Wealthy Affiliate – The Pay Plan Reviewed

As an Online Affiliate Marketer, this post looks at the Wealthy Affiliate Payplan and reviews it

When it comes to Online Marketing, it should be viewed as a career change

Because the ultimate end goal of working online is to escape the current situation you are in

That could be a job you dislike or something else.

So when choosing to work online, you need to choose your venture very carefully

The best way of doing this is to have a self hosted blog, because then you are the CEO of YouInc

In this respect Wealthy Affiliate, absolutely fits the bill

It has everything bloggers want, it has everything affiliate marketers want

Best of all it has the ultimate pay plan which richly rewards those who wish to promote the platform

The Payplan

So lets look at the Payplan in a little more detail

Compare it to your current hosting payplan, or your current opportunity

It is shown below 

So lets examine it a little more closely because at first glance it can seem confusing

Starter Membership

As may seem a little obvious, this is just a starter membership

There is no cost for this and it lasts for 7 days 

As you would also expect it is restricted in terms of what access you get.

There are no commissions payable at this level

The Premium Membership is the best starting point

Premium Membership

Taking the top row first of all, as this deals with the Premium Offering

When people take the special offer promo of $19 then an $8 commission is payed for the first month.

From the second month onwards, then there is a $23.50 commission paid

That is paid for every month the member remains monthly

But when the member then upgrades to the Premium Yearly Offer, then a commission of $235 is paid

It is paid out every year that the member renews their yearly membership

As you will notice there is also a $100+ Premium Sign Up Payment made as well

Premium Plus 

This is the latest offering from the owners of the platform.

It offers a lot more in terms of content and also the commission payments are better

Now though the payplan is shown in its fullness above, you will see below, the Premium Plus payments

As you can see above, everyone starts at Premium, when they upgrade

Which is why the text says $23.50 after the $49 Special Offer

But, should you choose to upgrade to Premium Plus Monthly,

Then the commission goes up to $46.50 Monthly Recurring

When the Membership is upgraded to the yearly membership

The commission is then $465 Yearly recurring

There is also a $200+ Premium Plus Sign Up

You will see from the above, that it starts to get Extremely lucrative

Compare that to the current commission payments you are receiving.

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Bitcoin, Dogecoin

Dogecoin – What is Dogecoin

Dogecoin - What Is Dogecoin

DOGE was created as a lighthearted alternative to traditional cryptocurrencies, but it's become seriously valuable.

This post will  help you understand what it is and how it works. 


Dogecoin (DOGE) was created as a lighthearted alternative to traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in 2013.

The name and Shiba Inu logo (shown above)  are based on a meme.

Unlike Bitcoin, which was designed to be scarce, Dogecoin is intentionally abundant — with 10,000 new coins mined every minute and no maximum supply.

For most of its existence, Dogecoin has generally been considered to be an amusing “memecoin” beloved by its community — but with relatively little value.

That changed in 2021: as of April, Dogecoin became one of the ten biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap

With a total value that has topped $50 billion, even though each individual coin is worth pennies.

How is that possible? Because there is a lot of Dogecoin in the world.

Unlike Bitcoin, which is designed to be scarce and resistant to inflation.

Dogecoin was created to be abundant.

There are about 130 billion DOGE circulating, and miners produce another 10,000 every minute.

Abundance is a key part of the idea — Dogecoin (pronounced “dohj coin”) was created as a funny, low-stakes Bitcoin alternative.

As soon as it was launched in late 2013, it began attracting an enthusiastic online community that have used DOGE for everything

What makes Dogecoin valuable?

Like any other asset, the market assigns DOGE a value based on supply and demand.

Given the vast and ever-growing supply, demand has had to surge enormously to drive values as high as they’ve been recently. 

That happened in the first months of 2021.

Then prices soared around 7,000 percent — driven by retail investors on Reddit

This included the wallstreetbets subreddit that sparked the “memestock” craze) working together to push prices up, the broader crypto boom.

