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G V O Host Then Profit – What You Need To Know

G V O Host Then Profit

If you are looking at potential hosting options, This post looks at  GVO  Host Then Profit and explains what you need to know

GVO or Global Virtual Opportunities as they are also known is owned by Joel Therien

Joel has been around the Internet Marketing Space for absolutely years

GVO is the parent company of Pure Leverage, Now Lifestyle, 7 Minute Workout to name but a few.

It is positioned as a technology company primarily and its offering is 

The complete online tool box for all your needs ... 

However, and sadly, GVO is not all it is cracked up to be, far from it.

Now I say this as a previous user and ... Huge Fan of the Company and Joel Himself.

Below are the Pro's and Cons of the System


  • Built In Autoresponder
  • Prospecting System
  • Affiliate Programme


  • Everything Under One Roof 
  • No training On How To Build
  • Facebook Only Marketing
  • Limited Number of Websites


Now admittedly, I joined GVO because I was looking  for quality hosting, following a disaster with Bluehost

I also wanted some WordPress Training, because using self hosted WordPress Sites can be a minefield

And at that time, I was newish to using WordPress, so it gave you access to WordPress and cPanel

Don't worry if cPanel is a term you don't understand, right now you don't need to


GVO promotes and entices you in with an appealing commission structure, as you can see below

For every person you refer, they will pay you 100% Commission of their First Months Premium

For every month after that, you receive 25% .

At face value, this looks like quite a good opportunity, worth being part of

Until you actually look underneath the bonnet

Then, a Lot Changes

First of all, for you to earn commissions from GVO, you need to buy one of the products

You can't earn commissions without doing this.

So, for example if you were looking for WordPress training and wanted to know how to earn money online

Then the GVO Academy and Smart Marketing Training would be a good place to start

But, when you get inside both these products, by becoming a reseller

The disappointment level is fairly high

The WordPress training is little more than basic training, which is easily found on YouTube

The Smart Marketing Training, giving you access to the Worlds Top Elite Marketers

Amounts to not much more than out dated content, in some cases by a good few years

These are avaialble via pretty expensive upsells, which are eyewatering 

But, accompanied by well written copy, showing the commissions you can earn

Then you would be tempted to buy into this


The one thing, the entire overall package lacks is

Showing you exactly how to market online

Which strategies are the best

How to drive Traffic to the products you have

The brutal truth is that without Traffic To Your website, then nothing much is going to happen

So you have monthly expenditure going out, before you actually have any income coming in

This is not the best way to build your business. 

If you are using WordPress as a marketing medium

Then you need to learn how to set up a blog correctly

A correctly set up blog is properly Search Engine Optimised

It has to be this way, because it is live 24/7 and working for you 365 days of the year.

The GVO offering lacks this, which renders your blog, virtually redundant.

So combined with the various upsells, its a lot of money to invest, before any return

There is some food for thought for you, if you are considering it.




G V O is an attractive opportunity, for you to build your own business online, with the promise of a decent commission structure, however, a lot of the material to help you promote G V O is out dated in terms of strategies, as well as being overpriced and though its replaced with Facebook Promotion, it doesn't take into account that Facebook, constantly changes its algorithm & ... is currently banning affiliate programmes from its platform, but that is the subject of another story.

You would certainly end up paying out more than the $239.64 Yearly, which would take a while to recover through promotion

Product Rating Summary 

56% Overall

Overall, this has scored a pretty poor 50%


By Comparison, take a look at My Recommended Option Below

Wealthy Affiliate

Is considered The Home for Affiliate Marketers

Take a look at the 3 Biggest Benefits, among a stack of top benefits

Benefit 1

Excellent Affordable Managed Hosting

Benefit 2

Up to date Exclusive Traffic Generation Strategies

Benefit 3

Zero Upsells,  Step By Step Training Together With Industry Leading Commissions

Product Rating Summary 

56% Overall

With a free Starter Trial, there is absolutely no way you can go wrong with this platform

As you can see it has my highest rating

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Autoresponders Reviewed

When it comes to choosing the autoresponder you need for your online marketing

Then there is no doubt, you will be dazzled by choice.

