Bitcoin Advertising – What is Bitcoin Advertising

Bitcoin Advertising What is Bitcoin Advertising

When it comes to Business, you will be agreed that without advertising, there will be no traffic to our sites,

You can’t build your lists and so the vast majority all end up moving in different directions

Some go down the Organic Traffic Route which is good.Its Free, but its time consuming

Except for perhaps the time investment

Bitcoin Advertising

But there is a simple and effective way that you can grow your business, using free Bitcoin Advertising

There will be people scoffing at Bitcoin Advertising and saying they won’t go near it

Banks try and scaremonger us into saying they won’t accept Bitcoin Payments

They do that because they won’t make money out of us if we go.

Bitcoin is certainly nothing to be fearful of

But Bitcoin Advertising is a very, very smart way to grow your business

You see Bitcoin advertising, works for you in a very clever way

By using trusted Advertising Sites, with excellent benefits for the advertiser

Your website, be it a blog, or landing page, gets exposed to active buyers

In other words people who want what you have.

Through these trusted advertising sites work on activity based work

One such example of a trusted advertising site is the one below 

How They Work

Very Simple really

With each site you join it as a free member

Inside each site you will be able to set you sites up

You then  follow the daily activity, which earns you points and cash.

None of these require you to part with out of pocket cash at all.

The cash commissions are then paid into a Bitcoin  processor of your choice.

The two most popular are 


And Coinpayments

Don’t worry too much at this point how these two platforms work

All will be revealed in later posts

Bitcoin Commissions

Are paid directly into one the above two processors

From there you then have choices.

These are

>>> you can send your bitcoin payments to the advertising platform of your choosing where you get the best results, so ultimately you can scale your business, pro rata, without the need for mass expense on Google, Bing or Facebook Advertising

>>> You can trade Bitcoin

>>> You can earn much better interest, with certain Bitcoin platforms

By better interest i am talking 4% per day

>>> You can send Bitcoin Directly to your bank.

>>> You have total control over the money and not a 3rd party processor

Now this is a method I have used on and off over the years

Having a background in Finance, have kept an eye on Bitcoin.

Working in the advertising industry, advertising is needed for blogs and websites.

Where Bitcoin Advertising comes into its own is like this

To really scale a business up, comes through advertising

Using Platforms such as Google Ads, Bing and Facebook costs thousands of dollars

They are entirely dependent on Keywords

Bitcoin works the opposite way and lets you scale, without breaking the bank

I have used this method in a more focused way in recent months.

The results are staggering, by comparison to conventional advertising

In fact before long you can be earning equal to your monthly salary in a short space of time

So in summary that is how Bitcoin Advertising works.

If you are skeptical, don’t be, you only have business to gain

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