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Thrive Themes v ClickFunnels Which Is Best


Now, if you are considering using either Thrive Themes or have heard great things about ClickFunnels and are wondering which one is best,  then this review, will give you enough information to make that informed decision

This review has been written, following a simultaneous 14 day trial between the two, when I was torn as to which way to go

Lets start by looking at ClickFunnels ( below ) first of all. ClickFunnels by the way is known as a SaaS ( Software As A Service) company

Founded by Russell Brunson, himself no slouch when it comes to Internet Marketing, it promises, as you can see from above to 

"Enable People To Grow Their Business Through Sales Funnels" 

And after all, a sales funnel is exactly how the buying process works when people by making that decision

ClickFunnels, offers as you can see below a 14 day Trial, during which time, you can try out all the features it has for you

For your 14 day Trial, you can try out all the features, which are its ease of use Funnel Builder, which as the image below shows are fairly extensive

As you can see on the top left hand side, it promises to get rid of your shopping cart & if you are a user of Woo Commerce, then that would have to be a consideration. 

It lets you create stunning funnels in minutes simply at the click of a button... Hence the name


You can get rid of your autoresponder and your CRM, not to mention your Affiliate Software and Your Membership Software as well, the latter two would be considered and appropriate if you were running a membership site

When you sign up for your 14 day trial, you are automatically upgraded to the highest upgrade which is all the features mentioned above and is $297 a month

If however, at the end of the 14 days, you don't want to use all the features, then you can choose to pay for just the basic features, which cost $97 Per Month

Now this is where you start having to make some decisions, because though ClickFunnels, say you can do away with your auto responder and use their system, if you have been marketing online for any length of time, you will most likely have an autoresponder of your own

Which, leaves you with Two Choices ...

You can either work very hard with your current list so they migrate over to your new software, or...

You integrate your Auto Responder with ClickFunnels, which means you have the added cost of that on top of ClickFunnels monthly payment

Like I say its a choice and for some its a tough choice

During my 14 day Trial with ClickFunnels, I was impressed by their transparency, and the way you could set funnels up for anything with just one click. 

An equally tough choice to make is this, especially if you are choosing the $297 per month option

You will still have to find ways of Advertising & while marketing on Facebook is considered a 'good' free option by many, ultimately its paid advertising that wins the day and brings you customers

This is another cost that has to be factored into your equation

One of the best bits you will find with ClickFunnels, is their transparency, its among the best you will find

So ClickFunnels covered, lets now look at Thrive Themes

As their is a full review on Thrive Themes Here I don't plan to write a further review here, except to cover a couple of areas which are not properly covered in that review

One of those being that Thrive Themes is a WordPress Membership Plugin, which makes your normal blog turn into a conversion focused blog, designed to attract customers to you

Like ClickFunnels, Thrive Themes has two price points

$19 Per Month for the Membership Plugin or a yearly payment of $228

$49 Per Month, if you are an agency

Clearly these are more affordable than those with ClickFunnels.

So given all the fact and benefits explained here, which one of them is best? 

Both have plus points, bot have costs associated with them, thats only natural, they are businesses at the end of the day

However, my own choice boiled down to this & in the end it was pretty straight forward

It came down to control overall

Which in the end meant that Thrive Themes won the day, because, its a plugin, that I can control on my own hosted domain, as opposed to a SaaS company, where absolutely anything could happen with it and ultimately if its business related you have no control over 3rd Party services

So for me, Thrive is the clear winner and for another reason as well... It helps your blog work for you, even when your asleep, which is a brilliant thing

If you are in the same boat as I was and unsure, then this may well have helped you decide.

Finally in finishing, I would ask one thing of you, well perhaps a couple actually :  )

The first one is, if you know this article will help someone like you, please feel free to share it across the various social networks through the sharing buttons below

The second one is this, if you have any questions which are not covered by this review then please ask them below and I will be very happy to give you an honest opinion and answer back. 

Thrive Themes Membership Reviewed


Now as a WordPress user, you will no doubt be aware that there are thousands of plugins and an lot  membership site plugins all of which claim to make your site better

Thrive Themes is one such membership. which makes very strong claims  as to how it will help you make your WordPress blog, even better and turn it into a conversion focused blog... Which is exactly what you want, right? 

