What is A List


This might seem a strange thing to say “What is a List” but, when marketing online, your list will be the difference between earning an income and not

In case your still a bit confused, lets clear that up by explaining “What is a List” by relating it to a paper list of things to do.

When your working online, you need to capture a list of subscribers by using a lead capture page, which offers something for free, in return for the subscribers name and email address

Does this make sense?

Now that list, is usually held on an autoresponder which you will have read about In this Post

You need a list to market your offers to and to speak with, through an email, about marketing tips you think would benefit them.

As an online marketer, you will have no doubt heard the term “The Money is in the List” which is absolutely right and spot on.

Now with your autoresponder, you can have as many lists as you want, depending on the niche, or interests you have, there is absolutely no limit

After all, everyone has different tastes, so  what some one likes, others may not.

The Great thing with building and having your own list is this… Its Yours!

Unlike an opportunity, which you are affiliate for and you are getting paid to put customers on the companies database, they are not yours

So if the company crashes, then your customer base goes with them… Along with your income

But, if you have an email list of subscribers, then no matter what happens, you can start again from scratch, does that make sense.

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The Duke & Duchess Of Sussex Visit Chichester


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, other wise known as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, below



today visited the South Coast town of Chichester.



It was the royal couples first visit to the South Coast and, what a day it promised to be, because they were starting in the West of the County, but finishing up in the East of The County

That in itself, for a lone person to do is quite some feat during the course of the day, let alone the royal couple.

Chichester Town Centre, had advanced notice of road closures, with the couple due to visit Edes House,




West Street at around 11am

Naturally as you would expect with a royal visit, the part of town where they were going to, was heavily policed and there was a largish crowd, both from The Cross Chichester, down to Edes House itself, which was very good natured

Sadly for me, I didn’t get to see the couple at Edes house… but it wasn’t to be the last I saw if them today

As I made my back home, walking in the lovely summer sun, I was about to have a totally unforgettable moment, little did I know

While walking over the bridge that crosses the railway track, on the A259, Bognor Road, back towards home, and just slightly before warehouse yard situated on the other side of the road

I noticed a motorcycle traffic officer, speed past me, on blue lights, and go over the bridge towards the A27 Bognor Bridge Roundabout

Taking no real notice of it, I assumed that the policeman was on his way to a traffic accident, as there are often accidents in the vicinity of the roundabout

But, moments later a second motor cycle traffic officer, sped along side me, again on blue lights, but came to a halt, right outside the warehouse yard and on my side of the road, as he did so, he proceeded to stop the traffic in both directions, much to a few drivers anger!

For a moment I was shocked and wondered what was going on

I then looked back from where the policeman had come from. Then I saw Three black cars, led by a Black Range Rover and the Penny Dropped!

The range rover was the same range rover I had seen at Edes House a few moments earlier on, I now knew it was the Royal Couple

WOW… Can you imagine!. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are about to drive right past me, on the second part of their journey to Bognor Regis, which was given the Regis crest years ago, by another member of the Royal Family

Seizing this opportunity of a lifetime, I morphed from a 55 year old steady, married, chap into a child like 15 year old, standing at the roadside with a big smile on my face and thought… “I’m having some of this”

My left hand came up and I started waving energetically at the Royal Car, as it approached on the other side of the road

Inside, I could see both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, on the back seat, I had eye contact with both and for a split second, both of them waved back at me and smiled

Its moment, that will be etched on my mind forever, though quite what their conversation will be about the 50 something 15 year old man wearing an Orange Short Sleeve Shirt and Jeans, while waving back at them, is any ones guess.

That said, its a totally surreal moment, but one long etched on the memory and absolutely brilliant for the town of Chichester, as indeed it will be for the whole of Sussex.

Why You Need An Email Autoresponder


Why You Need An Email Autoresponder

This post explains why you need an email autoresponder

Now, reading this, you might already have an autoresponder, in which case, well done for being one of the smart 4% of Marketers, who see the value and benefit in having one

But, this post is not written for the minority percentage of marketers who do have one

It is written for those business owners  and newbies who do not have one

Hopefully by the end of this post, you will see exactly the reasons why you need one and you’ll be looking for the right one for your business : )

An email autoresponder, is probably your best sales person…


Well the most obvious reason is that it is the only way you can duplicate yourself!

Because it doesn’t sleep,

It collect names and addresses for you, automatically

it handles the rejections that will come your way, that you won’t even know about

It will do literally thousands of presentations for you and on your behalf, even while you are sleeping.

But perhaps the very best thing of all, is this… as long as you choose the right type of autoresponder, for affiliate marketing, one which pays you monthly, then …

Every month, before you start work, you will receive a residual income, which ideally should increase every month

Now, does that sound good?… I thought you might like it


The other great thing an autoresponder does for you is this. It gives you credibility

How… Because, if you are simply promoting list building, and to build a list you need an autoresponder, then it doesn’t matter what happens to your other affiliate ventures, because you won’t get known as a Serial Opportunity pusher

What’s that you ask?

