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How Easy Is It To Get Referrals With Wealthy Affiliate

How Easy Is It To Get Referrals With Wealthy Affiliate

This post looks at & explains How Easy It Is To Get Referrals With Wealthy Affiliate

If you are reading this and don't know what Wealthy Affiliate is, then you will learn what the platform is

It is a multi facet Blog Hosting platform, which caters for every type of online marketer there is

In terms of website hosting, then it is unrivalled with its very affordable managed WordPress Hosting

Compared to other online hosting companies, you will be very hard pushed to beat it.Fact

In terms of does it work, then the answer is a very resounding yes it as this post explains in more detail.

An Affiliate Marketers Dream

Actually this is not quite true, yes it is an Affiliate Marketers dream, because of the help and support available

However, it is also a bloggers dream as well, because of the amount of education and referring tools you get.

But first lets look at How Easy it is To Get Referrals With the Platform

With any opportunity you are promoting online, then it needs promotion.

The idea being that you want to build your own list of referrals that buy from you.

To Get referrals, by far the best way is to use custom landing pages, that use a pop up on them

There are examples on this blog as well.

But as you will have seen from the post above using the community blog at Wealthy Affiliate acts as one for you.

Hence as long as you are writing good quality content, then other affiliate marketers, bloggers or opportunity seekers will want to know more

You see people want to earn money online, in the smartest way possible and ideally with the least amount of work

Social Media Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to do exactly that, through this comprehensive course

They will also show you how to promote effectively on Facebook which is a lesson in its own right.

Pay Per Click

But perhaps the most successful way of all for getting referrals is through the following 3 Methods

All of them are Turnkey, all work very effectively and all of them Produce referrals, with absolute ease

You might be familiar with the First Two which are 

Google & Bing Ads

However the next method is one that you might not be aware of, yet it works in exactly the same way as 

Google and Bing Ads, but, with one big difference.

That difference is this. Not only do you get leads, but you also get paid daily

You can learn more about that here 

Its probably the most effective single method outside of Google and Bing Ads

It Produces leads for Wealthy Affiliate with absolute ease and several times a month.

So that is how easy it is to Get Referrals with Wealthy Affiliate

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Pagely Managed Hosting – What You Should Know

Pagely Managed Hosting - What You Should Know

If you are a blogger looking at Pagely as a Managed Hosting Provider

This post will give you the information you Should Know, to decide if its for you or not

Pagely works mainly with British Brands, in the High End sector of WordPress Hosting.

Its infastructure is based on the WorldFamous Amazon Web Services Hosting Platform.

However, it is not as transparent as it may seem when it comes to comparing itself to other WordPress Hosts.

Because, it compares itself, against pretty well known Webhosts, such as Kinsta 

and Liquid Web, shown below

Now this is fine, but the difference between Pagely and those two specific hosts is this

They are not based on the Amazon Web Services Framework, so comparisons are bound to be misleading.

Amazon Web Services

So when it comes to direct comparisons with WordPress Managed hosting which use Amazon Web Services

Then it shoud have included the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. As this is the closest direct competitor

The Picture below shows this

As you can see there is a world of difference between the two offerings.Especially the pricing.

Pagely will charge you roughly 4 times the cost that Wealthy Affiliate will charge you.

For that you are getting reduced benefits in some of the most key areas, including bandwidth.

So given that, with Pagely you would need to do an extensive amount of advertising to secure clients to pay for it.

Affiliate Programme

Another downside of hosting with Pagely as already touched on above is the fact that you would need to advertise

You would need to advertise to attract the clients you want who would pay sufficient for you to be able to pay for the hosting going forward

Wealthy Affililate by comparison has an excellent referral programme, which is the best in the managed hosting space

Take a look at the picture below to see how you are paid 

Wealthy Affiliate also has some of the worlds leading training in terms of Advertising and Earning money in the managed hosting space.

As you will see from the picture, every area is covered

None of this Pagely has and as you can imagine, to seek training out on the best way to maximise your self hosted blog, could cost you a small fortune... yet Wealthy Affiliate has it all for you within the membership price you pay & ...

Training is updated frequently, so you always have the latest trends to hand, ready to apply to your own blog.


So, in conclusion ad summary, there will be high end businesses who maybe require Pagely, which is fine.

However, for value for money and the opportunity to work with the small office / home office market place worldwide together with Entrepreneurs and Affiliate Marketers, then Wealthy Affiliate has a more than desirable offering.

Its an offering which will reward you handsomely, when the process is followed.

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Thrive Themes v WordPress Themes

Thrive Themes v WordPress Themes

This post is going to compare Thrive Themes to WordPress Themes

By the end of the post, you should be chomping at the bit to switch out your current theme.

But before we dive into the nitty gritty of this lets look at some of the frustrations of WordPress

You have a variety of WordPress themes, all of them without exception are fraught with Frustration

Its the one time in the world, when free probably doesn't give as good a value as it should do.

I say this, having used WordPress for 13 years and consider it to be the smartest marketing tool available

Okay, the smartest one available outside of possibly the autoresponder of your choice

But that is a different story for a different day.

So fast forward to date and you have your website all ready to go, you know what you want it to look like

Themes in place and your ready to start

First of all you can get the header to look as the demo showed it would look

Then the plugins you were recommended to get, don't work with the theme.

A very Loud Arrrggghhh is followed by several times of looking at YouTube videos

Before you realised that since the video was made, everything mentioned in the video is out of date!

Can you relate to that?... I know I can

So you then start looking for various WordPress Tool kits that might just help

But which one do you get.There are so many to choose from.

Having used a variety of them myself, such as 

Divi, Astra Pro, Elementor Pro, GeneratePress to name a few as well as many default themes

Without exception all of them, provided me with 1 or more issues

That was until I found Thrive Themes . Inside that was Thrive Architecht

You will find it is completely different to any of the other block editor you have used.

