Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

This post talks about how to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

If you don’t know what Shiny Object Syndrome is let me explain

It is, the email that pops into your inbox, with a headline that catches your eye

It may well, start with your first name, after all we like being called by our first name

After that it will contain some very enticing figures such as.

“Make a Million punds in 6 months, for working smarter”

“Post on Facebook and Get Out of Debt in 24 Hours or Less”

Either way it is designed to capture your attention

That is done through good headlines and enticing body copy

Body copy is where. your exact situation is related to by the writer

Who spookily has been ‘exactly where you are now’

But thanks to the product they want you to buy

In just 6 months, were no longer in the same situation

Had paid off all their credit card debt and brought a new place

They also enjoyed 4 good holidays a year.

But what they don’t tell you is this…

The exact work they did, to be able to earn that kind of money.

So, blindly and in a leap of faith caused through absolute desperation

You buy this less than trusted product more in hope than anything else

And 6 months down the road on this journey to freedom…

You are far worse off than you imagined

Certainly no nearer your dream house or car and no proposed holiday either

But lets be clear about one. Significant sums of money can be earned


You are prepared to invest in Forex or Binary Options, with the risk attached

Or buy a property for below market value, which can be either sold on or let out

There is also one other option which will provide you with a significant income

A significant income, which if you are prepared to be patient (and many people aren’t)

Will reward you handsomely, within 12 months, 18 tops

Rewards which will continue to come in long after this period

That option is …


Now there are a lot of bloggers who write on different subjects

The vast majority of these bloggers, have little or no direction of where it will take them

yet, with a clear plan of action, a properly optimised blog ,will pay nicely

Every month, month after month, for years

It is said that everyone has a ‘book inside them’ and while a book inside you

might be quite painful! … Books do sell or at least they do when they get brought

Otherwise they sit on a shelf, gathering dust

Whereas a Blog, correctly set up, properly optimised for the search engines

Does not sit on a shelf, but in the cloud and gets found lots of times

Where exactly do you set up a blog, how do you properly optimise it?

Well that is very simple. There is one platform, which will show you how

Step by step instructions and support 24/7/365

This will keep you away from Shiny Object Syndrome and on the path to Nice pay days

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