AWeber Vs TrafficWave

This post is a review of AWeber Vs TrafficWave.

Both of these companies are Auto Responder Service Providers

What is an AutoResponder, this article explains that for you

It is a tool, which automates your marketing for you and effectively halves your workload

You can find out more about what the benefits of having an autoresponder by entering your details to the right of this post where its says

“Discover How To Automate Your Marketing”

Using an Autoresponder is key to you building your list online, because it is a place where your subscribers will be placed

An Autoresponder, is also know an your list

Your subscribers become your list and in turn, they are your clients, with who you build a relationship online

As you will see by the picture below, a Google search for the word Autoresponder reveals

3, 610,000, yes its not a misprint, it does say Three Million Six Hundred and Ten Thousand Results

Among the best known of those is AWeber, who have been in business and established since 1997.. They are almost the Old Stagers of the business

Meanwhile  there is another company who have been established for almost the same amount of time, as AWeber, starting business in 2000

That company is TrafficWave

TrafficWave was started by Brian Rooney, specifically because he was dis satisfied with the options that were available at the time for himself and his associates

Now, both of these companies are very good at what they do, both are established AutoResponder Providers

But which one should you choose?

Logically and Alphabetically, lets look at AWeber First

As previously stated, they were started in 1997 and have been around ever since

They have an initial pricing structure of $19.97, which seems a reasonable price to pay. This lets you gather up to 2,000 subscribers

AWeber is also easy to use, especially if you are not technically mined, set up is literally tick box all the way through


Now AWebers main benefit, apart from being long established is that they produce what they claim is a comprehensive guide to email marketing.

Sure its a good guide, but in terms of copywriting skills, if you are a seasoned marketer then you won’t learn much new, and if you are a newbie, well then you can get confused

AWeber also runs an affiliate programme. Now up until recently they paid their affiliates by cheque, which is okay, unless you live outside of the USA

If you did, then you had to take your cheque to the bank to have it converted to your currency. Doing this did prove to be costly, because with the exchange rate

You could end up being paid less than the commission cheque was worth

However, they have no recently added an option to be paid using paypal, which is far better

So in terms of service, you are looking at $19.97 per month, which lets you go up to 2,000 Subscribers


So, how do you promote AWeber?

Well they have a Widget which is compatible with WordPress, so you can build your list and at the same time convince your list that AWeber is a good list service provider to use


Next lets Look at TrafficWave


TrafficWave as previously stated, has been established since 2000. It was created by Brian Rooney, an affiliate marketer,  who was looking for an autoresponder service for his business associates to use to promote his offer

Looking at the market place and having trialled some competitiors, including AWeber, he concluded that none of them, did what he wanted.

And if they did, then they were too expensive, not offering good value for money.

So together with a business associate, they set about designing and creating an autoresponder, that would do everything the other services could not

It also had to be reasonably priced, integrate with WordPress and have a good affiliate programme attached

TrafficWave… Was Born!

Pricing: It costs a flat rate $17.95 per month

It has a nice little affiliate venture attached to it, in the form of a Matrix Structured  3 x 5 affiiliate programme

What a Matrix structure means is this, and, if easier relate it to your own family which is the same thing, believe it or not

You encourage  3 fellow business owners EG: Your Mum, Dad and Brother to join you ( You don’t have to literally do this!!)

Now, each of them encourages other business owners to join them, which they do

Those fellow business owners have to go under the you as shown below

As you can see each person is only required to ask / invite 3 people to join him or her and this goes down 5 levels. Hence the 3 x 5 Structure

Why like this?

Because it builds a very strong residual income, because you earn from spillover every month, as long as every person is doing their bit as it were

It looks like the diagram below, to give you an idea

This goes on down 5 levels

Who is TrafficWave Designed for 

Absolutely every Independent business owner on the planet.

You see, there are built in, pre~written marketing reports, that cover

Restaurant Owners

Affiliate Marketers


MLM /Network Marketers, as this is the niche that the owner himself is associated with.

In addtion to the pre~written reports, there is also a default report when you first join Traffic Wave, which explains what an autoresponder is and

How it can save you time, money and pay you

All this for a flat rate $17.95 per month

How do you Promote it

Included in your affiliate area are suggestions for good places to promote TrafficWave, along with some engaging capture pages designed to attract others to you

It can also be integrated quite happily into your WordPress blog, with some easy to add HTML script, that you simply copy and paste into a widget in your widget area of the back end of your blog

This then links up to one of your reports. You choose which one it gets linked to


Commissions are paid to you once a month, through paypal on the 15th of the month and can make a nice amount

Three referrals and your own account effectively becomes free, because Traffic Wave would be paying you.

To Summarise both AWeber & TrafficWave

Both have been established for over 15 years

Both are good places to house and build your subscriber list

Both Integrate with WordPress

Both Have Affiliate Programmes, which pay through paypal

AWeber is $19.95 per month up until your first 2,0000 subscribers.

TrafficWave is a flat rate $17.95 per month, irrespective of how many subscribers you have

In conclusion, having tried and used both services in the past, it is my honest opinion that from a business perspective and especially if you are associated with affiliate marketing that AWeber wins this review.


They have way more benefits, you can contact the owner directly and just like my #1 recommendation You can apply AWeber to both on and Offline businesses, with ease of confidence in the business model.

Not only that, but AWeber also integrates with 3rd part apps, quite seamlessly.

One major thing that sets AWeber apart from TrafficWave and the majority of other email service providers is this

They are passionate about your succeeding with email marketing.Its their business model

Their support structure is also second to none and having tried and been affiliated with a few can say that if you want your email delivered into your clients inbox

They are the company to do it

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