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When it comes to online marketing its important to build your list

So if you are using AWeber as your autoresponder of choice

Then this post will be of Interest to you

Or at least it will be if you would like to get paid, for sending emails out

Read on and all will be revealed to you

First of all, think about your current marketing efforts and how you are attracting people to you

You might have a call to action on your blog

You might even have a pop up on your website. enticing people into your offer

How many new clients a day are you attracting?

The betting is, if your a blogger that your content is keyword dependent

If it is, then you are reliant on

Search Engine Traffic, finding your content, then hoping that the content is

Compelling enough for them to go on your list

So at best, and depending on your offer, you might get 1 or 2 leads a day

Then you would have to share your blog with every one you meet or network with

Either way and overall, to earn any money from your list

You need to build Know Like and Trust. That comes through emailing your list

However, as an AWeber user, you will be pleased to know that

The software emailer provider, has an Integration with List Leverage

How this works is very unique and for you as an online marketer

It is a total godsend

How? …

Because only through List Leverage, you are able to connect your AWeber account

You can then use the very high converting Lead Capture Pages available in List Leverage to drive Traffic to your AWeber account

By the very nature that list Leverage works, your list will grow at a rapid rate of knots

However, the good news for you as an AWeber user doesn’t end there

Because, when you have been a List Leverage affiliate for two weeks

For every email you send out through your AWeber Account, which contains a clickable link, for each link that is clicked on, but doesn’t lead directly to a sale

You will still get paid by List leverage, through a method called

Click Cash

The screenshot above is an illustration taken from my own account with List leverage

Even though I use a different auto responder

The great thing with click cash is this, that the bigger your list grows

The more you email out with links in the emails that people don’t buy your offers

The more you get paid, so you can earn payments of $800 dollars

As an AWeber account user, you are effectively a business owner

As a business owner, its important hat every aspect of your business pays you

Make Sense?

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