There are dozens of them, each claiming to have better features than the others

In case you don’t know what an autoresponder is, this post explains it

So which do you choose. How do you choose it

This post reviews the top 4autoresponders so you can choose the best fit for your business

It Should be noted however, that there is one over riding factor to be taken into consideration when choosing the one you want

It should have a compensation plan, which will provide you with an income

The reason for this is because, even when your business is experiencing hard times

You still need an income.

So lets look at Autoresponders in a bit more detail

  1. AWeber

Is probably the best known of all the companies. Started in 1998, it is still around today

This is without doubt the best autoresponder on the market place

Offering a 30 day free trial so you can test it out, you then pay $19.95 per month, up to your first 1,000 Subscribers

Aweber, also has an affiliate venture atatched to it, which pays you for referring others.

You can find out more about the affiliate venture here

So for each referral you get, you get 30% commission, for as long as they remain a user of the service.

It is compatible with WordPress

AWeber is keen on and encourages affiliate marketers to join their service

2. TrafficWave

TrafficWave is the cheaper version of AWeber, and was set up in 2000 by Brian Rooney

Initially an AWeber user, he became frustrated by the Terms of Service.

So he set up his own brand, based on Aweber, but called TrafficWave

It is compatible with WordPress

TrafficWave offers a 30 Day Free Trial, thereafter its $17.95 Per Month flat rate fee

It has an affiliate payplan, as well which is based on a matrix structure.

So while its built to provide a recurring income monthly, the commission payments are small by comparison

You would need an awful lot of work to earn any decent income from it

3. Get Response

Like AWeber they have been around a while

They offer a 30 day Free Trial, after that you pay $15 for the first 1,000 Subscribers

However, like AWeber, their pricing jumps steeply when you get to 1,0001 subscribers

Then you pay $49 per month

It is compatible with WordPress and has an affiliate plan, which has two parts

The first part is the Bounty Programme, which pays $100 one off payment

The Second Part is the Recurring programme which pays 33% of the monthly autoresponder Fee

4. Sendshark

Owned by Joel Therien the CEO of Global Virtual Opportunities.

It has an absolutely unrivalled payplan, which is in fact a hybrid model as you can see by the video below

Again it is compatible with WordPress.

You are also provided with all the marketing tools you need for your business

Like TrafficWave, it caters for the online affiliate marketing model

Unlike TrafficWave, you don’t need a third party pay processor to get your money

You are paid direct to your bank, once a week.


If you are user of WordPress, then you will be aware that there are a lot of autoresponders which specifically cater for WordPress

Among them is Mailchimp .

if you are subscribed to any newsletters, then you might notice Mailchimp is the provider

Now there is nothing wrong with Mailchimp as such, except that it doesn’t have a payplan

It is also very difficult to use and figure out.

As with the vast majority of other WordPress catered for autoresponders

They pay referral fees to you for those that use the service

But what you have to remember is this

The Money Is In The List

While its true the money is in the list of customers you gather

Your business needs a degree of business insurance and income protection

Now while the Above ventures are all well and good in their own right

Occassionally it is beneficial to look out side the box slightly

Because, given that your autoresponder of choice, should be good

You also want it to work for you as much as possible and to make sales!

If it had extended benefits that made your life easier, then that is also worth looking at

Which is why Worldprofit is worth considering.

They operate a Turnkey marketing system, which if you have read the book

eMyth Revisited, their system makes total sense.

The system works far better than any autoresponder mentioned above.

No matter what business you are in, it will produce results and pay you very nicely

From experience this should be your prime consideration when choosing the tool which will automate your marketing and let you duplicate yourself

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List Leverage An Update

This is an update of my progress with List Leverage, since I started using it

To build my List

Now though it is my update, Imagine for a moment that this is you in the same picture

Because there is no difference between you and I whatso ever

Initially skeptical as to whether it work or not, I joined at the beginner Level

The investment for that was $49. Now I say Investment, because I am using the term

In connection with an investment in me, as opposed to a Financial Investment of another nature

What I didn’t do for the first few days was to turn the Traffic Source part of List Leverage on, which is with Traffic Authority .

The reason for this was because I wanted to see if the free methods I was using would work with this.

