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How To Verify Your Pinterest Site on WordPress


How to Verify Your Pinterest Site on WordPress

This is probably the easiest thing to, but because ofHow Pinterest word this, many people will get put off from verifying their website on WordPress

Bearing in Mind How easy it is to Pin images to Pinterest, its makes sense to drive as much traffic as you can from it to your website

So, the first thing you need to do is go to Pinterest (below)


Once there, you login to your account, then click on t he Photo icon (below)



This takes you to the settings page, which once there, click on claim website, as shown below



As you will see in the image above, it shows unclaim website, this is because, in this particular case, the website has already been claimed, but normally it will say claim website

You would then click on claim website. When you do this, a box opens up showing some META Code. Copy this code

Then come over to your WordPress website and log in to the dashboard area. Once there, click on the Appearance Tab and select, editor from the drop-down menu, as you will see below

Click on the editor tab, which will then take you to the screen you see below



Click on this and it will open up a new window, which contains a lot of seemingly random code. Don’t panic, this is the head section of your website

As you will see from the image below, you need to place the code into the section shown


Once that is done, you simply click update options and the verification process then begins

The video below shows you a live demo of this happening


It can take up to 24 hours for Pinterest to verify your website. That said, in this case, the verification process took around about an hour or so

You receive an email notification that it has been claimed. When you get that email, log in to your Pinterest account, hover over your photo, click the settings tab

once there, click on claim your website and you will then see the image below



That’s it, you will now start receiving analytics from Pinterest and traffic to your website


How To Edit Your Pinterest Profile


How to Edit Your Pinterest Profile
This post explains how to edit your Pinterest Profile

First of all, go and Login, so that you see the picture below

Hover over the photo, so that you see the drop down menu, shown below

Click settings which takes you to the page below

From this screen, as you will see by the various arrows shown, you can scroll down the screen to edit your Pinterest profile

To watch a live demo of this in action

So that’s how you edit your Pinterest Profile

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How To Follow People on Pinterest


This post explains how to follow people on Pinterest.

Once inside Your dashboard, you will see the search bar ( below)

Click in the search bar and put either a letter of the word you are searching, or the term itself, as shown below


From the drop down box that appears, select the option you want, then click


A list of the options will then be presented for you to follow. All you have to do is click and select those you want to

To start with

It might be best to try searching for those you already know might use Pinterest, as opposed to friends and family

The reason for this, is because those you know from your online experiences, will be business focused, where as friends and family tend to Pin, because “Its what my friend does” without really knowing why they are doing it.

But that is how to Follow people on Pinterest

How to add a pin to Pinterest


This post explains How to add a Pin to Pinterest ( below)

First, you have to be logged into your account and be in the dashboard area of your account. There you will see in the bottom right hand corner ( and you may have to scroll down to see it) a + Sign

Click on the plus sign. this will present you with 3 options

You want to choose the option that says get our browser button, which when clicked shows the page below

Click where the arrow in the image above is pointing too, this will then take you to the Google chrome store and ask you to add the Pinterest Button icon to your Google Toolbar, when you do it will look like the picture below

Where the P icon sits in your own toolbar obviously depends on how man extensions you have on your own toolbar.

Once that is done

How you actually add a pin to Pinterest couldnt be any esaier.

When you find an image you want to Pin you click your mouse on the P icon on your toolbar

Then you click the image you want to save to one of your boards, When you do this a SAVE icon appears and you click on it, which then takes you to your pinterest account and asks you which board yo want to save the Pin Too

Select the right board and Your Pin gets saved

Thats how you save a Pin To Pinterest

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Pinterest, (below)

is rapidly getting known as the 5th Largest social network platform.

Online marketers claim to received over 60% of their online traffic from this social media platform, so this post explains a little more in depth as to why its proving so popular

Founded in 2010

It was founded in March 2010, the brainchild of Ben Silbermann ( pictured right)

and is based in San Fransisco CA

As of the 1st January 2018, it is estimated that there are 175 Million Active users

Of thos 75 Million are actually based in the US, with the remainder being made up from outside the US

Pinterest is called Pinterest, because you literally do Pin websites of Interest to boards you create inside the Platform

Currently their are 1 Billion plus boards, which To date their have seen 50 Billion pins of interest created

That number alone, gives you an idea as to the traffic generating potential of this social network platform

In respect of the boards them selves, around 2 Million save shopping pins on  boards daily

Pinterests market value, currently stands at an incredible 11 Billion dollars, as it raised initially $367. Prior to this it was worth 5 Billion dollars

The Demographics 

Make interesting reading, by comparison to the more well known and established other social media platforms, because

81% are actually females

40% of new signups to the platform are men, with the other 60% being females.

Men account for only 7% of the total pins on the platform, with milennials using the platform as much as they do instagram

Median age of a Pinterest user is 40, however the majority of active pinners are below 40.

Half of Pinterest users apparently earn $50k per year, with a further 10% of household earning more than $125k Per Year

30% of All US Social Media users are Pinterest users, with 60% of users being from the US


Now, all that said…

Lets look at some fun facts about Pinterest

Did you know, there are over

75 Billion ideas on the platform



87% have purchased a product because of Pinterest

Over 5% of referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest

80% of people access it through a mobile device

The average time spent on Pinterest is just over 14 Minutes

So as you can see, its a very under rated platform, which can generate some good traffic for your website

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