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Wealthy Affiliate – Referral Sixteen

Wealthy Affiliate - Referral Sixteen

This post is going to explain how using the Wealthy Affiliate Platform I have gained Referral Sixteen.

If you haven't heard of Wealthy Affiliate before, then this post will explain more about that.

The platform has many benefits, with perhaps the best one being that it is suitable for all affiliate marketers

It has a step by step Online Course which leads you through how to start working online.

Its through that process, that referral sixteen has come to me at Wealthy Affiliate.

Below you'll see the problem and solutions affecting the vast majority of those coming online


The problem for many Affiliate Marketers online is that they have have decided to work online. In many cases part time

However, they  no Process To Follow. No plan.

In short they don't know how to market online. Which in turn leads a lot of them to quit

For many of them, they actually quit, worse off than when they started out

However with the solution presented below, then that issue is no longer there


Wealthy Affiliate is  the solution for many online marketers, the world over  to that problem.

Many have said that it is an affiliate marketers dream. i agree with that.

As you learned above it has a step by step online course which teaches you the right way

There is also an affiliate bootcamp course which shows you how to...

Brand You

Promote Wealthy Affiliate

Make Money Online

Become an established and trusted online name & brand.

This entire website, is a product of the learning and process gained through the platform

The Recommended Page is what works online for me.

Access a stack of other established and trusted affiliate ventures.

When the process, described above is applied and followed, then it works.

The only way that you wouldn't have success is if you didn't apply any of the teachings you were shown

There are many other online education hubs, all claiming to be the real deal

However from experience of those over the course of time, these are flawed

Equally they charge exhorbitant prices, for what amounts to curated content

With Wealthy Affiliate, you also get access to the latest traffic strategies

So thats it, that is how I have attracted Sixteen Referrals to Wealthy Affiliate.

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How Easy Is It To Get Referrals With Wealthy Affiliate

How Easy Is It To Get Referrals With Wealthy Affiliate

This post looks at & explains How Easy It Is To Get Referrals With Wealthy Affiliate

If you are reading this and don't know what Wealthy Affiliate is, then you will learn what the platform is

It is a multi facet Blog Hosting platform, which caters for every type of online marketer there is

In terms of website hosting, then it is unrivalled with its very affordable managed WordPress Hosting

Compared to other online hosting companies, you will be very hard pushed to beat it.Fact

In terms of does it work, then the answer is a very resounding yes it as this post explains in more detail.

An Affiliate Marketers Dream

Actually this is not quite true, yes it is an Affiliate Marketers dream, because of the help and support available

However, it is also a bloggers dream as well, because of the amount of education and referring tools you get.

But first lets look at How Easy it is To Get Referrals With the Platform

With any opportunity you are promoting online, then it needs promotion.

The idea being that you want to build your own list of referrals that buy from you.

To Get referrals, by far the best way is to use custom landing pages, that use a pop up on them

There are examples on this blog as well.

But as you will have seen from the post above using the community blog at Wealthy Affiliate acts as one for you.

Hence as long as you are writing good quality content, then other affiliate marketers, bloggers or opportunity seekers will want to know more

You see people want to earn money online, in the smartest way possible and ideally with the least amount of work

Social Media Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to do exactly that, through this comprehensive course

They will also show you how to promote effectively on Facebook which is a lesson in its own right.

Pay Per Click

But perhaps the most successful way of all for getting referrals is through the following 3 Methods

All of them are Turnkey, all work very effectively and all of them Produce referrals, with absolute ease

You might be familiar with the First Two which are 

Google & Bing Ads

However the next method is one that you might not be aware of, yet it works in exactly the same way as 

Google and Bing Ads, but, with one big difference.

That difference is this. Not only do you get leads, but you also get paid daily

You can learn more about that here 

Its probably the most effective single method outside of Google and Bing Ads

It Produces leads for Wealthy Affiliate with absolute ease and several times a month.

So that is how easy it is to Get Referrals with Wealthy Affiliate

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This post explains about the Coinpayment Crypto Wallet / Processor

Once you have read it you will understand why you need to have it

It is an ideal alternative to the likes of Paypal

Coinpayment is an established online Crypto Wallet and Processor

It performs a dual function. It is a Crypto Wallet and Processor

So as a Processor it can be added to your WordPress website, and / or blog

Established in 2013

Established in 2013, it is the worlds first Crypto Processor

It supports 19 different coins and is available in 180 countries

At time of writing there are 750,000 wallet users

There are 60,000 Merchants who use the platform for eCommerce

Since it was established, the platform has handled over $10 Billion Crypto Payments.

As you can see it is no small potato

Affililate Online Marketers

Coinpayment is fast becoming the go to payment processor for a lot of online business owners

They are attracted to the platform, for its low charges and because, absolutely anyone can use it

The reason for the this is that Paypal, has selectively and randomly over the years

Targeted, or seemed to target the Make Money Online Business owners

In doing so and without notice, it has temporarily restricted or frozen their accounts

This has resulted in lots of Owners being unable to pay out Affiliate Commissions.

