Analytify A Review of Analytify The Google Analytics Plugin

This is a review of Analytify, which is a WordPress Plugin for Google Analytics

Analytiy ( shown below )


Analytify, is a free plugin, which quite literally brings Google Analytics to your WordPress dashboard

which means if you are frequently using Google Analytics, you will know how labour intensive it can be doing this

It was installed following a recommedation from a business associate of mine and to be truthful his enthusiasm for it told only half the story

Lets look at it in more detail. though in truth, pardon the pun, it only gives a you a slight picture!

The General Dashboard Area ( below )


Is laid out nicely in easy to read sections, so you can see at a glance the information you would need immediately

This information includes your bounce rate, which is what Google uses as one of the measuring factors when it comes to ranking your website

Now you might wonder, if your blog actually gets seen across the globe, but as you will see from the picture below

it does


The coloured areas are where your blog is actually seen, so you know that it works for sure

In fact, this Video  shows a live demonstration of this

Moving further down to the bottom of the dashboard area, you will see the Traffic Referrals section


This is invaluable information, because its all well and good knowing that your blog is being seen across the globe, but you want to know which traffic refferals sources work the best, so you can maximise your time and effort productively

As you will see from the above graph, the traffic sources which work the best, are shown in all their glory

They show, YouTube as being the top social media traffic source, with a manual surf traffic exchange also providing some decent traffic to the site as well

If you are are a lover of stats, then this section alone, is proof that Analytify is worth its weight in gold.

Overall, Analytify is a must have plugin to have your Google Analytics imported into the dashboard area of your WordPress blog

If you are unsure about going Pro with Analytify, then my strong suggestion, as it is with any plugin, that is ‘pushing’ you to go Pro, is to try it out for either a trial period if there is one, or failing that, give it a go for 14 days initially, by which time you should be using it at least daily.

That action would then create a 90 day action, by which time you would know if you want to go Pro or Not

As with most godo quality WordPresss Plugins and Themes, going for the paid version, is usually the better bet, as it makes your WordPress Experience much easier and …Fun!!



4 thoughts on “Analytify A Review of Analytify The Google Analytics Plugin”

  1. Hello Dave,

    Thank you for the insightful review. This is exactly what I’m learning about right now. Stats and grafs are so satisfying to me, I don’t know why. I’m definitely going to give this a try. 

    Incredible that people are paying money for services while there are free plugins like this around.



    • Thanks for the reply and glad the post was of use for you.

      Though free services are always good, occassionally, they have good paid options available which if your happy with the free version and its producing the results you want, then why not upgrade.

      Online stats and grafs are so important as they show us what works and where to put our energy

  2. With Wealthy Affiliates website designing and ownership has become a piece of cake. Providing the right tools and training available at one’s  disposal and the avalanche resources and opportunities available when you upgrade to premium membership

    Does analytics gives  the needed exposure to drive traffic to WordPress blogs?

    Financial freedom is sure for those who knows how to design websites either for themselves or for others.

    • Thanks for the reply, its much appreciated and to answer your question on traffic exposure, yes it shows what traffic referrals work, so thats a bonus.


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