Couple that with months of seemingly tongue-in-cheek tweets by Tesla founder Elon Musk punctuated by his appearance on Saturday Night Live in May 2021. 

Fast-rising DOGE prices in 2021 attracted considerable media attention (as well as social media posts)  —  which for a time created a cycle that attracted more investors and further increased prices. Whenever an asset sees such dramatic gains, FOMO (or “fear of missing out”) brings waves of new traders into the fold. DOGE remains a highly volatile cryptocurrency, however, and like any investment there is no guarantee that it will go up or down in the future.

Where did Dogecoin come from?

It was launched as a joke in late 2013 by software developers Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer.

The friends from Reddit who had never met offline, combined two then popular themes in their online circle: the ascendant cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

To its creators’ surprise, Dogecoin caught on almost immediately

The Domain dogecoin.com received more than a million visitors in the first month.

Part of what made Dogecoin funny is that it was (and is) a full-fledged cryptocurrency, with its own blockchain and a mining system similar to the one used by Litecoin.

Historically low prices (for much of its life you could get DOGE for fractions of a penny) and abundance have recently made it attractive for speculators hoping its value will soar.

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Bitcoin – What Is Bitcoin

Bitcoin - What Is Bitcoin

This post explains about Bitcoin and What Is Bitcoin

In some ways, like Social Media, which has been around for years & is a mystery to some

Bitcoin is exactly the same to many

Bitcoin Explained

It is a  decentralized digital currency

It was invented in 2008 by and unknown person or group of people called Satoshi Nakamoto

The currency began use in 2009 when its implementation was released as open source software

It was created as a reward for a process called mining

If you don't know or understand the term mining don't worry for now

All will be explained in another post

Bitcoin can be exchanged for other currencies, products and services

the Currency however is volatile, a bit like shares it can go up and down


Most banks will try to scare you by saying that they do not accept Bitcoin

They do this because they want to make money out of and from you.


Bitcoin had its domain name bitcoin.org registered in August 2008

At that point it became known as a A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

That is the system we all know today

On the 3rd January, the Bitcoin Network was created when Nakamoto mined the Block of the chain

Bitcoin has been used to buy Pizzas in the past

While Pizzas are not the biggest spend, it shows bitcoin can buy tangible things

Black Market Website Silk Road started accepting Bitcoin subsequently processing $214 Million of products.

Bitcoin continues to fluctuate, down and up

Elon Musk has put his weight behind the Coin as well, which made the price go up stacks.

That explains what Bitcoin Currency is

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Bitcoin, Bitcoin Advertising, Coinbase, Coinpayment, Wordpress

Bitcoin Advertising – What is Bitcoin Advertising

Bitcoin Advertising What is Bitcoin Advertising

When it comes to Business, you will be agreed that without advertising, there will be no traffic to our sites,

You can't build your lists and so the vast majority all end up moving in different directions

Some go down the Organic Traffic Route which is good.Its Free, but its time consuming

Except for perhaps the time investment

Bitcoin Advertising

But there is a simple and effective way that you can grow your business, using free Bitcoin Advertising

There will be people scoffing at Bitcoin Advertising and saying they won't go near it

Banks try and scaremonger us into saying they won't accept Bitcoin Payments

They do that because they won't make money out of us if we go.

Bitcoin is certainly nothing to be fearful of

But Bitcoin Advertising is a very, very smart way to grow your business

You see Bitcoin advertising, works for you in a very clever way

By using trusted Advertising Sites, with excellent benefits for the advertiser

Your website, be it a blog, or landing page, gets exposed to active buyers

In other words people who want what you have.

Through these trusted advertising sites work on activity based work

One such example of a trusted advertising site is the one below 

How They Work

Very Simple really

With each site you join it as a free member

Inside each site you will be able to set you sites up

You then  follow the daily activity, which earns you points and cash.

None of these require you to part with out of pocket cash at all.

The cash commissions are then paid into a Bitcoin  processor of your choice.

The two most popular are 


And Coinpayments

Don't worry too much at this point how these two platforms work

All will be revealed in later posts

Bitcoin Commissions

Are paid directly into one the above two processors

From there you then have choices.