So How good is Thrivee Themes (Below) 

Having used previous membership sites before, like Elegant Themes, OptimizePress, Divi & StudioPress, I was initially skeptical about taking the Plunge with this membership plugin, for these reasons, some of which you might relate to

The other membership Plugns, all promised much, but when it came to flexibility, which is the key feature / benefit you are looking for with a membership plugin, all the above were sadly lacking in different ways, which left you feeling frustrated hugely 

WordPress is a marketers dream, and if your blog is built correctly, for example being search engine optimised, so that it is found even when your sleeping, it is by far and away your best way of building your list 

Thrive Themes was founded in early 2013 by  marketing expert Shane Melaugh and tech fanatic Paul McCarthy

Both were working hard on their own online projects individually, but something always seemed to be missing.

While Paul knew how to build killer software but never really managed to deliver it to potential customers; Shane had extensive marketing experience, but his lack of coding skills stopped him from building what he already had in his head.

They both needed someone to complement their skills. 

They found each other on a popular marketing forum

So having met up in Europe, they came up with a different style of page editor, which is better know now as Thrive Architecht

in fact this page is built using it 

Thrive Themes mission is as you can see from the picture below 

Thrive have an unrivalled Product Range, which is highlighted below 

Starting with 


Then, because you want to get leads for your business with ease, there is 

No matter what you current experience online, you'll be aware or know that landing pages are one of the best ways of getting leads for your list so its no surprise that Thrive have produced  Landing Pages (see below) 

Being a blog owner, you might be aware of, know about or heard of the 'bounce' rate. The bounce rate is what happens when a visitor lands on your blog and then moves off again very quickly. Does that matter to you if it happens.... 

... Well yes it does absolutely, because if you have a high bounce rate for EG over 80%, then Google is going to think that your blog has no trust worhiness in the content your producing and so this will affect your bounce rate 

But  ... Fear not, because Thrive Have you covered in this respect through, their  Clever Widgets

Clever Widgets  live up to their name, because, by inserting this plugin on your sidebar, content is displayed a little bit in the same way as Google Adwords places their ads, but in the clever widgets case, it takes you to other relevant content you might like, so keeping visitors on your blog longer and so keeping your bounce rate lower... Clever, Eh!

In terms of Your Blog posts, one of the ways to make sure your blog is read is by choosing good keywords.

But occasionally, when doing thsi research, you are given more than one option. So how do you know which is best?

Luckily Thrive Optimize has you covered as it shows you how to split test and work out which keywords or titles if you like are better and work best

Now from my own experience and being unsure if my experience was going to be similar to my previous ones that have been spoken about, I deliberated long and hard before finally taking the plunge .

I watched the demonstration video which was on the home page and then decided to see what products I would need

Now when you see all the products they have, you'll find that you will need some immediately, some you will think you have no need for at all and that leads you to just think about your immediate needs


One of the great things with Thrive Themes & something which will sway you in their favour, is their complete transparency and dedicated support that they have, it will be unlike anything you have come across before

Think about this for just a second....

Looking through their product range, you will see your own website, working for you in a way, that, almost certainly it doesn't now. Their plugins remove the need for coding, its a matter of plug and play and before long you will find yourself reaching for your credit or debit card to buy the membership option

Now, while at first glance it may seem expensive at a couple of hundred dollars, buying each Thrive Product Individually willcost you waaayyy more over time so you will be actually saving money 


Thrive Themes has one of the most comprehensive Integrations list you will ever come across, as you will see from the pictures below 

And there is more !! 

If you can't see your Integration... Hang on, more to come!!




Finally, last but ny no means least, the tail end charlies....

As you can see an Integration for just about anyone...

Another absolutely superb incentive to buy the membership option, is this 

Well how about I let Thrive Tell you themselves, would that be better?

