Affiliate marketing ~ How to succeed with Affiliate Marketing

As an online marketer, you will be aware of or heard the term Affiliate Marketing

It is nowadays, probably the most secure profession to be a part of, because by being an affiliate marketer you have taken the first steps to guaranteeing your own future by taking control of your life and future pay cheques


How do you succeed with affiliate marketing

The answer to that is this, you choose a product and /or service you at least like or have a belief in and look for reputable companies to partner with and who will pay you on time and each month

That’s the simple version!

The difficult part is this, choosing the right affiliate marketing model to go into

Because you have two models, low ticket and High Ticket

Both have very different structures, both require you to work, one much harder than the other, one is more rewarding

Below, both will be explained in detail and most people coming online usually end up in the wrong sector, work hard, burn out and go onto do something totally different

So Let’s look at

Low Ticket

First. With a low Ticket model, you choose company A, because you like their products, so you create your free account

They will pay you a commission varying between 10% as a free member and 50% as an upgraded member for people who you refer to their service. They have a monthly cost of say $80 to use their top product

Initially you have success using their service, Let’s say it’s an advertising service and you get people to join your list : )

Based on that success, you decide to upgrade to their premium service which is $80 per month

Month 2, using their premium service, you get more optins than you did as a free member.Let’s say the number of optins you get is 5, so you then decide that Company A’s ad service is well worth promoting for their premium product and as a result you get 5 referrals to join you

Those 5 referrals will earn you 5 x 50% of $80 so that would be $200 in your first month

The cost of the premium service over the year is going to be $80 x 12 which equals $960, so you are going to have to promote the premium service very hard, over 12 months, to earn at least $960 so the cost of the upgrade you spent is covered.

You would have to spend the majority of the day every day doing this to earn any profit and you would need at least one more affiliate marketing venture, because you have to promote Company A somewhere!

Most low ticket affiliate marketing ventures are the same and work the same way

So as you can see, the principles applied to promoting COMPANY A mean you will be doing an awful lot of work, for very little reward in terms of profit and earnings in your bank

Does this make sense?

So Let’s take a look at

High Ticket

Hich Ticket Affiliate Marketing works on the same initial principles as low ticket models

You can join for free to try the service out, again Let’s say it’s an advertising model. But this time it has 6 different levels

Now each level, requires a one time payment only, starting at $7 and rising up to $147

As a free member, you get success in your first month, so you decide to upgrade to the first $7 level and immediately you get sign ups for your business opportunity

You then start referring others to the $7 dollar level and get 5 referrals straight away. 5 x $7 = $35

As you can see you are in profit straight away, to the tune of $28

Compared to the first example with company A, you have no monthly fee and are in profit from the off

Now through the promotional work you do promoting company B which is half of what you were doing for company A, you are quickly able to bu the top ad product for a one time payment of $147

Your results from being at this level are incredible, so much so that you send a message to those people who brought the first package, to say that the $147 level means you work half has hard again and get more rewarded

so those 5 people all buy the $147 package from you. This means that you have earned $735 in pure profit by working half as hard

As you can see there is a major difference between the low ticket and high ticket models both in terms of work and rewards

Obviously, it depends on circumstances and situations as to which model you choose and how much time you have


Consider this… If you are making a choice to work online, then you are choosing a new career and a new way of working, which is far more rewarding than any job

So the High Ticket Affiliate Marketing model would by default be the one to move into, because you will earn twice as much, working half as hard

In short that is how you succeed in affiliate marketing

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