This post explains about the Coinpayment Crypto Wallet / Processor

Once you have read it you will understand why you need to have it

It is an ideal alternative to the likes of Paypal

Coinpayment is an established online Crypto Wallet and Processor

It performs a dual function. It is a Crypto Wallet and Processor

So as a Processor it can be added to your WordPress website, and / or blog

Established in 2013

Established in 2013, it is the worlds first Crypto Processor

It supports 19 different coins and is available in 180 countries

At time of writing there are 750,000 wallet users

There are 60,000 Merchants who use the platform for eCommerce

Since it was established, the platform has handled over $10 Billion Crypto Payments.

As you can see it is no small potato

Affililate Online Marketers

Coinpayment is fast becoming the go to payment processor for a lot of online business owners

They are attracted to the platform, for its low charges and because, absolutely anyone can use it

The reason for the this is that Paypal, has selectively and randomly over the years

Targeted, or seemed to target the Make Money Online Business owners

In doing so and without notice, it has temporarily restricted or frozen their accounts

This has resulted in lots of Owners being unable to pay out Affiliate Commissions.

Coinpayment, offers no such restriction

Thats because, you get notified that you account has received money into it

You can then go and access your funds and do of two things with it

Withdraw it, to your local bank, or pay for more advertising

For many online marketers, this is a great way to scale up online advertising

Affiliate Programme

It has a very good affiliate programm as well, which pays you 25% of your referrals

Transaction fees in your wallet for 5 Years

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