Astra Theme | Why Its An Absolute Must Have

Astra Theme, Why Its An Absolute Must Have

This post reviews the Astra Theme and why you must use it on your website and / or Blog.

Before Astra is discussed, lets explain the reasoning behind why its an absolute must have


Search Engine Rankings

As a Blogger, you will be aware that your blog needs to be found by the search engines

In case you don’t know the search engines comprise of




These three are the main search engines, which are unrestrictive

Unlike the ones in say China or the Eastern Block.

That said Search Engines use a number of different algorithms when looking for websites

One of those algorithms is linked to Websites which load fast.


Astra Theme

Loads very fast and has been designed by the guys at wpastra to be a fast, lightweight them

By lightweight, unlike other WordPress Themes, it doesn’t come with a stack of plugins

Though that said, Astra does have plugins available, but they can brought seperately

The Plugins are also lightweight and designed, like the theme to be fast loading


Two Versions

The Astra Theme, comes in two versions. Free and Pro. The free version is good, but the Pro version, which this website is built on just gives your website the extra bit of class it wants that sets it above other WordPress Websites.

Currently it is loved by over 600,000 WordPress users.

This blog is built using the theme.

The reason for that is, WordPress is designed for your users experience

It is also been designed to be friendly for the search engines

So in respect of that, it makes it an ideal choice.


Page Builders

Astra, while its good in its own right and contains some awesome features and benefits

Has also been developed so that it works with and is compatible with Elementor the Page Builder



Unlike other free WordPress Themes, Astra comes with very good support.

There is a slight delay in replying to queries, but this is offset by the fact that you won’t have many

The reason for that is because Astra has been developed with plenty of dcoumentation to cover any thing


Affiliate Programme

Another reason that you will like Astra, is because it also has an affiliate Programme

The affiliate programme pays out 50% commissions.


Overall this theme comes with my highest recommendation

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