The Serial Opportunity pusher is the person who signs up for every shiny new object which comes under their nose and then promptly decides to push it onto everyone they know

You’ll have experienced this yourself no doubt

But if you have an autoresponder, you don’t fall into that trap.

With credibility, comes respectability, authority and leadership.

Those 3 things people follow more than anything else.

Time Saving

The other great benefit of having an autoresponder is the time saving factor it provides you with.

You see instead of having to work in your business, like most traditional bricks and mortar business owners do and to a lesser extent a lot of online marketers, who are not doing things the right way, you can work on your business, and that’s a far better way to do things

See with an autoresponder, you can simply load up the messages you want to send and then schedule them to go out, when your not there!

This keeps your name in your prospects in box, daily, if needs be, providing them with great value.

So as you can see, this explains why you need an email autoresponder, for your business.

How To Use Google Circles For Business


This post explains how to use Google Circles for business.

Now don’t worry if your wondering what a circle is, what it does and how it works, they are very simple to understand and use.

All will be explained in this post for and … ideally in laymans, or womans terms!!

The main thing to remember is this, Google is the Worlds largest Technology platform and so, it is their to help you with your business


Are simply a way of way of organising, your work contacts and or connections into handy ‘circles’ of influence, possibly even organisation if you prefer

Circles are used in much the same way as you can seperate your connections on Linkedin, if that makes it easier to relate to.

You can have a circle for absolutely anything you have an interest in, or business connection to.

Circles are created, either from within Google itself using the search bar, or the community tab, more on that in a moment, or indeed by inviting your Linked in connections to follow you on Google+

So, How do you use Circles?

Well, there are different ways in which to use Google Circles, but what you have to bear in mind, is this. Google owns Google+…. So absolutely every interaction you have on and in Circles, will be indexed, because google will index content from its own platform/s first, before the likes of othe rsocial media platforms

So, when you are part of a circle, whether its your own, or one you have joined. You can take part, by joining in discussions, sharing your blog link, and this includes your blogger link, because Google owns Blogger : )

You have to be very careful however with the sharing of ‘raw’ affiliate links because Google doesn’t like them

What is a Raw Affiliate Link?… Well this is an example of a raw affiliate link https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=a2360beb

So you would need to turn the raw link into a pretty link and you can read about that on this page

Circles are also great ways of finding out new things, and they won’t just be about Google and with each interaction in a circle, you will see a comment box, like the one below

Most of the time they are set to public, as shown, however, when you click on the Public icon, you are presented with a drop down box, as shown below

You will see, that the Public box is automatically ticked, but if you have a post or link, that you don’t want made public, then you can select the option which best fits, bearing in mind what has been said about affiliate links

It should be noted that if you do post a raw affiliate link, then google will email you and advise you that your content has been removed, because it violates their terms and condtions

So as Google likes content, and you want to be found by the search engines, then it might be best to stick with posting good content, and posting it as public

Using Google circles you can network with other likeminded individuals, by commenting on their posts, or at least the posts that resonate with you the most.

Doing this, shows google, that you are an active contributor on their platform and they willrank you accordingly. All of which obviously helps you, your blog and the rankings you get

So a total win win situation

And that is how you use Circles with Google+

Now, if you found this post useful and / or beneficial, feel free to like, comment and share using the buttons beneath this post.By commenting, you get a chance to leave your own website address and email as well, which in turn Google then notifies me of

When that happens, I return the compliment to you and did you know, that works with absolutely every blog you comment, like and share, which in turn helps your rankings &… Your business

How cool is that

How To Install A WordPress Plugin Manually


How to Install a WordPress Plugin, Manually


You will learn how to Install a WordPress plugin manually, well there is no other way really in this post.

Plugins are great because depending on the type you have, they can do a lot of lifting and shifting for you

You have to be careful about which ones you install, and when you do install one, make sure it meets the

CRUDS criteria. CRUDS in case you don’t know, means

Compatible,Relevant, Updated, Downloads and Support

So the first thing you need to do, to install a WordPress Plugin Manually is

Go to the admin of your WordPress dashboard, as shown below and click on Plugins

From the page that then comes up, select >>>Add New as you will see in the picture below

Then using the search bar, which you will then  see


Type in the name of plugin . You will be presented with a series of options, usually with the most popular first

Select the plugin you want, making sure it meets the CRUDS criteria above, then click install, as shown below

Insert Install Image here

Once this process has been done, you will then be asked to activate it (below)

Do this and the Plugin will activated and ready for use on your blog

Now ,to give you a ‘live’ demo as it were, the video below, walks you through how to install the

SocialWarfare Plugin onto this blog

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