APSense – A Review Of APSense

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This post is a Review of APSense The Business Social networking site.

Now you may not have heard of APSense The Business Social Networking site.

Not to worry if you haven’t, because you will learn about it in this post.

It will also be compared the Largest Social Networking Site on the Planet … Facebook.


APSense was founded in 2012.

It has an active member base of 827,905 which may not be the same high number of Facebook

However what is interesting, is that of that number there have been just under 5 ,000,000 (Five Million Connections made)

Twice the number of Facebook active users

APSense founders understand that Social Networks have become the driving force behind the future of the internet.

Along with websites like Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin and Blogger it has provided a home for people to connect with each other. Many businesses, both large and small have recognized the power of these social networks and are increasingly using them in their marketing strategies. Experts forecast that more of these businesses will take advantage of this growth. Combine together the rise of social networks and the promise of growth for many different types of business, APSense was born and grew to accommodate Business Social Networking.

APSense in a Nutshell

It is a business social network where people come together to share their businesses. 

Imagine a place where you have all the tools you need to help your business grow. it has a very good advertising aspect to it

It enables users to share their business through networking, exploring and creating quality business content. 

The development of new networks and constant exchange of information happens everyday at APSense. 

It is changing the way people build their businesses while making money online.

Meet Other Business Individuals

In its purest nature APSense is a web 2.0 enabled social network, which promotes the exchange of business networks by providing tools for users to easily communicate (Articles and RevPages), create interest groups (Groups) and even build their own private social network (Connections). 

There are also Add-Ons that can be used to promote and add value to your business marketing strategies. Ultimately the goal through networking on APSense is to make it simple for you to connect with other business individuals for activities such as marketing, promotion, joint ventures and outsourcing.

Explore Valuable Business Contents

All contents on APSense, from articles to discussions to product and service listings, are collectively rated by the users(that would be you). Top rated contents are pushed to the top of our content listings so you can find the most popular and trusted business information quickly. So if you are looking for valuable business information online to help you build your business, don’t waste time searching for it anywhere else!

Create Your Own Business Contents

While all types of content on APSense are being viewed and rated by the users, these same type of contents can also be created by you. Why create your own content? 

Everyday millions of people are searching for contents related to your business by using search engines and web 2.0 enabled websites like APSense. 

So by creating your contents on APSense, you are enabling millions of people to find contents about your business.Content is your business interests, your products & services, your business experiences, and anything else you would like to share about you and your business.


One of its strongest points is that unlike Facebook, it is full of like-minded people, so you can build Your Own Private Social Network within the platform, or by simply inviting your friends to APSense. Friends who you personally invite will automatically be placed into your network. In addition when the friends in your network invite their friends they will also be placed in your network.

So as you can see it builds virally and quite quickly

Build Your Contacts. 

As There are thousands and eventually millions of people in APSense that you can easily meet and stay connected with. When you see someone you would like to get in touch with, simply add them to your contact list. You can send and receive messages to and from your contacts at anytime.

Join Business Interest Groups. 

You are able to join groups, which is a great way to network with people that have similar interests. Find the group you are interested in joining, get to know the group members and participate in new group discussions every day!… You’ll even larn new things



Explore Articles.

Valuable business related contents are added regularly! The articles directory includes categories like business how to’s, business news, marketing tips, success stories, search engine marketing and much much more. Explore, discover and learn!

Explore Group Discussions.

The Groups area is a great way  to explore valuable discussions on today’s most popular business issues. The most popular discussions are easily spotted as they are listed earlier in the search results and browse directories..You can see the directories below

Explore RevPages.

REVPages is APSenses own pages where  members have reviewed their own or other business sites. Again they are arranged in many different categories, so there will be many to select and explore.Its an ideal place for bloggers and content writers to get ideas, if they are suffering from so called  Writers block(writers block happens because you have so many ideas floating in your head, you don’t know where to start. To cure it have a pad and paper handy to write down the ideas.

Doing this your naturally gravitate to an article to start you off.

Explore Talents.

 This is an area where Members offer their services in the Talents area. A bit like Fiverr in some ways, yet unqiue its own right

Explore them to find if there are any talents that will meet the needs of your business.