Thrive have Two Payment Options

Membership which is $19 Monthly, or $228 for the year in which case the Lock In Price below applies

Or Agency which is $49 Per month

You will find as I have, that the yearly lock in Price is the decider 

Why?... This simple reason, Thrive Will absolutely transform your blog, without question and take it from being a standard, WordPress blog, which looks much like every other blog out there, to a 

Bells and Whstles super Professional looking blog, which will get you leads on autopilot, with ease, while you sleep

Overnight you will go from being a WordPress user and Blogger, to a techincal WordPress Expert, because what you haven't yet read about is the absolutely incredible Thrive University which gives you unrivalled access to a ton of red hot info products, all of which are 

Included in Your Thrive Themes Membership

And include, but not limited to the following subjects 

>>> How to build red hot landing pages

>>> SEO if you don't want to learn SEO

>>> Make More Sales without needing more traffic

>>> How to Build a Targeted Mailing list & much more besides


When it comes to Support, then Thrive Excel themselves and nothing is too much trouble for them at all

It will certainly be the best you have experienced

In fact, it has to be said that since getting it, what Thrive says about your experience being fantastic is actually true and if you did deliberate before buying it you will wonder why you took so long to but it, once you have.

Overall, when it comes to making your WordPress Blog work harder for you, without much additional work on your behalf, then this comes with my highest recommendation for sure

State Of The Art Mailer Reviewed


This is a review of State Of The Art Mailer. 

In case you haven't heard of State Of The Art Mailer, or are considering using it, to promote your blog, then, ideally this review will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision

Its Owned By Brad Webb

Started 2010

Total Active Members 38. 279

Total Commissions paid out to date $374, 976,494

Cost: Free ~ $86.42 Per Month

State Of The Art Mailer, is used by Internet Marketers, the world over, including some of the industries top names

It is also very well ranked and has been by ProfitHoopla as you will have no doubt read, from my previous post 21 Proven Traffic Generators

It is known as being a safelist mailer, if that term by the way is not familiar to you, a safelist is a way of sending out bulk emails to a database of targeted buyers, who want their website seen, but have agreed to receive related offers in exchange, 

But as you will read, it provides a whole host of benefits, which will amaze you, especially if you have a blog & are looking for excellent promotion for it.

So, let examine the benefits in a little more detail, so you can begin to understand, how powerful this will be, for your blog, website or simply for building your list

The first brilliant benefit that state of the art mailer gives you is a 

Golden Solo Ad this gives you the ability to mail to 30,000 members at any time

You also get the chance to win a weekly  golden solo ad & if you know anything about how productive Solo Ads are, then this is a must enter draw, not only that but if your referral wins, you also win a Golden Solo Ad

Its well known that those online marketers who use Solo Ads for promotion, have the biggest lists

Then You have the Click For Cash ads, which mean in exchange for you viewing ads, you earn cash for doing so

If you are a blog Owner, or a blogger then this next Ad Type will be of real interest to you, because the Time Bonus Ads are a real winner for your blog. This is how they work.

Inside the members area you have the ability to create a widget banner, that you can put on to your blog in the widget area, which when it is clicked on, means that your blog is automatically networked onto an additional 1, 585, 000 high networked sites

This on its own is priceless and as you might realise, slightly more powerful than Banner Advertising

The next great benefit for you is the Hypewrlinked Viral Ads 


these are ads which you see, once you actually login to State Of The Art Mailer and last for 20 seconds These types of ad space are almost like Prime Advertiisng Space, because your are literally guaranteed thousands of views at 20 seconds a time

Once that exposure is over, you have to click to go to the members area, but on the way there, your are presented with another similar page to the last, where your website is again shown for ... 20 seconds

From there, you move onto the mailer itself. This operates in a very unique & totally different way to every other safelist

With every safelist, you can get credits in three ways .

1. You can click for them, by far the hardest & most time consuming way

2. You can buy them, this is a better way of doing this 

or... By far and away the best annd most recommended way you 

3. Refer people to the site... 

Recommending people to use State Of The Art Mailer, means that you get referral credits & commissions, the commission which are paid through paypal 

As you will see from the picture below, SOTAM makes upgrading worth your while 

As you will see from the picture above, with each upgrade you do. you also receive a one time offer which means that for the next 6 months, unlike other safelists, you lock in the price you paywhich makes referring an absolute no brainer

At first sight, this seems to be totally confusing, but when you actually use the system you see how enjoyable and morish it becomes 

You will also see, that the commissions become more significant as you work tto the maximum level of 30,000 members to mail out

To give you an idea as to how powerful the commission payouts can be, take a look at the right hand end column

Go down to where it says 50% commissions   under that you will see the price you will be paying monthly which is $81.63 on the One Time Offer. You will get 50% of that, so from just 1 person you will earn $40

Now, with the same one time offer in mind and if people pass up on that and quite a lot do, so they end up paying $96 of which you would receive $48

You can see that by referring people to SOTAM that not only will you earn a lot of money, but so will they

As you are probably beginning to appreciate, SOTAM is a very very powerful mailer which is more than just a mailer

Also you need to take into account, that those marketers who have the biggest lists, use mailers like this, because hey see the benefits it brings them. 

