Bloggers: Important A Must Read

If you are a blogger, then this is a post that’s important… It’s a must read

You will know that there are millions upon millions of blogs

The vast majority are self hosted by WordPress

Then there are the freeish types on

Freeish, because also offers a business plan as well

However, the business plan is very restrictive.

Type in any search phrase, because after all that’s how, finding your solution starts

Google and Bing / Yahoo

Then return all the searches for you

However, that is not the point of this post at all

The point of this post is monetisation of your blog.

Now you will see many blogs all talking about different ways to monetize your blog

They range from

Google Adsense

Through to Profit sharing Affiliate Advertising sites, such as Leadsleap


Having read through lots of these as you will have done

Very few of them actually mention a more obvious easier way of


That way of monetisation is … The hosting company themselves


Absolutely, by far the easiest way to monetize your Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Is through the company you are hosting with affiliate marketing plan

You see self hosted WordPress blogs, account for over 33% percent of blogs

Outside of the fact that people want a place to write their content

The other reason bloggers choose companies who have self hosted WordPress Blogs

Is because they are going to get paid to promote them

Bluehost, before they became such a poor hosting company, were for years

the Go to Official Website host to have

They also had a good affiliate marketing plan where they pay $65 for every referral you make

However, that is where it stops, because those payments are a one off


is pretty much the same, and depending on the type of plan your referral opts for you can receive up to $500

In addition to this, you will also receive a 10% monthly recurring commission for those on monthly plans

However, what both of those companies don’t do, is provide any In depth WordPress Training.

In fact come to think of it they don’t provide any sort of training on Social Media Strategies either

Now given that these companies are attracting bloggers to them,

You see very little evidence of how good their hosting is

Yet as you have seen above, both the two examples quoted have fairly good affiliate plans

But given the fact that blogs are actually ‘live’ 24/7 365, how often do you see

Blogs hosted by those companies being promote for their services

Because when it comes to monetisation of blogs, then the affiliate plan

Is without a shadow of a doubt, the best way to monetize your blog

Which is why the Wealthy Affiliate blog hosting platform provides an excellent

Way to monetize your blog

First of all you get in depth training on How To Build your Own blog

However, your not left alone there because you have step by step training

In setting your site up so that it makes money for you

Affiliate Programme

When it comes to Monetisation of Your website, then

There really is no better way than through the affiliate program of your web host

Let’s take a closer look at The Affiliate Program of Wealthy Affiliate

At this point I have to admit to being a little bit biased, because for the last 3 years

The platform has hosted my blog, without any of the issues caused by Bluehost and Host gator to name but 2

First of all, it doesn’t cost you a dollar to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate. It is free

Next… You have a 7-day trial to see if you like what you see in terms of features

The chart below give you a full idea of those features

As you can see, you get limited access on the core certification course and affiliate boot camp

There are over 400 Live Classes.

You get a Personal Affiliate Blog which is within the community at Wealthy Affiliate

The benefit of having your own personal blog, is that it gets ranked as an

Authority Website, which by the way Search Engines love just by virtue of the fact

That it is within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

As an experienced Blogger, then you might be interested in writing your experiences

Down through a series of training … Well you can & …

You get paid for it

Site Comments

Now a bit of food for thought here. How often do you post comments on a blog you find

Why do you post them?

Most likely so you can gain a bit of extra traction and a visit or visits in the form of

Traffic to your website

Do you get paid for posting those comments?

Highly unlikely, unless you have a woo commerce site or sell digital products

With the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you get paid to comment on other peoples blogs

So lets look at the main part of the Affiliate Program next

Once you have gone past your free seven day trial

You will then earn $8 in the first month Special Offer

After that you will earn $23.50 per month recurring

Starter Members Earn $4 for special offer rewards, then $11.75 monthly and $117.50 Yearly

Premium Members Receive $110 sign up fee

What it is important to know is this that the

Conversion rate

For going premium is the highest in the WordPress Hosting Industry at


Now you have to admit that is pretty impressive

To put some further meat on the bone, with just 5 referrals per day

and a 12% upgrade rate

You would be earning $1458 per month

That is a pretty impressive figure, and to point out it is also conservative

But when you are a blogger who is serious about blogging

Then monetisation is, rightly important

and while there are good alternatives with Google Adsense

Ultimately, your income from those ads, is dependent

Upon someone clicking the ads

Whereas, if you are with a very decent Affiliate Hosting venture

Well then it makes sense to write about, and attract others to join you

Then you get to earn, serious money

Because did you know that online, there are a ton of millionaires

Indeed it is known that blogging can earn you around

$10,000 per month

In fact there are multiple 5 Figure earners currently using the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

So being a blogger, having read this must read post and you can relate to it in some way

Just as the experiences documented on here have and do happen to other bloggers

And you would like to transition to the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Then you can do so very easily here


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  1. As a current Wealthy Affiliate user, I can confirm that their hosting and training is absolutely top of the line. I have zero doubt in my mind that everything here is 100% legit and meant to help you succeed in the blogging world. While I currently haven’t gotten into referrals (I’m still building out my main site more), I will vouch that it’s brought several people I know within the community so much success. Wealthy Affiliate has truly unparalleled service and potential. Thanks for spreading the word. I’m so happy to be a part of their community.


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