First of all it is built on Bootstrap. 

Now if you know anything about Bootstrap, you will know it takes a lot of Learning

The end result looks super impressive and Bootstrap developers are in high demand.

You will be pleased to know, that with Thrive Themes you don't have to go through all that

As the video below shows you everything is done at the touch of a button 

As you will see what it does do is make every part of your exisiting WordPress Theme and Current editor

Way, way more fun to use.

One of the great aspects of using Thrive Themes, is that you can transform your existing theme

From a great content hub attracting traffic & Followers, into a conversion focused prospect grabbing machine

All of which is done on Autopilot.

The best bit is that once swapped over, you will experience a good surge in traffic

But instead of it being 'just traffic' you will find it is buyer focused traffic.

The other great benefit is this, that by having Thrive Themes you get access to their University

The University will take you from being an ordinary blogger, into a smart WordPress Guru

Because inside it, you will find a stack of excellent content, which covers smart marketing.

Not only does it cover smart marketing, but you will also be shown how to build your list the smart way.

Thrive Themes is, a WordPress users absolute dream

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Thrive Architect v Gutenberg

This post looks at Thrive Architect v The Gutenberg Editor

In case you are not familiar with Thrive Architect (shown below)

It is a Bootstrap editor from Thrive Themes

Don't worry if you haven't heard of it before.

By the time you have read this post you will know more

If you are currently using, and Like or some cases Love the

Gutenberg Editor

As I did, then this is going to be a real eye opener for you

Lets take a close look at Thrive Architect First.

The video on this page will show you more.

Now, there are two major benefits of Thrive Architecht you will love

Perhaps the first one and most important one is this

It is Fully Responsive

That means  it is ready for mobile devices

Compare that to Gutenburg, which is not.

Thrive Architecht, as you may have seen

Lets you add elements and move them exactly where you want.

Gutenberg, has Blocks, which you can move up or down

They are not very flexible, as you will see from the video below

Thrive Architecht was built with your website / blog in mind

It will help your site load quicker, because its not  bloated.

By bloated, some WordPress themes come with additional plugins

This is called bloating

Thrive Architecht, has every possible plugin you will need

And because its built on Bootstrap, means that you have total control

Gutenberg, points you in one direction, which is with WordPress Restrictions.

In Summary

Gutenberg is a block editor, which lets you write your posts easier.

Gutenberg is also free, but as discussed, free with WordPress means restrictive

Thrive Architecht, comes as part of Thrive Thrive Suite.

Thrive Suite comes with Thrive Themes

While it is not free, it is very affordable for the year.

It lets you have complete control and design over any WordPress Site


If, like me you have been using the Gutenberg editor for any length

You might find it hard to switch away from it.

However, what you will find is that after switching to Thrive Themes

Then using Thrive Architecht, it is a way more enjoyable experience

Even writing and playing around with the various elements

You will find yourself saying 

"Well this is much better and more enjoyable than Gutenberg"

In short you will love Thrive Themes

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Thrive Theme Builder v Generate Press

This post looks at Thrive Theme Builder compared to Generate Press

Or to be more Exact Generate Press Premium version.

As a blogger since 2009 and a daily user of WordPress

The choice and look of my blog, as I am sure you will agree, has been important

While there is never a 'Perfect Look' for your theme

There is what is called 'an easy on the eye' look

A look that is clean professional and easy to navigate.

As a fellow blogger you will relate to that.

Since discovering WordPress, I have used a lot of themes.

Starting off with Free, but finding that Free in terms of WordPress means very restrictive

Migrating to Paid Themes, seemed to unlock a lot frustrations

Paid gets you support, where Free does not, or if it is, then it is Limited at best.

Two years on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform directed me towards

Divi Builder, then Generate Press Premium version

Divi will be covered in another post

So Generate Press is the topic of this post.

It has to be said that the Premium Version of the theme was good

Certainly for a good 18 months, it didn't cause me any problems

Theme I used, Marketer, shown below was clean looking and simple enough

However what it didn't do for me, was provide any more leads. 

It also needed further adds on to make it more of a conversion tool

Now quite by chance, an email dropped into my inbox.

It was talking about the benefits of Thrive Themes

So having looked at what was possible with it

I looked through my bookmarked WordPress Sites

Sure enough there was a link to Thrive Themes

Logging in, I could see that I had an account with them, some 18 months earlier

But even better than that, was a whole load of tutorials

Carefully going through them, it made total sense to switch

Now, why such a rush of blood to the head?

Well consider this for a moment

If you have a blog, then most likely you will have some frustration with it

If you have a free blog, you have major restrictions

The vast majority of bloggers do, but just soldier on

Some switch out themes, add in new plugins

These actions cause the blog to slow down

Frustration then leads to them quitting their blog altogether.

Because if you have a blog, then you want it to attract visitors

You then want those visitors to convert into buyers.

Thrive Themes solves all these issues in one fell swoop.


Well the folks at Thrive ar focused on providing conversion Focused Blogs and tools to do the job.

You can see how sleek and nice looking this blog is

To give an example of this blog, compared to Generate Press

Just by tweaking a couple of things on the theme itself

I saw a 20% increase in Traffic in just a few days.

Now that increase came from this blog post

Ironically enough, I found that from googling Thrive Themes

The search results presented me that post.

So having switched out and removed GeneratePress from my blog 

Hand on heart I can honestly say that its been a good descision

Inside their University, are a stack more tools

All designed to make your blog more conversion focused.

The plan is to review each piece of the pie so you can see how good it is.

But in closing if you are not getting the results you want from your current theme

Rather than get frustrated, take a closer look at Thrive Themes

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