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Leadsleap Is it Good or a Scam


As an online marketer, you might have other business owners, or people you know, talk about Leadsleap (Below )

and you might be asking yourself “is it Good, Or a Scam”

So the aim of this review is to give you enough information for you to make that informed choice as to whether it’s for you or not

LeadsLeap is an online advertising traffic exchange and it is one with a difference, because it pays those who use it a percentage of it’s profits through something called Profit Share

ProfitShare, though you might be more familiar with the term Rev Share and both are completely different models

The Google Definition of Rev Share is defined as shown below

One of the first things to note, is that in the online world of advertising, there are a lot of traffic exchanges and in the main most are worthless, so much so that PayPal has a periodic purge on them, specifically targeting newer and less well established one, in some cases shutting down their accounts

Leadsleap on the other hand, has been established since 2008, so it has stood the test of time and pays out profit share to it’s members both the free and upgraded members

The percentage of profit share will obviously vary according to both types of membership and though it can’t be guaranteed, the way that leadsleap has been built and structured, means it is a platform that keeps it’s users coming back for more, time and again.


How Does Leadsleap Work?

Let’s look at how Leadsleap Works.

LeadsLeap helps you to generate traffic and leads’ using different approaches.

These include:

  • advertising,
  • search engine traffic,
  • viral leads’ building, and
  • giving you tools to convert your traffic into leads’.

But, what is the difference between ‘traffic’ and ‘leads”?

Traffic refers to visitors to your website. Leads are people you can contact.

Advertising can bring you traffic. But it is the other approaches that we provide that will bring you leads’.

The sooner you understand the difference, the closer you are to success.

Leadsleap provides you with 7 ways to get you both traffic and leads’.

1. Advertise within Leadsleap for free as you will see by the picture below

Your ad will be shown in the Members Area and blog.

There are 110,000+ members. who are members for various reasons.

1) Some of them want to get paid to view ads.

We pay ad viewers by how long they surf an ad. The longer they surf, the more they are paid.

Conventional PTC programs pay viewers per ad. The viewers usually have to stay at an ad for 10 or 20 seconds. When the time is up, the viewer will go to the next ad for more money.

So Those systems are flawed.

They are essentially asking viewers to leave your ad and move to the next one once the time is up.

Leadsleap pay viewers continuously. If your ad is interesting, they will stay and find out more, and continue to get paid.

2) Some members are marketers and/or website owners.

They want traffic, leads’ and tools to build their businesses.

What does that mean to you?

If you have something to offer to these target groups, advertising in LeadsLeap is a no-brainer because it’s free.

But free doesn’t mean you can post any ad. Your ad must be family-friendly and in English, without nudity, gambling or other offensive contents.

WeOne of the best things, among many best things, that Leadsleap, manually review every ad. It’s a lot of work, but that’s the only way to ensure the ad quality in the network.

2. Advertise On Thousands Of Websites – FREE

The same ad that you advertise on leadsleap’s website can also be shown on thousands of other websites.

1) They can be shown in > 4000 websites/blogs operated by leadsleap members, through a very useful widget.

There is an example of the widget on the right hand side bar of this blog

Why do people show your ads? Because leadsleap pay them when their visitors click the ads. In much the same way as they do with Google Adsense, but way more effective

2) They can also be shown in > 20000 trackers that are shown all over the net, including many traffic exchanges, PTC programs and forums.

Why do people use the tracker? Because it’s a unique tracker can tell them whether the traffic they have received are real human visitors.

Interestingly, the tracker has helped several members to get refunds from dishonest traffic sellers who sell fake traffic.

3 Search Engine Traffic ~ Free

One of the proven ways to get quality leads’ is by writing search engine optimized product reviews and get traffic from the Search Engines.

LeadsLeap operates a Social Review Directory – Take a look at it HERE.

It is already ranking well in the search engines.

You can write reviews and submit them to the directory.

Leadsleap rotate your affiliate link in the review and get you free sign ups.

