

But for the last 12 years, have worked for myself, after figuring that I was never going to have time or financial  freedom working for someone else. So in 2009 I quit my secure day job to work full time online, because the part time opportunity I was associated with at that time, was going really well.

I left my corporate job, with 

No safety blanket

No, real guide as to how to succeed, except for a fierce determination too succeed. I have!

Using the exact same strategy you will find on this website

You will be avoiding the pitfalls and shiny objects that will drop into your inbox along the way.

Why?… Because you will be earning money daily