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How To Use Google Circles For Business


This post explains how to use Google Circles for business.

Now don’t worry if your wondering what a circle is, what it does and how it works, they are very simple to understand and use.

All will be explained in this post for and … ideally in laymans, or womans terms!!

The main thing to remember is this, Google is the Worlds largest Technology platform and so, it is their to help you with your business


Are simply a way of way of organising, your work contacts and or connections into handy ‘circles’ of influence, possibly even organisation if you prefer

Circles are used in much the same way as you can seperate your connections on Linkedin, if that makes it easier to relate to.

You can have a circle for absolutely anything you have an interest in, or business connection to.

Circles are created, either from within Google itself using the search bar, or the community tab, more on that in a moment, or indeed by inviting your Linked in connections to follow you on Google+

So, How do you use Circles?

Well, there are different ways in which to use Google Circles, but what you have to bear in mind, is this. Google owns Google+…. So absolutely every interaction you have on and in Circles, will be indexed, because google will index content from its own platform/s first, before the likes of othe rsocial media platforms

So, when you are part of a circle, whether its your own, or one you have joined. You can take part, by joining in discussions, sharing your blog link, and this includes your blogger link, because Google owns Blogger : )

You have to be very careful however with the sharing of ‘raw’ affiliate links because Google doesn’t like them

What is a Raw Affiliate Link?… Well this is an example of a raw affiliate link

So you would need to turn the raw link into a pretty link and you can read about that on this page

Circles are also great ways of finding out new things, and they won’t just be about Google and with each interaction in a circle, you will see a comment box, like the one below

Most of the time they are set to public, as shown, however, when you click on the Public icon, you are presented with a drop down box, as shown below

You will see, that the Public box is automatically ticked, but if you have a post or link, that you don’t want made public, then you can select the option which best fits, bearing in mind what has been said about affiliate links

It should be noted that if you do post a raw affiliate link, then google will email you and advise you that your content has been removed, because it violates their terms and condtions

So as Google likes content, and you want to be found by the search engines, then it might be best to stick with posting good content, and posting it as public

Using Google circles you can network with other likeminded individuals, by commenting on their posts, or at least the posts that resonate with you the most.

Doing this, shows google, that you are an active contributor on their platform and they willrank you accordingly. All of which obviously helps you, your blog and the rankings you get

So a total win win situation

And that is how you use Circles with Google+

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How cool is that

How To Edit Your Google+ Profile


How to Edit Your Google+ Profile


Below your will learn How to edit Your Google+ Profile. This post assumes you have a google+ profile already

First, you need to login to Google+ from your gmail account

Then you need to click on the profile link, below

That takes you to the box you see below

There, you click on the about me tab as shown

This opens up, another screen which contains among them the story block you see below

Click on this, and you will then be able to edit your profile in Google+

Just a word of advice here. You will probably be very keen to add links into your story. Avoid doing this, because Google doesn’t like affiliate links very much, because it doesn’t help with your google ranking.

But because they understand you may well be a blogger or have your own business website, they have provided a neat little section ironically called the

Site section, which you can see below

Now in this section, you are free to add your blog links, including blogger if you have a Google blog, any custom URLS such as your YouTube & Google+ links
as well as other social profiles, so that people can follow you on those if they like the content you are posting

Affiliate Links

Are a big no, no, the reason being is that Google, simply doesn’t like them

But that is how you edit your Google+ profile

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