Affiliate Marketing ~ Learn how to set up your blog

In this post you will learn how to set up your affiliate marketing blog

Affiliate Marketing is all about branding yourself in a niche you know something about

Eg Football, Music, Advertising

Branding is all about getting your name known for that niche

The best way to do all the above is by having your own blog. much like the one you are reading now

That blog is attached to a domain, preferably in your name, or a variable of it

Setting up your blog should be done on so it is self hosted and yours to install

You need to choose a good and reputable host such as bluehost hostgator or another compatible wordpress host

This blog for example is hosted by ‘wealthy affiliate’ who you can find out more about by

clicking here (WA link)

The reason it is hosted by wealthy affiliate is because unlike the other hosts mentioned, they have a very simple installation and one other major benefit

They provide excellent premium wordpress training on how to use the wordpress platform to it’s maximum potential from an affiliate marketing point of view.

So having used other wordpress hosts previously and experienced difficulties with them…

It has to be said that the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Doesn’t present any of these problems with installation and provides you with complete unwavering support at the same time.

Another good reason for having your blog with Wealthy Affiliate is this

Blogging is a great way to get found by the search engines

Now, because Wealthy Affiliate is classed as a Google ranked authority site

You will benefit from having faster indexing of your content both from within the platform itself as well as your own blog on your domain, so it’s a win win situation, meaning you stand greater chance of being found quicker in the search engine results

All you need to do to is set up your blog by by clicking on the banner located at the top right of this blog

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