4. Multiply A Few Leads Into Thousands – FREE

The LeadsLeap system comes with a 10-level downline builder.

Now Imagine if you recommend 10 people to join LeadsLeap and they do the same, you will have 100 extra leads’ at Level 2, 1000 extra leads’ at Level 3, 10000 extra leads’ at Level 4, and crazy amount of leads’ at level 10., as the picture below shows

Though It sounds like MLM, Leadsleap is not an MLM company. Neither are they a safe list or mailer system where members email members. Their 10-level network is purely for leads’ building.

They also have a unique, sustainable and annoyance-free communication system that allows uplines to reach out to 10 levels of their down lines.

5. Convert Your Website/Blog Traffic Into Leads – FREE

Leadsleap also provides a free web-based popup generator called PopupXpert.

It is no secret that popups can increase the conversion of traffic to leads’. But most of the popup generators in the market are either expensive or full of bugs.

And honestly, they are not as powerful and customizable.

PopupXpert can generate almost any kind of popup you can think of, such as a light box, a popup from the corners, a floating popup, a slide up, an exit intent popup, an end-of-page popup, a mobile friendly popup etc.

There is a reason why Leadsleap PopupXpert ranks #1 in Google search, just as you’ll see below

6. Your Own Autoresponder – FREE

You also get an autoresponder system that you can use to build your own list.

Prepare a lead magnet, generate an opt-in offer using PopupXpert and deliver the offer using your very own Autoresponder.

It is a complete leads’ generation funnel for you!

And yes, it’s free.

Note: The list you’ve built is yours.Leadsleap will not send any promotional email your list.

7. Run Your Own E-Biz Like A Pro – FREE

The last approach to get you leads’ is a full-fledged, self-hosted, unencrypted PHP Script – The OTO List Builder.

This script is complete with:

  • built-in autoresponder,
  • mass mailer,
  • one-time offer system,
  • payment integration, and
  • affiliate program

It allows you to build your own sales funnel and run an online business like a pro.

How this script works?

First, you need to have a free product to entice people to opt in.

When they opt-in, they’ll be presented with an irresistible one-time offer. If you have a good deal, one-time offer converts like crazy!, You can see an example of a one time offer Here

Your leads’ can then offer the free product to their leads’, via their affiliate links and make 100% commissions from the one-time offer.

This is a superbly viral way to grow your leads’.

Please Note: The OTO List Builder is not some kind of PLR script. It is developed and maintained by the leadsleap team. And no matter Whatever technical challenge you face, they are there to help you

So, with the 7 Unique ways to get leads’ covered, lets look at something else unique to LeadsLeap which is Their

Make Free Money In 5 Ways

First, what is Free Money?

Well effectively, Free money means you make money without paying and having used this myself for some time, I can vouch for it working

The 5 ways to make money from LeadsLeap.

1. Paid To View Ads Based On How Long You Surf!

Conventional PTC programs pay you per ad.

You are forced to stay on an ad for 10-20 seconds.

If an ad is boring, you have no choice but to wait. If an ad is interesting, you are not paid extra if you continue surfing.

LeadsLeap revolutionized the industry by creating the first ‘Paid As You Surf’ system.

When you view ads, you’ll earn credits. The credits earned depends on how long you surf the ad.

If the ad is interesting, just continue to learn more about it and you will earn credits every 5 seconds, for up to 3 minutes. If the ad is boring, just leave and earn the initial credits.

Every day, your credits earned will be used to calculate your Daily Earnings, which is derived from 5-10% of our advertising income.

Its important to Note:Leadsleap, do not sell ‘ad packs’.

Their paid-to-read-ad system is free to join.

All you have to do is view a minimum of 10 ads a day to enjoy Daily Earnings.

2. Convert Your Credits Into Cash

Getting Daily Earnings will not deplete your credits. You can still use your credits to advertise in our system and get traffic to your website.

But, if you have nothing to advertise, you can convert your credits into cash. We call it Credit Encashment.

