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Pagely Managed Hosting – What You Should Know

Pagely Managed Hosting – What You Should KnowIf you are a blogger looking at Pagely as a Managed Hosting Provider This post will give you the information you Should Know, to decide if its for you or not Pagely works mainly with British Brands, in the High End sector of WordPress Hosting. Its infastructure is based on the

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Thrive Themes v WordPress Themes

Thrive Themes v WordPress ThemesThis post is going to compare Thrive Themes to WordPress Themes By the end of the post, you should be chomping at the bit to switch out your current theme. But before we dive into the nitty gritty of this lets look at some of the frustrations of WordPress You have a variety of

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Thrive Architect v Gutenberg

This post looks at Thrive Architect v The Gutenberg EditorIn case you are not familiar with Thrive Architect (shown below) It is a Bootstrap editor from Thrive Themes Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it before. By the time you have read this post you will know more If you are currently using, and Like or some cases

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Thrive Theme Builder v Generate Press

This post looks at Thrive Theme Builder compared to Generate Press Or to be more Exact Generate Press Premium version. As a blogger since 2009 and a daily user of WordPress The choice and look of my blog, as I am sure you will agree, has been important While there is never a ‘Perfect Look’ for your theme There is

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Viral Mailer For You – Review & Strategy

This post is going to review Viral Mailer For You It will also explain a very useful and smart strategy for using it, if you are a Bitcoin Fan, or ar Marketing Bitcoin Viral Mailer For You, shown below  Is owned by Jason Wise the same guy who owns Free Advertising For You, which you can

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