In every other aspect of using the List Leveragesystem, all of it was turned on which included the autoresponder with Sendshark

So 3 days in, and with not much happening in terms of leads coming to my system

I decided to go bold and buy a Traffic Pack from the Traffic Authority Traffic Store

So dipping my toe in the water with a Basic Package,

which incidentally was far cheaper than paying for Google or Facebook Ads

I followed the instruction and directed the traffic to

This Lead Capture Page I also set my budget, so that I controlled how much I got

I sat back and waited to see what happened

Oh Boy

What a big difference. It was like turning on a tap in terms of Traffic

It quite literally flooded into my Lead Capture Page

Well you can see from the picture below

One of the greate benefits of List Leverage is the fact that you get 20% of your lsi built for you

Another brilliant benefit is that at both the beginner and Super Affiliate Levels you get paid when you send emails out, which contain offers, but for some reason that offer is not attractive enough for your reader

My click cash kicked in after 14 days and as you can see below, this is what I have earned up to date

In fact, I was so pleased, I went and brought a further Traffic Pack, this time Silver because I was so pleased with the results

Another great advantage is that you get paid weekly from both

When you see the compensation plan with Traffic Authority, why would you not want part of it

As an example this is my commission ,even at this early stage

So as I now enter my third month with this awesome system, you can see how the growth is starting to happen

As you can see from the picture below, Box 1 I have $72 income

Box 2, the leads has increased to 184, with 49 of those being Viral Pass ups

Box 3, Click Cash, which is the money you earn from sending out emails with links to offers in, which even if no one buys from you, you still earn, this stands at $16.43

Remember this is from part of the system

The other part of the system, which is the Traffic Authority part

You can see from the screenshot below, how that has increased, with the all time being



As you can see, the system works incredibly well and all that has happened is it has been set up to run

Nothing more, nothing less

To show you how well that works, below you will see a picture which shows the Traffic Sources I use apart from Traffic Authority

On the left hand side, you can see the Lead Capture Pages which work the best

On the right hand side, you can see the Initials of the Other Advertising resources I use

Its a combination of Free and Paid Advertising, to achieve this result

Either way it works.

To further update the progress being made with the List Leverage System

As you will see from the picture below

Box 1, shows the income that was made on Friday $44 which makes a Total Income of $96

Box 2 Shows the total amount of leads, I have gained through the system, with 54 of those being passed up. This also includes sales as well

Box3 Shows the Click Cash Amount, s being $18.15, with the figure on the right $0.01 the amount earned from my teams clicks, this is effectively money for nothing

Again you have to add into the bargain, that using the List Leverage System

Builds your Autoresponder, be it AWeber, Get Response, or Sendshark list for you

So the incomes from these automation software tools, gets built very easily

The Final Peice of the Puzzle is Traffic Authority.

Traffic Authority has a decent amount of leads which is good

As you will see from the picture below, my Bux Rewards is now $250

This means that my Traffic Authority ispaying me in three ways

  1. Through the commissions I receive from renewals of Traffic Optimiser and Traffic Academy

2. Commissions from purchases of Traffic Packs

3. Monthly Rewards from my own Renewals of Traffic Optimiser and Traffic Academy

All of which adds up to nice incomes coming in from Traffic Authority and which gets paid to my bank every Friday without fail

So thats this months update as regards List Leverage

As we move into October, you can see the latest video below

Now, on the other side of the platform, as you will know from previous readingof this post

There is Traffic Authority. Now the latest commissions have been earned

When that happens, you get a text and an email notification like the one below

The other brilliant aspect you will like about being a member of Traffic Authority

Is that for every month, you renew your Traffic Academy & Traffic Optimiser products

You receive what is called Bux Rewards. Mine now stand at

What this means is that the $300 can be used against a further Traffic Package

From the Traffic Store

As you can see this system has the power to become your own online job

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AWeber | A Must Read

When it comes to online marketing its important to build your list

So if you are using AWeber as your autoresponder of choice

Then this post will be of Interest to you

Or at least it will be if you would like to get paid, for sending emails out

Read on and all will be revealed to you

First of all, think about your current marketing efforts and how you are attracting people to you

You might have a call to action on your blog

You might even have a pop up on your website. enticing people into your offer

How many new clients a day are you attracting?

