Cashjuice 3 Automatic Ways To Earn Money

Now if you have heard of or are looking at CashJuice as a potential social networking site, but maybe aren’t quite sure if it’s the right place to be for your business, then this article should give you enough information, for you to make an informed choice as to whether it’s the right move

First of all, in Internet terms, it is still relatively new and less than a year old, so you immediate thinking may be, has it got the longevity and will it still be around in months, let along years to come

They are valid thoughts, yet cashjuice is the brainchild of Darren Merritt, who if you have been around internet marketing and use traffic exchanges, will know him as the owner of a very successful and unique manual surf traffic exchange called TrafficAdBar

TrafficAdBar itself has been around and established for over 9 years and unlike many other traffic exchange owners, Darren is focused on delivering exceptional quality, so his focus is there and making it a great experience

Apart from delivering quality traffic to your website/s, TrafficAdBar also pays generous commissions straight to the bank account of your choice

Which in turn means that Darren knows a thing or two about what makes a successful business.

So How did cashjuice come about?

Darren being a bright studious young man as well as a successful business owner, recognised that there weren’t too many communities online, where focused like minded entrepreneurs could gather and speak business, or promote their ventures and expect to make sales…

Sure enough you have the major players such as Facebook pages, Twitter and Linkedin for business, but in terms of entrepreneurial communities come spaces for business owners to hang out, there was virtually nothing

The other reason cashjuice was born was because, a business associate said to him, around 4 years ago…

“If you had to start all over again, how would you do it”

Rather than rushing back with an answer, Darren gave it some considerable thought, and so cashjuice was born

So, what can you do on cashjuice?

Well you can Promote …


Your websites and

Your Affiliate Links

Its also free to join, as so many business networks are, but for the more focused minded people, you can upgrade and the video explains this in more detail

There are also two levels. The free level, which you can stay at for as long as you wish or there is a pro level, which costs a one time payment of just $29 and in doing so, unlocks you so many more features, which you will only appreciate when you have upgraded.

The picture below shows the upgrade options available

As you can see, it makes the $29.50 upgrade offer, look very attractive and this is without the commission that you get as an affiliate for referrals who upgrade

There are 2 ways to earn commission direct from CashJuice.

1 – You will earn a direct 15% whenever one of your referrals pays for CashJuice services.

2 – You will also earn commission based on your activity and the activity of your referrals and down line. The more active you and your members are, the greater your share of the activity pot.

So as you can see it’s a win win

Cashjuice also has a plan for your to follow, which it has to be said, is fairly simple in it’s execution and makes working the plan both fun and easy

You can also advertise your business and rather like Facebook, but totally different in it’s operation,you can set ads up, which can be Geo targeted to specific countries for as little as …

$5 per 5,000 block. or put another way, you are paying $5, to have 5,000 people view your ads

However, unlike Facebook Ads, with CashJuice, you know that the people who will be seeing your ads, are at least motivated buyers, which as any business owner will recognise, are worth their weight in Gold.

So as you can see, Cashjuice has a great client base, it’s an attractive place to be and you will earn good commissions, not only from referrals, but also from referrals Ad Purchases

Talking of advertising, it is worth mentioning that you also get a Post rotator as well.

Now if your not sure what a Post Rotator is, it simply means that you can advertise as many links as you want so that they all get good exposure and this way you can see which ads work best and which don’t

Post Rotators are great time savers

This is how the cash juice Post rotator works

First of all you click on the Post rotator Tab in your back office, when you have done that


Then you click on where it says to click here to view Posts and earn credits. and this will rotate a selection of your posts for those people who want to view your ad to earn credits for advertising.

See this is another great benefit of using CashJuice, compared to Facebook for example, because on Cashjuice, you can quite happily post an affiliate link in your feed and it won’t get blocked

So in Summary, CashJuice is a great community to hang out in and network with like minded people

Will it be around in the long term, well that’s a good question, which is best answered this way. Darren Merrett is a successful business owner and knows what it takes to make a successful business, CashJuice has been designed with longevity very definitely in mind, bearing in mind that it is part an advertising model and you only have to look at How Google, Facebook and YouTube to name 3 of the biggest players in the market, earn their money

Google of course brought YouTube, because it had a huge database of users who would see it’s ads on their videos

So why not create your own CashJuice account today what have you got to lose!


