Build Your Own Traffic Producing Website

One of the things you must do when setting up your website or blog, is to get traffic to it.

No traffic to your website and … well you are dead in the water, with not much hope of anything from it really

As a blogger myself, one of the things that was driving me absolutely nuts and you might well be in the same posistion if you are just starting out, was this

The host I was with at the time of my first ever blog, provided absolutely zero training on how to build my own traffic producing website.

So no matter how many hours I spent, in putting content onto my blog, it was never ever going to rank anywhere, let along get found!!

It was one of the reasons I left that host and moved onto another host called GVO, who had a blog platform called

Pure Leverage However, the experience there was not that much better and granted you were riding off the back of their blogging name and indexing, your own blog, which was a WordPress blog, had no where for you to get set up with Google Analytics

Sure, it earned money, from the promotion that was done, but it wasn’t anything that came from the search engines

So, that led me to look for another option and this is probably something that you can relate to yourself

My search, as you might have read from my #1 recommendation led me to my current host


How To Build a Traffic Producing Website …

To my great delight. they had training on how to not only build a website,  but more importantly How To Build a Traffic Producing Website so naturally enough I was delighted and if you are looking to generate more traffic to your website, then this is a must for you


The course goes a lot deeper than


Building your own traffic producing website

You get several other pretty major benefits as well, which start with

Your Domain Name is Your Brand and explains that by having your own domain name, you are not only branding yourself, but also your content

The key to this is producing quality content on a consistent basis which is covered here in some depth


It Takes Time to Generate Traffic

Sure it takes time to generate traffic, or certainly a few months, but if you are consistent enough on a regular weekly basis, then by 90 days, you should start seeing some traction for sure

But once you have started doing so, then it doesn’t stop and you will get it from the most unlikely of sources

Be sure to install a plugin which shows you where your traffic sources are coming from

Once you know that, then that becomes the first area to focus on for future traffic generation

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