Remember also, that SOTAM, has been specifically designed for you to promote your blog, through the use of its amazing widget, which can be found inside the members area. 

How that works is very simple and you are walked through the process, but you are creating a widget to place on your blog.

Once the widget is on your website, it is automatically networked across another 1 500 plus high ranking sites, so that your blog is working even more passively for you than it does now & that can only be good

As you can see, there are plenty of advertising benefits, which will help you, especially if you do facebook advertiisng, because unlike facebook ads, this will pay you very significantly and will become a go to advertising resource for you, to build your list and get exposure for you blog

The video below, gives you an idea as to how to use SOTAM

If you have found this content useful and you know, or feel that someone you know can or would be benefit from it, please feel free to share across your social networks, using the buttons below

21 Proven Traffic Generators & Commission Builder


As a fellow blogger ,you will be all to well aware of the need to generate traffic to your website, so that you can build your list 

when you build your list, you can then email that list with offers that might be beneficial for them

Now, as a blogger, you will also be aware of the need for getting and making sure that your keywords are good and that your blog is being found

All of that can be a little time consuming sometimes, so its good to have an alternative, which automatically helps with your google rankings, and at the same time helps keep your bounce rate to an acceptable level

As an example of this, using the methods you are about to discover, my own bounce rate is 0%

These 21 Proven Traffic Generators & Commission Builders

When used daily, will prove to be very beneficial for your blog. You have already learned how it can keep your bounce rate down

What you will also discover, is that these resources, will help to build your own list, through your blog and the various ways you have of capturing a persons details such as name and email address

The great thing with the list builders is this, they are absolutely laser targeted to your specific target market, so they are in effect, way more cost effective than say Faceboook Ads, because not only are they targeted to your target market, but you will also earn good commissions as well from those you refer

The difference with Facebook Ads is that you pay and then you have to hope you get a return on your investment

The only guaranteed way of making sure that happens with Facebook Ads, is by spending a lot of money on them, to get anywhere near that guarantee... Pretty much like looking for a needle in a haystack!

Another very essential thing with these proven traffic generators is that when they are used properly, they deliver traffic to your blog, lead capture page within your blog, or however you are building your list. on autopilot, because when you get referrals who buy traffic themselves, then you get paid a percentage of those traffic packs

Additionally, all of them  have been tracked, tested and continue to be on a monthly basis, to make sure they are still producing results

So this means that you don't have to constantly think about SEO for articles and can even take a vacation for a week or two, knowing that your traffic generation and advertising is taken care of

Now you might be thinking, that this sounds like quite a smart idea, in theory... Be assured, that the practice is even nicer and way more rewarding, especially when you are getting email notifications that you have sold a traffic package

Are you beginning to see that there is more than one way to 'skin the cat' & apologies now to all cat lovers, its just an expression used and as the father of 1 cat myself, rest assured that he, nor any other cat was harmed in the writing of this article

All of these Traffic Generators are free to join, though it is adviseable to upgrade in 1 or 2 if budget allows, for the simple reason, that the potential earnings from them in terms of commissions can be anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 and that is without the tiny upgrade to become a member

Speaking from experience of using these, over the last few years, its fair to say, these are underrated and misunderstood by many, yet when the realisation hits as to how good they are, then your blog, bank account and income take a swift upward turn

If you feel that this content has been of use and know someone who can benefit from it, please feel free to share across your social media networks using the buttons below

Full Power Utilities Reviewed


Now if you have not heard of ​Full Power Utilities​​​ before, then don't be too worried, because they are a UK based, Energy Broker, who work exclusively with the UK Commercial Business market.

