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How To Customize A WordPress Theme

How To Customize A WordPress Theme


WordPress provides you with a theme, which, once its installed, rarely looks like it did on the demo, leaving you frustrated

The reason for this is because, the theme you see on the demo, uses sample data, which once installed on your own site, will immediately look different

So How do You customize a WordPress theme, so it looks like the one you saw, or perhaps … even better.

It is very easy to do and doesn’t take to long.

There are two ways to do this.

The first way is to go to Appearance>>>>Customize as seen below


Click on Customize. This takes you to the following page


Now it is from this section here that at present you are able to customize your entire blog

Simply pick the section you want to adjust or to change and then you can do so. The pane to the right, where the photo is, shows how each change will look, when you adjust it, so you can tweak it slightly before you publish it.

The video below, shows a live demonstration of how this is done, using the theme for this blog, which is the Astra theme


How to Set Up Your General Settings In WordPress

How to Set up Your General Settings in your WordPress


Learn exactly how to set up your general settings in your WordPress  Admin area

The video below, shows you exactly what do to

Watch The Video

Now the reason you want to do this is because, getting your General Settings set up, helps the search engines find your blog

By search engines, this is referring to, Google, Bing and Yahoo, because despite the latter two hardly being mentioned, they still account for 33% of Internet Traffic

So by getting your General Settings right, when your reader clicks the Link, it opens up in their Browser

When that happens, they will then see what your site says and ideally they will want to book mark it

The 15 Most Common WordPress Mistakes

These are the 15 Most Common WordPress Mistakes.

Now as you read them, some might be obvious if you are an experienced WordPress user, but this post is designed for those who are just starting out


Installing too many plugins.

Just install the Ones you need and that fit the CRUDS citeria. CRUDS stands for Compatibility, Relevant, Updated, Downloads & Support


Not optimising your blog for SEO.

This can be easily fixed by installing an SEO plugin, such as YOAST 


Not backing up your site

Now this is easily fixed, if you are with a hosting provider such as my #1 recommendation


Not changing the default permalink structure



What Affiliate Bloggers Need to Know about the FTC Disclosure

This post explains what Affiliate Bloggers Need To Know about the FTC Disclosure.

FTC in case you are not aware, or don’t know stands for

Federal Trade Commission

Now you are possibly thinking, how does the FTC Disclosure affect me

Its very simple, way back in 2009, the FTC made a ruling, which stated that every company, and individual

Engaged in the practice of Affiliate Marketing, whether its through a blog like this, or by endorsing a company whose products you like

Has to disclose, if they receive a commission from any sales made through the links on their site.


Well there are a whole list of reasons as to why. Those reasons are detailed fully and documented in the FTC’s own guide on this matter

FTC Guide


What does Passive Income Mean

What Does Passive Income Mean

You might have heard this expression many times and wondered what does it mean

The definition of Passive income is shown below

Passive income is earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which a person is not actively involved.

For the purposes of this post, you are going to learn about passive income in the form of ‘Other Enterpirses’

Some of the examples, might, just surprise you a little, depending on what you current understanding of passive income is


Bitcoin is probably, well at the time of writing this post anyway, the most popular and well known version of passive income

As you will be well aware there are several Bitcoin opportunities available, sadly not all of them good

However, I digress from the purpose of this post.

So lets look at some forms of other enterprises which are passive income and which have been established for donkeys yonks ( that’s a long time in other words!)


This, or Your blog. Yes Your blog, is a form of passive income. Did you know that?

How so?… Well first of all, like this blog, your blog will be a self hosted blog. Whether yours is with the same host as my #1recommendation or not only you will know : )

But because its a self hosted blog, then the chances are you will receive a commission from your host for referrals


Your Auto Responder. Yes Your auto responder, depending on who your auto responder is with is and to give some examples of them, they are


Get Response




Google Adsense

Google Adsense, is googles very own ad programme, which pays you for displaying ads on your own blog.

As an example this blog displays a selection of both Banner and Text ads, in the header, sidebar and footer sections, some of which are content related.

How these work is like this, ads are displayed, the reader clicks on an ad and is taken to the product / or service they have an interest in. Once the ad is clicked on the blogger then receives a small commission

This action, on its own, may not make earning money from adsense sound very attractive. However, consider this…

Your blog is shown, right around the world, through various search engines and similar other traffic generation websites

This amounts to over 3.75 Billion people, worldwide with access to see your blog

3.75 Billion people clicking on your ads, amounts to a very healthy and tidy commission. So you see the potential?

So In summary and Conclusion that is what Passive Income means

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