3. Monetize Your Website

If you have a website/blog, you can place Their ad widget on your site, you can see an example of this on the right side bar of this blog

4. Monetize Your Tracker

If you use Their link tracker to track your traffic elsewhere, you can also show the ad widget in your tracker.

When people visit the ads, you make money.

5. Earn years of automatic affiliate commissions

While most of Leadsleaps services are free, they have dedicated some powerful features that are only available to Their Pro Members. These features will help them to get more traffic and leads’.

The Pro Upgrade is $27 per Month

When your referrals upgrade, you can make 25-50% commissions.

These are recurring commissions, i.e. you get paid every month as long as they stay as a Pro Member.

Your referrals may downgrade sometimes and upgrade again. It’s normal. But whenever they upgrade, you will earn a commission. Their upgrade commissions will go to you for life.

Founded in 2008, Leadsleap are still paying some of our founding members commissions!

It is worth mentioning, that many other smaller business ventures have tried to copy what leadsleap do and have failed, because they have not be structured the right way.

Examples of those are My Advertising Pays, Traffic Monsoon and The Advert Platform

Some better known examples are Google AdSense and YouTube Ads

LeadsLeap is built to last because we provide real values in an evergreen niche. Whatever effort you put in promoting LeadsLeap will multiply in the future and reap you more leads’ and profits automatically.

Hopefully as you can see, from this very comprehensive overview that Leadsleap is a winner and comes with my highest recommendation, because, whether your a free or Pro Member… You earn

Why not take advantage and start your free account today

Thrive Themes v ClickFunnels Which Is Best


Now, if you are considering using either Thrive Themes or have heard great things about ClickFunnels and are wondering which one is best,  then this review, will give you enough information to make that informed decision

This review has been written, following a simultaneous 14 day trial between the two, when I was torn as to which way to go

Lets start by looking at ClickFunnels ( below ) first of all. ClickFunnels by the way is known as a SaaS ( Software As A Service) company

Founded by Russell Brunson, himself no slouch when it comes to Internet Marketing, it promises, as you can see from above to 

"Enable People To Grow Their Business Through Sales Funnels" 

And after all, a sales funnel is exactly how the buying process works when people by making that decision

ClickFunnels, offers as you can see below a 14 day Trial, during which time, you can try out all the features it has for you

For your 14 day Trial, you can try out all the features, which are its ease of use Funnel Builder, which as the image below shows are fairly extensive

As you can see on the top left hand side, it promises to get rid of your shopping cart & if you are a user of Woo Commerce, then that would have to be a consideration. 

It lets you create stunning funnels in minutes simply at the click of a button... Hence the name


You can get rid of your autoresponder and your CRM, not to mention your Affiliate Software and Your Membership Software as well, the latter two would be considered and appropriate if you were running a membership site

When you sign up for your 14 day trial, you are automatically upgraded to the highest upgrade which is all the features mentioned above and is $297 a month

If however, at the end of the 14 days, you don't want to use all the features, then you can choose to pay for just the basic features, which cost $97 Per Month

Now this is where you start having to make some decisions, because though ClickFunnels, say you can do away with your auto responder and use their system, if you have been marketing online for any length of time, you will most likely have an autoresponder of your own

Which, leaves you with Two Choices ...

You can either work very hard with your current list so they migrate over to your new software, or...

You integrate your Auto Responder with ClickFunnels, which means you have the added cost of that on top of ClickFunnels monthly payment

Like I say its a choice and for some its a tough choice

During my 14 day Trial with ClickFunnels, I was impressed by their transparency, and the way you could set funnels up for anything with just one click. 