The betting is, if your a blogger that your content is keyword dependent

If it is, then you are reliant on

Search Engine Traffic, finding your content, then hoping that the content is

Compelling enough for them to go on your list

So at best, and depending on your offer, you might get 1 or 2 leads a day

Then you would have to share your blog with every one you meet or network with

Either way and overall, to earn any money from your list

You need to build Know Like and Trust. That comes through emailing your list

However, as an AWeber user, you will be pleased to know that

The software emailer provider, has an Integration with List Leverage

How this works is very unique and for you as an online marketer

It is a total godsend

How? …

Because only through List Leverage, you are able to connect your AWeber account

You can then use the very high converting Lead Capture Pages available in List Leverage to drive Traffic to your AWeber account

By the very nature that list Leverage works, your list will grow at a rapid rate of knots

However, the good news for you as an AWeber user doesn’t end there

Because, when you have been a List Leverage affiliate for two weeks

For every email you send out through your AWeber Account, which contains a clickable link, for each link that is clicked on, but doesn’t lead directly to a sale

You will still get paid by List leverage, through a method called

Click Cash

The screenshot above is an illustration taken from my own account with List leverage

Even though I use a different auto responder

The great thing with click cash is this, that the bigger your list grows

The more you email out with links in the emails that people don’t buy your offers

The more you get paid, so you can earn payments of $800 dollars

As an AWeber account user, you are effectively a business owner

As a business owner, its important hat every aspect of your business pays you

Make Sense?

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Membership Scripts: The Ultimate List Builder

When it comes to building your list, Membership Scripts, don’t often feature in the options, because people know little about them

However, as you are about to find out, they can be a very good list building option for you to consider

This post is going to explain more

Before that though, it is important that you understand, because this is a WordPress website, the difference between a Membership Script and a Membership Plugin

Both are entirely different. This post is going to focus on Membership Scripts.

What are They

Effectively they are a list builder site, such as you can see here

The idea is that you buy one, for a lifetime payment and it comes with all the material and Promotional Tools for you to attract leads to you.

In theory they are a good idea, because it can build your list and like WordPress

They are hosted on your own domain, accessed through a cPanel, like the one shown below

The downside to this, type of list builder, is that as the owner, you would have a variety of admin tasks to do on a daily basis, together with a variety of customer requests, which will include, seemingly silly requests like they have forgotten their password and other admin requests.

With this type of Membership Script, you would also share the commissions from the sales that are made, with your client base. This obviously would not include your own promotion.

Like any other business, it would require daily advertising and promotion to keep it

Out There

The next type of membership script, is one like Traffic Hoopla seen below

Now again this is an entirely different proposition

You can choose to by the Lifetime Membership which is $179

There are no further payments with this model in terms of membership payments

Doing it this way, means that you don’t have any of the daily admin tasks associated with the previously mentioned model

You have a number of different advertising resources to use to get new clients, plus

The reputation of an established brand

Commission wise, you earn 50% of all the membership options they have

Which Currently are

Monthly Pro $19

Yearly Pro $119

Lifetime Pro $179

Clearly this is a good attractive offer, the one downside with this type of script from an affiliates point of view is

You can only email your downline, once every 7 days and you can’t promote any other venture apart from Traffic Hoopla

Which Leads Us On To …

The 3rd and at this time final Membership Script

The Prosperity Marketing System which is very different from the previous two other types

This is quite possibly the best of all the membership options

Because you own it. For a small monthly fee of $12

For everyone that you introduce to the platform, you earn 100% of the $12 Student Commissions, with the exceptions of the 2nd and 4th Members

As a Student, then you can also add into the system, any ventures which you are currently promoting or having success with.

Equally you can take out ventures you don’t like.

The great attraction with this type of membership script is that you can also

Buy An Owners Add On for $97, which lets you totall change the Primary Business and The Autoresponder too

You earn 100% Commissions on The Owners Add on too.

You have no admin tasks to perform

You can email your entire downline every 3 days

You can select who gets to see the emails.

So as you can see, if you are seriously committed ( not insane committed obviously!!)

But committed to building a thriving online list, then

Membership Scripts are the Ultimate List Builder

Now though this post has covered a lot of good stuff about these, you might still have some questions you want answered

Your even covered there! Simply Enter Your details below and you’ll get them sent directly to your inbox

Email Marketing by

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