Coinpayment, offers no such restriction

Thats because, you get notified that you account has received money into it

You can then go and access your funds and do of two things with it

Withdraw it, to your local bank, or pay for more advertising

For many online marketers, this is a great way to scale up online advertising

Affiliate Programme

It has a very good affiliate programm as well, which pays you 25% of your referrals

Transaction fees in your wallet for 5 Years

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A Review of Infinity Traffic Boost

You came online to earn a part-time or full-time income, right, and I would be willing to bet that you also, hoped, in the back of your mind, that you could have FUN while earning, too.

C’mon, be serious, I’m sure you thought about that a bit, right? At least you didn’t plan on your online business being daily drudgery that was almost as bad as a J.O.B. and, worse yet, didn’t pay you a regular salary.

I was in the same boat, felt the same emotions, fears, and frustrations until I found an advertising and income HOME.

Yep, a trusted community where I could EARN (for referrals and performing simple tasks) that also gave me built-in advertising for my main program.

It was manna from heaven, let me tell you!

And what I found, that was truly fascinating, was that every time I uncovered a new and rewarding feature, I realized it was designed to create more money and better advertising results for members.

I was truly blown away, I think you’ll agree, too, as we dive into some details about this new service.

First and foremost, it is providing me a way that I can EARN EVERY DAY by performing simple tasks. Yes, I have a primary business to build but I also need to earn consistent money while building my main business and I’m sure you are in the same boat and so is your team.

But, what’s great, is that I can earn Free Advertising AND Cold Hard Cash Every Day by performing simple tasks just a few minutes a day.

I’m sure that you have heard of Traffic Exchanges which are a VERY Popular way for experienced marketers and “newbies” alike to gain exposure for their program at a very low (or even free) cost.

Well, I can tell you that I have found a First of It’s Kind Traffic Exchange, just recently launched by Frank Bauer and Clinton Clark that is truly a Revolutionary LEAP Forward in Advertising and Income.

Infinity Traffic Boost (“ITB”) allows you to earn traffic credits AND revenue share cash DAILY merely by spending a few minutes surfing other websites.

What’s so cool, too, is that ITB is the world’s first Truly Legal and Sustainable Revenue Share Traffic Exchange that allows you to purchase points from as low as $4.13 to as high as $3,648.84. Yep! There is something for everyone and EVERYONE can benefit from both the little and the big purchases.

I want to talk to you about the sustainable revenue share in a minute, but I first want to explain what blew me away with the compensation plan – an idea that has been a long time in coming in this industry – pay every member for every sale they make regardless of their membership level!

Think about it, if members on a low budget can earn big commissions, they will probably put a bit more effort into marketing, right?

And, if the Big Players, well-financed marketers, can earn even BIGGER Commissions, they’ll be quite happy to market, too, right (I mean, c’mon, a $2,538.32 commission – with potential leverage – HAS to be appealing, right?)

That’s what I found at Infinity Traffic Boost – ALL Members earn a MINIMUM of 30% commission on all sales they generate or get passed to them (ooooh, ANOTHER Hidden benefit!) and as much as 80%. That’s real money!

And why is this important to you, why should you care about OTHER People making money?

Well, it’s very simple, it’s because the more people who are promoting ITB the more “eyeballs” will be seeing YOUR ads and providing YOU with more value and more exposure for your main program.

But, wait, it gets better, too (See, I told you that as I “peeled the onion” here at ITB the better and better it got!).

Every time there is an advertising purchase made in Infinity Traffic Boost 10% of the purchase price is allocated to the Surfers Rewards Pool. These Surfers Rewards are released to the qualifying participants in a consistent fashion creating reliable and income potential for participants. PLUS, that 10% is enhanced by even MORE admin contributions when a sale is made by a member who earns 30% instead of the max 80%.

So, you can see, that by merely surfing a few sites a day ITB members can earn consistent cash that could grow to be very sustainable and reliable and is further enhanced by purchasing additional advertising.

As members purchase larger and larger advertising packages they get more advertising credits to advertise their main program and they are able to EARN more from Referrals and SURF More to earn more in the Surfers Rewards Pool! (See what I told you… Everything they do at ITB is designed to generate more money and more (better) traffic for members!)

Should we dig a bit deeper into the compensation plan, peel that onion just a bit more?


Two things that I want to wrap up with here (1) Leverage and (2) Residual Income.

First, the leverage… ITB has created an INCREDIBLE compensation plan that rewards you for your referral efforts so you want to tell your friends about ITB right away. You’ll earn 30% – 80% of their purchase of any package level equal to or one price point higher than what you have purchased as long as you have met the minimal surfing requirements.

But, here’s where the Leverage kicks in (stay with me, it gets good here!)… The second sale you make at each of the purchase price points is paid UP to your sponsor or qualifying sponsor. Watch — That means that YOU’LL be receiving the second sale from each of your direct referrals to infinity width and in some cases that can go to infinity depth!

NOTE: Another FASCINATING feature with ITB is that, while there are 11 price points, you do NOT have to purchase each package in ascending order. Nope… rather, when you purchase advertising credits at a particular price point you’ll be able to earn boosted (80%) commissions one level HIGHER (as noted above) plus ALL the lower levels. Plus you earn 30% commissions on all remaining packages.