An equally tough choice to make is this, especially if you are choosing the $297 per month option

You will still have to find ways of Advertising & while marketing on Facebook is considered a 'good' free option by many, ultimately its paid advertising that wins the day and brings you customers

This is another cost that has to be factored into your equation

One of the best bits you will find with ClickFunnels, is their transparency, its among the best you will find

So ClickFunnels covered, lets now look at Thrive Themes

As their is a full review on Thrive Themes Here I don't plan to write a further review here, except to cover a couple of areas which are not properly covered in that review

One of those being that Thrive Themes is a WordPress Membership Plugin, which makes your normal blog turn into a conversion focused blog, designed to attract customers to you

Like ClickFunnels, Thrive Themes has two price points

$19 Per Month for the Membership Plugin or a yearly payment of $228

$49 Per Month, if you are an agency

Clearly these are more affordable than those with ClickFunnels.

So given all the fact and benefits explained here, which one of them is best? 

Both have plus points, bot have costs associated with them, thats only natural, they are businesses at the end of the day

However, my own choice boiled down to this & in the end it was pretty straight forward

It came down to control overall

Which in the end meant that Thrive Themes won the day, because, its a plugin, that I can control on my own hosted domain, as opposed to a SaaS company, where absolutely anything could happen with it and ultimately if its business related you have no control over 3rd Party services

So for me, Thrive is the clear winner and for another reason as well... It helps your blog work for you, even when your asleep, which is a brilliant thing

If you are in the same boat as I was and unsure, then this may well have helped you decide.

Finally in finishing, I would ask one thing of you, well perhaps a couple actually :  )

The first one is, if you know this article will help someone like you, please feel free to share it across the various social networks through the sharing buttons below

The second one is this, if you have any questions which are not covered by this review then please ask them below and I will be very happy to give you an honest opinion and answer back. 

Thrive Themes Membership Reviewed


Now as a WordPress user, you will no doubt be aware that there are thousands of plugins and an lot  membership site plugins all of which claim to make your site better

Thrive Themes is one such membership. which makes very strong claims  as to how it will help you make your WordPress blog, even better and turn it into a conversion focused blog... Which is exactly what you want, right? 

So How good is Thrivee Themes (Below) 

Having used previous membership sites before, like Elegant Themes, OptimizePress, Divi & StudioPress, I was initially skeptical about taking the Plunge with this membership plugin, for these reasons, some of which you might relate to

The other membership Plugns, all promised much, but when it came to flexibility, which is the key feature / benefit you are looking for with a membership plugin, all the above were sadly lacking in different ways, which left you feeling frustrated hugely 

WordPress is a marketers dream, and if your blog is built correctly, for example being search engine optimised, so that it is found even when your sleeping, it is by far and away your best way of building your list 

Thrive Themes was founded in early 2013 by  marketing expert Shane Melaugh and tech fanatic Paul McCarthy

Both were working hard on their own online projects individually, but something always seemed to be missing.

While Paul knew how to build killer software but never really managed to deliver it to potential customers; Shane had extensive marketing experience, but his lack of coding skills stopped him from building what he already had in his head.

They both needed someone to complement their skills. 

They found each other on a popular marketing forum

So having met up in Europe, they came up with a different style of page editor, which is better know now as Thrive Architecht

in fact this page is built using it 

Thrive Themes mission is as you can see from the picture below 

Thrive have an unrivalled Product Range, which is highlighted below 

Starting with 


Then, because you want to get leads for your business with ease, there is 

No matter what you current experience online, you'll be aware or know that landing pages are one of the best ways of getting leads for your list so its no surprise that Thrive have produced  Landing Pages (see below) 

Being a blog owner, you might be aware of, know about or heard of the 'bounce' rate. The bounce rate is what happens when a visitor lands on your blog and then moves off again very quickly. Does that matter to you if it happens.... 

... Well yes it does absolutely, because if you have a high bounce rate for EG over 80%, then Google is going to think that your blog has no trust worhiness in the content your producing and so this will affect your bounce rate 

But  ... Fear not, because Thrive Have you covered in this respect through, their  Clever Widgets

Clever Widgets  live up to their name, because, by inserting this plugin on your sidebar, content is displayed a little bit in the same way as Google Adwords places their ads, but in the clever widgets case, it takes you to other relevant content you might like, so keeping visitors on your blog longer and so keeping your bounce rate lower... Clever, Eh!