14 thoughts on “Cashjuice 3 Automatic Ways To Earn Money”

  1. This sounds very interesting and intriguing. I had never heard of Cashjuice before. I noticed you are in the U.K. Is this open to people in the United States as well? I’m in Texas. I am a self published author and I have a lot of trouble when it comes to marketing my books. This sounds like something that could potentially help with that. 

    • Yes this is open globally and the owner is an absolutely excellent admin and as a published author it will definiately help with that

  2. Hi Dave, thank you so much for sharing this post. Its nothing short of being called a raw diamond. I run an affiliate marketer who is yet to make it big in the industry. Most times, running facebook ads is too costly and yet yields no positive results. I have heard a lot about Darren Merritt’s TrafficAdBar for its success. I hope to partake in this new brainchild(cashjuice) of his. Thank you 

  3. First off, thank you for creating this post.  I had not heard of CashJuice until today.  I have heard of TrafficAdBar so that does give this new offering credibility.

    I have to say the concept is quite interesting and the ads more targeted vs Facebook or other options.

    Would you be willing to provide statistics on your results thus far in the program?  I’d be interested in seeing how it’s working for you.

    At any rate, since I can join for free and check it out myself, I’ll be signing up today.

    Thanks again for brining this to my attention!

    • Scott thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it and its a good site which produces excellent results

      I am certainly willing to provide stats for my own results in a future post for sure as transparency is a big thing for me

  4. I’ve heard about CashJuice but I’m still exploring other option. So is this basically like Facebook Ads with credit exchange system, where people who watch our ads will receive credit that can be used to buy ads for his/her post? Also, how can we know that our ads viewers are at least motivated buyers? Thanks for your answer

    • Thanks for commenting I appreciate you doing so and to answer your question, its nothing like facebook ads with credit exchanges, rather its a place where you can advertise to motivated buyers, who through thier own actions on the platform show how motivated they are. Its an actual win win for all parties

  5. Hi Dave, I’m fascinated by the CashJuice concept and video and I’m trying to work out if it is a pyramid scheme or not. Could you perhaps expand on how you get referrals as I don’t quite understand it. It is a closed circle of the same people going from referral to traffic exchange and back again, or is it an open end with more people coming in?

    • Thanks for commenting I appreciate it and it’s not a pyramid scheme, though we all take part in one daily… Our day to day life! 

      The referrals come from business owners who need advertising and the commission is paid from the ad solutions they pie as well as from those who move from free to pro for the one time payment 

      Referrals can be obtained from a variety of sources including but not limited to networking and banner ads

      Hopefully that clarifies things but thanks for raising a valid point not clear from the review 

  6. I have never heard of Cashjuice before this article. It sounds very interesting and yes you are right! What do I have to lose? Any exposure is good exposure, right?

    Your post has convinced me to give it a go and see if it works for my site!  I really like how you can post links without getting in trouble, that’s cool!

    Also It could be the next big thing, you never know with tech! They all did the same thing, who said Facebook would take off? Nobody.

    Thanks for awesome post, I will check it out!

  7. Thank you, Dave, for sharing CashJuice. I have not heard of this brand until today.
    The cost of $29.50 for a lifetime membership is attractive and affordable. I like that it a one-time payment, and not monthly. It’s also nice to know you can stay on the free plan, forever.
    I see that you earn a commission for people upgrading and using CashJuice services.
    What are some activities that earn money?
    If one of my referrals purchase an ad, I earn 15% in commissions, right?
    In which ways do you promote your websites and Affiliate links?

    • Thanks for commenting I appreciate it and to answer your question that’s best explained by joining for free and experiencing the platform first hand, as my explanation won’t do it justice 


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