CashJuice The Pro Membership Reviewed

If you are looking at CashJuice Pro Membership, because you have seen lots of adverts for it and want to know if you should upgrade

This post will give you the information you need to make an informed decision

Cashjuice Pro Membership Reviewed

Cashjuice, is a relatively new advertising site, which has not been around that long, but if you read  my previous post on it, then you will have a good idea about the site

Owned and created by Darren Merrett, who is the owner of TrafficAdBar, which has been around for 10 years, it is safe to say that Darren is an experienced head in the online advertising industry.

Once inside the platform, there is a lot of talk and reference to The Plan 

The plan is Darrens blueprint to his success in this industry and he claims that if you follow The Plan, then you will earn money

The plan is  to take your unique cashjuice referral link, shown below



And join the Following Traffic Exchanges


The top 1 is Darrens Own high quality traffic exchange which produces  good opt ins for any offer

The remaining 3, numbered 2, 3 and 4 are all equally similar to TrafficAdBar

These four exchanges, absolutely break the mould when it comes to Traffic Exchanges, as they all produce good traffic and opt ins

You have to join these as a free member initially, because this is all part of becoming Pro 

You then promote your cashjuice link in the various exchanges.

With the exception of TrafficAdbar, which you have to manually surf, you can actually buy credits in the others, to make it easier for yourself

With each part of the plan you get detailed stats, which are updated every 10 minutes 

This leads us nicely onto

The Pro Membership,

The Pro Membership, costs $4.95 and opens up Cash Juice in a whole different light in terms of how you get commissions


How do you earn commission?

There are 2 ways to earn commission direct from CashJuice.
1 – You will earn a direct 15% whenever one of your referrals pays for CashJuice services. Click here to view our upgrade service.
This a messsage you can set up to send to your referrals, once they have joined under you and the best bit is you can let them know what to do
2 – You will also earn commission based on your activity and the activity of your referrals and downline.
The more active you and your members are, the greater your share of the activity pot.
When you’ve earned the minimum amount, you will get  paid your commission at the end of the following month.
So lets look at the activity again for a moment, because this is where the Pro Membership starts to get more exciting for you as a business owner.
For all activity you do, inside the platform, you earn points. Those points send you up a league

At the end of every month those points calculate the final position of every one in the league.

The top 10 members on the league are awarded the Diamond club status, the next 20 are awarded gold, the next 30 silver and the next 40 bronze. So everyone in the top 100 will receive an award.

The awards are given as recognition of a members hard work and you’ll see the award on the members profile page.

Equally they also receive  share of  the Revenue based on their posistions at the end of the month.

Post Rotator .

Now the post rotator is a neat little bit of kit, as you will read.

You can post anything you like on your dashboard, but for best results a mix of promotion and general interest is better

However, for every post that is a promotion, you can then, use the post rotator seen below. Simply click add campaign

This will present you with a box that you can choose from your recent posts, which you want to rotate.

You will see I chose 3 of them, because one of the benefits of Pro Membership is you get an unlimited amount of posts you can rotate

One the post or posts are chosen, click save and the rest is done for you… Autmatically


The other way of getting credits, which is a slightly harder way, is by clicking on ads for credits, as you will see below


You can view posts and /or you can downoad the app, as I have on to my phone, so that in a spare five minutes if you are waiting for the kettle to boil you can keep up to date with the notifications that arrive on the platform for you

Don’t forget, every bit of activity you do and that of your referrals, earns you money.

The platform is also updated every 10 minutes, so you can see how much progression you have made towards the top 100

It should be noted however, that you shouldn’t get sucked into the points system, but just set aside time in your day to work on for about 30 minutes


If you are a blogger, then Pro Membership is going to be right up your street


Because you can post reviews of business opportunities on your profile, then use the post rotator to ping it across the platform

The picture below shows this

Makes interesting reading and is similar in ways to Analytics
As you can see, there are some awesome benefits to be had from a Pro Membership
Darren Merrett the owner, as mentioned before, is very experienced in the industry and knows a thing or two about earning money online
So if the thought of earning money automatically appeals to you, or if you are a blogger looking for a great place to monetize your blog, then CashJuice
is for you
Even if you try the Pro Membership for 30 days, you will get a taster, that it will do everything documented in this blog post
What has happened since writing this post, is that in 2 days, the commission I earned doubled, then doubled again, just for doing what I would do in my normal working day… That as I am sure you agree is good and that could be you, starting today
Either way it comes with my highest recommendation.
See you on the Inside

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