Create Your Own Articles. 

This area will be right up your street, especially if you are looking for Exposure. You can Create your own article and share them with the APSense community. 

If users like it and it becomes popular, your contents will be listed on our hot contents areas such as our home page, newsletters and article directory. Your articles can be anything from success stories to business how to’s. Take advantage of the new Page Tour tool and help your readers interact with your articles (and other content).

Create Your Own Business 

Discussions. Build your own group or join an existing group, in any case you can start your own group subject discussions. Join in the conversation by exploring and sharing your opinions with other users.

Create Partnerships and Outsourced jobs. 

Unlike Facebook, APSense lets you Use the News Feed to update when you have a Special Offer, Joint Venture or outsourced job available to help your business grow and prosper.Its a great way to get exposure for your offer and uses the 

>>>>>>> The Wall Strategy <<<<<<<

Very effectively

Now if you think that is good, it gets even better because APSense has its own referral Programme

Thats right you an get paid while promoting and networking with others.

How Does It Work

The picture below, shows you in more detail


As you can see, its has lots of benefits and advantages, which from experience, pay for itself in no time


As you will no doubt have gathered from reading this, Facebook, affords you none of this and is only after your money without providing a decent platform to work on, which is why so many people are migrating away from it.So by comparison APSense is the clear winner.

In Summary

As you can see, APSense offers a very multi faceted platform, which is designed for bloggers  and content creators worldwide

Yet at the same time you have none of the restrictions offered by Facebook, yet you still have a very effective advertising platform built in which provides you with exposure for your product or Service, together with a good Affiliate Programme

where you can received commissions for advertising your business 

If you like thousands of others, see the benefits, then why not give your business some added exposure by creating your own account by clicking on the banner below

14 thoughts on “APSense – A Review Of APSense”

  1. Dave, this is the first time I am reading about this platform, APSense. On reading through the article, it appears like what I had hoped Linked-In would be when I joined. I have been a member of facebook for many years, and have been in touch with my friends and met new friends. So there is still some value in FB. However, I see what this platform is offering. I could join and create a network where I could focus on my business growth and learn and share with like minded members. There are many advantages here based on your description of cost and operation, and it also carries an advantage of a referral program. Thank you for the review. I am seriously considering this….bookmarking your page.

  2. I like the fact that there are alternatives to Facebook in which we can make money easier than with Mark Zuckerberg’s platform. I would like to create content and monetize it. And you have encouraged me to give APSense a try. I would like to start today. I find it a bit similar to LinkedIn.

  3. Morning! I’ve read your review on APSense, and believe me I’m truly amazed. I never knew that there is this social media platform called APSense, but I must say that it is worth trying. In this world of business, advertising is the main factor that keeps businesses going and this kind of platform is needed as it has all the tools needed to grow your business as you clearly stated.
    I am interested and would love to know, how do I join APSense. I think it will be good for my business. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I’ve perused your audit on APSense, and trust me, and I’m genuinely flabbergasted. I never realized that there is this web-based media stage called APSense. However, I should say that it merits attempting. In this universe of business, promoting is the principal factor that makes a big difference for organizations. This sort of stage is required as it has every one of the apparatuses expected to develop your business as you unmistakably expressed.
    I’m intrigued and couldn’t imagine anything better than to know how I would join APSense. I figure it will be useful for my business. So a debt of gratitude is for sharing.

  5. Wow. I am actually really shocked that it is my first time hearing about this amazing social network with so many active members. I actually also googled to read a bit about it. I am new in network marketing and I am looking for ways to do this. I believe this network is just what I need because it offers so much more that what Facebook has currently been offering me. Thank you for this informative review

  6. Hi Dave. Very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing, and still learning every day. To be fair I haven’t heard before about APSense platform but looking on your review its great place to promote business. It will allow to build business contact and available content also seems very interesting, looking forward to test it in practice.

  7. Thank you for the information about APSense, I don’t have much experience with the platform but I’m glad I got a chance to read your page breaking down everything that is available. Like most others I’m typically dealing with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to network with other people so it’s nice to learn about other sites like APSense that you can also network on. Cheers. Martin 


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