Admittedly Energy is hardly the sexiest word around and is more likely to have you nodding off at the mere mention of Your Business Energy Bill : ) 

Well, the Good news is, that this review, may just open your eyes slightly in that respect

Full Power Utiliites, 


Are based in Hertford, United Kingdom and were set up in 1997, when the energy market in the UK becamse De~regulated

They have since established themselves as a Premier Energy Broker, who can claim, with some justification and do, actively have relationships with every energy provider in the UK, not every energy broker can say this

For example there are some who say they are independent, but in fact deal with a small handful, thus making a mockery of that statement

Full Power on the other hand, do deal with every single Energy Provider in the UK and its these key relationships with those suppliers that means they are able to shave discounts off of the end users energy bill, in some cases that discount can be up to 25%... Which given the price of energy in the UK is no mean feat.

That discount also applies if the business owner wishes to stay with his current supplier and not move

This allows the Small Business owner to have complete peace of mind, knowing that they have secured the lowest possible energy price and for not 1 year, but in some cases longer than that, which is awesome

No Cold Calling!

Another major plus factor is that Full Power Utilities,  will not cold call for business, though they actively recruited a team of very able self employed reps, trained them up to their standard and rely in the main from the relationships they have with their customer bases to new business introductions

Affiliate Marketing

The reps that are affiliate with Full Power Utiliites, can in some cases earn very good incomes, dependent of course on the type of business that is introduced to the company

One of the major factors which encourages many people to become affiliates with Full Power Utilities is the fact, that all the rep has to do, is ask a question 

"Who currently supplies your Energy"

Take a phone number and pass it through to their own dedicated broker, who will deal with the rest of the follow up for the rep, advising the rep of the outcome of the call and if it will lead to a payment or not for them

That is it in its simplest form

The types of business Full Power Utilities Service, include


Costa Coffee

IT companies

Dominos Pizza

There have been many cases of affiliates passing phone numbers to their dedicated broker and a new deal being finalised with the customer, before the rep has got home!! ~ Now thats called service

Who can be an Affiliate Rep?

The answer to this, is... Absolutely anyone, regardless of age background or ethnicity

There are no qualifications to have or exams to pass, simply a willingness to be enthusiastic and ask the question/s

If the business owner wants to know more, then their telephone number is passed to the broker, who then calls and answers any questions the owner has

When are commissions paid to Reps

That depends entirely on who the energy provider is and then they pay Full Power Utiliites really

So payment can be either very quickly, or as sometimes happens a month in arrears, quarterly, usually its fairly qucikly and bearing in mind that the energy providers deals can be for up to 1, 2 and in some cases 5 years, then the affiliate can get some very nice commission checks, when they east expect them

Imagine getting an email which says 

"Full Power Commission Paid" and you look in your bank to find that you have received commission from a deal you had totally forgotten about. 

Now if that sounds good, then lets look at the next level of this affiliate marketing structure... Yes there is another level


It is not a multi level, or Network Marketing operation or business venture, far from it

Because affiliates are often very happy to work with Full Power and get paid in this way, with very little niggle to go with it

Its hardly surprising that they spread the word to others and have people asking them 

"Well if you do, can I"?

The answer to that is yes they can. All thats required in these cases is that the affiliates referral affiliate signs a form saying that they are happy to introduce other businessess to Full Power Utilities.When this happens, the introducing affiliate, then gets paid an override % of the sub affilliates commission... And they don't have to train and motivate their sub affiliate either.

It doesn't stop their either, because Full Power Utilities have other just as important services they provide, as you will see below



And exactly the same rules for the company and their affiliates apply with these services as well

So as you can see its a win win all round for both the affiliates and the company.

In 2010, Full Power Began a relationship with ARMA ( Association of Residential Managing Agents) after being  introduced to them by a managing agent client of theirs and Full Power offered to deliver CPD training to their members on utility buying and management. 

After being vetted, they began delivering annual courses and as a result of their proving the depth of our knowledge in this very specific area, Full Power became the broker of choice to about a third of ARMA’s members.

This relationship was moved on one stage further, when In 2016 ARMA sought a formal partner to deliver ARMA ENERGY, an initiative for ARMA members to receive 2 benefits, firstly the use of a professional broker and secondly the collective buying facilitated by members ‘pooling’ their usage volumes.  

Amongst other brokers Full Power was again invited to be part of the selection process and was successfully appointed as ARMA partner in ARMA ENERGY.  

As you can see, Full Power Utilities offers a very comprehenive way to earn a passive income, for literally everyone

You just need to have a chat with them to see if they are a right fit for you




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