In terms of Your Blog posts, one of the ways to make sure your blog is read is by choosing good keywords.

But occasionally, when doing thsi research, you are given more than one option. So how do you know which is best?

Luckily Thrive Optimize has you covered as it shows you how to split test and work out which keywords or titles if you like are better and work best

Now from my own experience and being unsure if my experience was going to be similar to my previous ones that have been spoken about, I deliberated long and hard before finally taking the plunge .

I watched the demonstration video which was on the home page and then decided to see what products I would need

Now when you see all the products they have, you'll find that you will need some immediately, some you will think you have no need for at all and that leads you to just think about your immediate needs


One of the great things with Thrive Themes & something which will sway you in their favour, is their complete transparency and dedicated support that they have, it will be unlike anything you have come across before

Think about this for just a second....

Looking through their product range, you will see your own website, working for you in a way, that, almost certainly it doesn't now. Their plugins remove the need for coding, its a matter of plug and play and before long you will find yourself reaching for your credit or debit card to buy the membership option

Now, while at first glance it may seem expensive at a couple of hundred dollars, buying each Thrive Product Individually willcost you waaayyy more over time so you will be actually saving money 


Thrive Themes has one of the most comprehensive Integrations list you will ever come across, as you will see from the pictures below 

And there is more !! 

If you can't see your Integration... Hang on, more to come!!




Finally, last but ny no means least, the tail end charlies....

As you can see an Integration for just about anyone...

Another absolutely superb incentive to buy the membership option, is this 

Well how about I let Thrive Tell you themselves, would that be better?

Thrive have Two Payment Options

Membership which is $19 Monthly, or $228 for the year in which case the Lock In Price below applies

Or Agency which is $49 Per month

You will find as I have, that the yearly lock in Price is the decider 

Why?... This simple reason, Thrive Will absolutely transform your blog, without question and take it from being a standard, WordPress blog, which looks much like every other blog out there, to a 

Bells and Whstles super Professional looking blog, which will get you leads on autopilot, with ease, while you sleep

Overnight you will go from being a WordPress user and Blogger, to a techincal WordPress Expert, because what you haven't yet read about is the absolutely incredible Thrive University which gives you unrivalled access to a ton of red hot info products, all of which are 

Included in Your Thrive Themes Membership

And include, but not limited to the following subjects 

>>> How to build red hot landing pages

>>> SEO if you don't want to learn SEO

>>> Make More Sales without needing more traffic

>>> How to Build a Targeted Mailing list & much more besides


When it comes to Support, then Thrive Excel themselves and nothing is too much trouble for them at all

It will certainly be the best you have experienced

In fact, it has to be said that since getting it, what Thrive says about your experience being fantastic is actually true and if you did deliberate before buying it you will wonder why you took so long to but it, once you have.

Overall, when it comes to making your WordPress Blog work harder for you, without much additional work on your behalf, then this comes with my highest recommendation for sure

Is 1k Daily Profit a Scam?


If you have heard of 1K Daily Profit, or are considering looking at it, as my wife was, then this review should give you some further information for you to make your own mind up

There have been some rave reviews about it in recent weeks, with some almost too good to be true claims 

So lets take a closer look at 1K Daily Profit ( seen below ) 

The home page above looks fairly convincing and my wife came across it while searching for platforms that were not rleated to Binary Options, and this popped up 

Now this review is based on our own experience of research of the platform.

There is no where to actually get any information on what its about, unless you subscribe, you also need to include a mobile number, but as the text on the website says all you have to do is enter your best email, to create a free account and thats it. 