These are

>>> you can send your bitcoin payments to the advertising platform of your choosing where you get the best results, so ultimately you can scale your business, pro rata, without the need for mass expense on Google, Bing or Facebook Advertising

>>> You can trade Bitcoin

>>> You can earn much better interest, with certain Bitcoin platforms

By better interest i am talking 4% per day

>>> You can send Bitcoin Directly to your bank.

>>> You have total control over the money and not a 3rd party processor

Now this is a method I have used on and off over the years

Having a background in Finance, have kept an eye on Bitcoin.

Working in the advertising industry, advertising is needed for blogs and websites.

Where Bitcoin Advertising comes into its own is like this

To really scale a business up, comes through advertising

Using Platforms such as Google Ads, Bing and Facebook costs thousands of dollars

They are entirely dependent on Keywords

Bitcoin works the opposite way and lets you scale, without breaking the bank

I have used this method in a more focused way in recent months.

The results are staggering, by comparison to conventional advertising

In fact before long you can be earning equal to your monthly salary in a short space of time

So in summary that is how Bitcoin Advertising works.

If you are skeptical, don't be, you only have business to gain

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Affiliate Marketing, Funded Proposal, Leadsleap, Prosperity Marketing System

Funded Proposal – What It Is

Funded Proposal - What It Is

This post explains what a Funded Proposal is

You will also learn why every business should have one and how it will benefit you and your business

In short simple terms a Funded Proposal is a way of funding your business.

It is done through the funding of a Proposal of something you need for your business

Every business owner should have one for their business

Because while they may feel that their business benefits everyone

Clearly not everyone, has a need for it

A Shining Example

A shining example of this is Tesco or Walmart

Two famous brands in the retail shopping sector

Both load their stores with  consumable products that people clearly want

However not every body wants what Tesco has to offer.

The same can be applied to Walmart.

So for the customers that both stores lose and most likely for ever

That is also lost revenue. 

The same applies to the Home Business and Online Marketing Market.

Every Affiliate feels that their opportunity fits everyone

The stark reality is that it doesn't, coupled with the fact that its also not presented well.

So for those with a funded proposal at the front of their opportunity

Even if the person they are talking to or hoping to entice into their opportunity

Doesn't want it, they will have the funded proposal 

Because that contains something they want

The ability to earn money from 100% of the people who don't want the opportunity on offer.

Do Funded Proposals Work

Interesting question. The overwhelming answer is that they do and very nicely too

Let me share three examples where they worked and still do work perfectly.

The first one is Magnetic Sponsoring written by Mike Dillard

This book was intended for his MLM Distributors initially as a means to Fund Advertising

But it proved so successful it was adopted by the entire MLM industry for their reps

Mike Dillard made a lot of money on the back of this book 

Second One...

The second one is Prosperity Marketing System which is the brainchild of Darren Olander

This is probably a better example of a funded proposal for the Modern day

Reason being is that unlike Magnetic Sponsoring it offers something very different

That difference is that it provides you, the business owner with a golden key

That golden key is letting you have your very own membership script

This post explains what memberships scripts are in case you don't know

Having your own membership script can be very costly.

Admittedly payments for them are one time, but you still have to allow for advertising costs.

Prosperity Marketing System Differs in that you can actually earn 100% Commissions

These come from Students and Owners Add On.

However this post is not the place to review that system, you can find out more by taking the Free Tour

Third One...

The Third one is a very smart one indeed

Its called LeadsLeap & is a brilliant alternative to Google Adwords.

It has many benefits as the picture below shows you.

It provides you with Traffic

It gives you leads, hence the name LeadsLeap

You can Build a list, this is done through Sendsteed which is found on the Recommended Page

You can follow Up with that list

You earn money in 4 different ways. Which you can read about fully here

So as you can see a funded proposal is worth considering

Membership scripts are how the so called gurus earn their money

Funded proposals are the way that you earn money without people joining your opportunity

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