Wow, that is a HUGE incentive to purchase up a few levels, don’t you think? Having the ability to earn boosted commissions on multiple levels by purchasing only on one? Wow! (Of course, always stay within your budget, but invest in and believe in yourself. ITB is here to help you earn, build and succeed!)

Now, the final piece to this fantastic puzzle (or should we say this dwindling onion as we peel it? LOL) and that final piece is RESIDUAL Income!

Check this out… When you purchase an advertising credits package in Infinity Traffic Boost you are immediately “Purchase Boost Activated” for 30 days to 2 years. This means you are now positioned to earn up to 80% commissions on that level, one level above and all purchase levels below for 30 days to 2 years. To continue to earn at that purchase level after 30 days to 2 years, you’ll need to purchase another advertising credits package.

What ITB has created is an incredible opportunity to earn RECURRING Income without the fear and hassle of setting up a subscription payment. If you are earning from your efforts (surfing OR referrals) you’ll surely want to keep referral and, here’s the good part, so will YOUR Referrals and “Up” sales!

How cool is that?

So, I hope you can now see why I am so very excited about Infinity Traffic Boost. I know that ITB has already made me a nice consistent income and provided me with excellent exposure for my main program.

The Community at Infinity Traffic Boost is intelligent, active and engaged which is exactly the type of audience you want to view your ads, right?

I would encourage you to check out ITB now, join free and have a look around. Yes, as noted above you CAN earn as a free member and you CAN earn without referrals.

But WOW, Can you earn and benefit a LOT more as a paid member – Check it out today and feel free to post here any questions or comments that you may have!

Oh, and if you are wondering, you can purchase into ITB with Payeer, Earnings, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin or other Altcoin, Commissions on sales with Earnings, in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin or other Altcoin are paid INSTANTLY Via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin, and Surfing Rewards are paid out on demand, also via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

Even Cooler right?

You can get all detailed information about the program from the Infinity Traffic Boost site right here . So if you want to get more traffic and see your earnings grow, try Infinity Traffic Boost. You have nothing to lose with it.

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Free Advertising For You

This post takes a closer look at the Online Advertising Resource

Free Advertising For You

And give you the information you need to decide if its worth it for you

Everyone loves Free Advertising

The Owner of This Site Jason Wise is a top class admin

He works exceptionally hard with his support.

One of the things you will like about it most is that it is Free To Join

However, that is only part of the story.

Part of the home page states this seen below

One of the facts that stand out is the Click Through Rate

In Direct Response Terms anything above 1 to 2% is good

The average CTR is 16.07%

So you see, it kind of sells itself

Combine that with an amazing 10, 666, 904 clicks ( thats over 10 Million clicks)

Activity Based

Free Advertising For You is a very much activity based Ad Platform

Though you start off as a Free Member, you can win a Pro Upgrade within a month

All you have to do is login daily and follow the simple instructions found on the

Daily / Weekly Contest Page

Why would you want to do that?

Well the answer is very simple really

Taking part in the activity puts you in the daily and weekly drawings

If you win, then you get an opportunity to win cash

However, by being active you also win a Pro Upgrade as well

Now, being Pro, means you are eligible for higher commissions.

Win a Pro Upgrade

The picture below, shows the benefits of winning a Pro Upgrade

$700 Monthly Draw

Again for being active and using the site, you get the benefits below

Note the highlighted Red box. Diamond or VIP members get 3 Million Credits

You also earn commissions on these upgrades as well.

Click Through Rates

As with all Internet Marketing its important that you get a decent CTR

On Free Advertising For You, the Click Through Rates are well above average

They are around 16 – 17%

Multiple Ways To Advertise

There are also multiple ways to advertise as well on the site

Below you can see the different ways

As you can see there are Solo Ads, Block Ads, Banner Ads and a surfing exchange

Because of the way the site works, visitors are encouraged to view ads

This results in more people seeing your ads.

Well Ranked

Free Advertising for you is also well ranked by both

TrafficHoopla and Profitable mailers

Free Solo Ad

You might be aware that Solo Ads are the way to grow your list fast

9 times out of ten, you have to pay for Solo Ads

With Free Advertising For You, you get a free Solo Ad, just for joining the Newletter

Usually the term newsletter conjures up images of lots of junk and spam!

However, Jasons’ newsletter is different and exceptional

He sends out good unique information, which only benefit your business

The information you get is priceless and save you money, because he is very selective about what he promotes… Very rare in the online world

All in All, you are guaranteed to get good results from Free Advertising For You

Gold Membership

As a Gold Member, for a one time payment, you get the impressive benefits seen below

As you can see, it come with an Impressive 50% Commission

So, lets just recap on this for a moment, to give you the full picture

Free Advertising For you, can be started for Free

With activity you can win a Pro Upgrade

These commissions are paid into Coinpayment

So from a standing start, with zero money, you are well on your way to earning money

Once its in your coinpayment account, you can then scale your advertising up

This accumulates very quickly, and opens up more strategies for you within the Crypto World, including Earning interest on your Crypto Advertising, but more on that later.

As you can see, Having a Free Advertising For You Account, makes total Sense

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