Further down the page on the home page, there are some testimonials from supposed ‘members’ which as you will see below

Look fairly genuine, I mean the ones on the left hand side, look to have been taken from a facebook wall comment thread and it is hard to fake those I guess, I mean Facebook being a PLC website listed on the NYSE( New York Stock Exchange) has to be white than white doesn’t it

That said, I popped in my email address and instantly got taken to a screen which gave me the option to try a demo or Fund my account

(By the way I should have said, that before doing this  we listened to the very short audio / video, which explains why 1K Daily Profit is a must join)

Faced with a a screen (below)  asking to try the demo or fund, we decided to try the demo account first of all 

Doing this gave me ( on our behalf) an instant account with a ‘digitial’ balance of $1, 500 in it… Very nice too!!

You can see the $1500 shown in green, plus the fact the they are saying to start demo switch on auto trade at 1 & 2

As were asking “What happens next”  the screen in front of us started putting trades up and doing its thing, all apparently on autopilot

In line with the website claims that the win rate was 99.8% for trades, we watched as our digitial balance won the first 2, lost a couple, then won a shed load more, with our digitial balance increasing before our eyes from $1500 to a very healthy $4000 and a ‘profit’ of $2500

Now in the interests of transparency, I found some details for my 1K Daily Profit account in my spam folder and so I went through the entire process described above again, but so you can follow it

We also got notiifed that we had ‘won’ as you will see below

Our winnings were as you can see below. we made a profit of $725 and our total balance was $2,150

At this point the trading demo stopped and gave us the option to either carry on, or to fund our account

We carried on with another few trades and as you are watching your ‘digital’ balance increase before your eyes, you find yourself thinking of all the things you can do with the money ( that you haven’t yet got!)

Her Job had been binned, a new office space was being hired for her work with feet

Pensions were being thrown away and holidays planned, all with a licking of the lips quite literally

Then we decided to stop and find out a little more about this potential cash cow on my lap, which was earning a huge amount of money, while we did nothing … Literally!

On further investigation. we decided to google reviews on it, to include video reviews 

Up popped a page full of them, including one linked to TrustPilot 

As a review writer, I place a fair bit of store on sites like TrustPilot and so said to my wife 

“Hey. lets look at the trust pilot reviews, that should give us a fairly clear overview of it” 


We Clicked the Link and sure enough, there were over 29 of them… Brilliant, 29 reviews, lets see what they say

Then the reality clock set in and very hard too


All 29 of them said the same thing, or rather screamed the same thing 

SCAM!! ~ Don’t Touch it!!!!!!

Most of them also said that Withdrawals were hard to obtain and in a lot of cases, people had to actually employ specialists to get their winnings

Interestingly enough, all of them said that they got hammered with phone calls from brokers using heavy tactics to get you to invest, and at the time of testing, I hadn’t had this…

…However, the following day it changed, when i was continuously rung at 2 minute intervals for a period of about 10 mintes in two seperate spells. It was enough for me to blacklist the number


On further research for this article, I read the Terms & Condtions, which is a good usual starting point with any opportunity you are presented with and in the 1K Daily Profit T&Cs;, shown below, the relevant section is highlighted

Which really says it all to be fair. What are they so afraid of, you’d think they would love a good bit of free advertising!

So my conclusion is this in relation to to 1k Daily Profit, is this… If you are prepared to potentially lose $250 then by all means give it a crack, however …

There are no such things as get rich quick schemes online.The closest thing you will get to earning a seriously significant amount of money is through Forex and by choosing a reputed broker or company

My advice is this with regard to that, if you follow a sporting team or similar and they are partnered with one of these companies then start there, because they will have been vetted on your beahlf by the club and will be deemed to be trustworthy enough to use.

However, if it is long term money that you are after and one that will teach you to fish, then the banner below, is my #1 recommendation 

TrafficAdBar Reviewed


This is a review of TrafficAdBar the Manual surf advertising traffic exchange with a unique difference

TrafficAdBar, ( seen below ) 

Was started way back in 2009, by its founder and as this article is written, stands on the verge of its 10th year

As Traffic Exchanges go, in the main they have a pretty poor reputation, because they are so misunderstood, but they have been around since way before social media was even thought about

TrafficAdBar, very definitely stands out on its own, in terms of advertising and the results it delivers

Free to join, it gives you a consumer warning, as you will see above, that it will deliver over 1,022 Guaranteed visitors to your website every 3 days for free... It delivers on this promise & then some

It is favoured by many bloggers & internet marketers, because of the other benefits it provides them with

You get Automatic Search Engine Submission, which is so valuable in its own right. 

