Autoresponders Reviewed

When it comes to choosing the autoresponder you need for your online marketing

Then there is no doubt, you will be dazzled by choice.

There are dozens of them, each claiming to have better features than the others

So which do you choose. How do you choose it

This post reviews the top 4autoresponders so you can choose the best fit for your business

It Should be noted however, that there is one over riding factor to be taken into consideration when choosing the one you want

It should have a compensation plan, which will provide you with an income

The reason for this is because, even when your business is experiencing hard times

You still need an income.

So lets look at Autoresponders in a bit more detail

  1. AWeber

Is probably the best known of all the companies. Started in 1998, it is still around today

Offering a 30 day free trial so you can test it out, you then pay $19.95 per month, up to your first 1,000 Subscribers

Aweber, also has an affiliate venture atatched to it, which pays you for referring others.

So for each referral you get, you get 30% commission, for as long as they remain a user of the service.

It is compatible with WordPress

AWeber is not keen on and does not encourage affiliate marketers to join their service

2. TrafficWave

TrafficWave is the cheaper version of AWeber, and was set up in 2000 by Brian Rooney

Initially an AWeber user, he became frustrated by the Terms of Service.

So he set up his own brand, based on Aweber, but called TrafficWave

It is compatible with WordPress

TrafficWave offers a 30 Day Free Trial, thereafter its $17.95 Per Month flat rate fee

It has an affiliate payplan, as well which is based on a matrix structure.

So while its built to provide a recurring income monthly, the commission payments are small by comparison

You would need an awful lot of work to earn any decent income from it

3. Get Response

Like AWeber they have been around a while

They offer a 30 day Free Trial, after that you pay $15 for the first 1,000 Subscribers

However, like AWeber, their pricing jumps steeply when you get to 1,0001 subscribers

Then you pay $49 per month

It is compatible with WordPress and has an affiliate plan, which has two parts

The first part is the Bounty Programme, which pays $100 one off payment

The Second Part is the Recurring programme which pays 33% of the monthly autoresponder Fee

4. Sendshark

Owned by Joel Therien the CEO of Global Virtual Opportunities, This is without doubt the best autoresponder on the market place

It has an absolutely unrivalled payplan, which is in fact a hybrid model as you can see by the video below

Again it is compatible with WordPress.

You are also provided with all the marketing tools you need for your business

Like TrafficWave, it caters for the online affiliate marketing model

Unlike TrafficWave, you don’t need a third party pay processor to get your money

You are paid direct to your bank, once a week.


If you are user of WordPress, then you will be aware that there are a lot of autoresponders which specifically cater for WordPress

Among them is Mailchimp .

if you are subscribed to any newsletters, then you might notice Mailchimp is the provider

Now there is nothing wrong with Mailchimp as such, except that it doesn’t have a payplan

It is also very difficult to use and figure out.

As with the vast majority of other WordPress catered for autoresponders

They pay referral fees to you for those that use the service

But what you have to remember is this

The Money Is In The List

While its true the money is in the list of customers you gather

Your business needs a degree of business insurance and income protection

So an autoresponder with a decent pay plan, as described above provides this.

From experience this should be your prime consideration when choosing the tool which will automate your marketing and let you duplicate yourself

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