Plus when you join, you get 100,000 Points

Now don't worry at this stage if you don't understand what that means, because TrafficAdBar works on a point system

The points system is better shown in the picture below 

Starting as a free member and like anything which is free in advertising land, while you will get traffic, you also get some restrictions 

First of all, you get 0 guaranteed visitors and can only list 5 websites of your choice and you start off on Level 17, which is the very bottom level of TrafficAdbar

Your primary website also only gets between 5-10 points when it is sent out in daily emails

Your other website links also only get 5-10 points when they are sent out in the daily emails

From the surfing point of view, you only get between 2 & 5 points per site viewed or surfed 

Bearing in mind that the more points you accumulate, the more levels your website goes up, the more people see your website & if it happens to be your blog that is your primary url, well this has a knock on effect with Google and other search engines as well.

Every 25 pages surfed, you also get the chance to swap some hits for points...  & This is where some people lose out

Because... they keep the hits, instead of taking the points 

So instead of moving up, their website stays still at the bottom, defeating the entire purpose of the site

With the Free Member covered, lets now take a look at  The 

Pro Lite Membership

Pro Lite, is the next rung up if you like and with this membership, You get a Guaranteed 1,000 visitors to your website every 3 days

You have the option to list up to 8 URLs if you wish, so thats an extra 3 from the free membership

Every 3 days, you get given 250 points as a bonus, compared to 0 as a free member. 

This works well and you earn some pretty decent commissions from it for sure, which eventually pay for your upgrade to 

Platinum Membership 

At Platinum membership, absolutely everything is magnified, as the above graph shows.

Platinum Membership also means that your own work in surfing it, is practically halved, but perhaps one of the best benefits is this . You get a Guaranteed 


4,000 visitors to your website

Not to mention some great commissions too

Now add into the bargain, the daily email that the admin of TrafficAdBar send out, which looks exactly like the one below


You will appreciate that email marketing is one of the most recognised ways of getting a persons attention, so everyday an email like the one above drops into your inbox, containing 20 Links. 

What you need to do is, click the link where the red arrow is pointing and this link will automatically take you through all 20 links on that page. In doing so, you earn more points for your websites


You can do it the hard way by manually clicking all 20 (Personally, its easier to do the first one!)

Moving on further in the members area, you will also see a members dashboard area, which is like the one below


As You can see, you can see at a glance, a bit like Google Analytics, how many people have actually visited your website and how many points they have, twoards the next level up, do you see the similarities between this and Google Rankings.

The main difference is that TrafficAdBar doesn't require you to do any keyword research and gives you a free search engine submission... In short it helps your blog / website. 

By now you should have a fairly good idea as to the main benefits of TrafficAdBar and how it will help your blog or website. Certainly by placing your blog on here it helps with the bounce rate for sure by keeping it down

How does  your 

Bounce Rate

Keep low?... 

One look at the Analytify Plugin from WordPress will show you 

Simply by placing your blog onto TrafficAdBar and doing  a bit of manual Surfing at the Platinum Level, as you can see from 



the picture above, the bounce rate is 1% ... So google knows that it is a good and trusted site.

It also explains why TrafficAdBar is the only Manual Surf Traffic Excange I use and why this comes with my highest recommendation, if you want your blog rankings to do well

To give you slightly more meat on the bone as it were,  the video demonstration below, shows the benefits 'live' 

Now, as you will have seen that video is slightly dated, so below you will see a more recent video, which highlights perfectly the 'leveling' up that happens and the exposure that your blog gets by that happening 

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