Diamond Traffic

When it comes to generating Traffic, you will hear endless claims about quality traffic

Most of them are completely useless and not worth a light. So this post is going to focus on

Diamond Traffic

If you have not heard the phrase before, don’t worry, by the end of this post, you will be itching ( well not literally!!) but motivated to get some of this Diamond Traffic

The Good News is that there is an absolute Ton of traffic opportunities out there if you are crafty, you know the correct traffic techniques, and you know the process. That is what you will learn about here. The So Called “Diamond Traffic Program.”

Since 2002, The Internet has Changed Massively, however the good news for you is that it has changed for the better

The serial loop hole make money online ‘Gurus’ don’t really stand a chance

But… You Do!

Google Updates

Whenever Google releases an update, most online marketers, run for the hills

A lot of companies had the SEO door shut on them, simply because they were trying to cheat the system

Through manufactured incoming links which had nothing to do with the content on their sites and were obviously brought, thus were completely “gamed” or cheating links.

Google discredited these back­links (gave no value to them) and their search engine rankings were chased downwards…in many cases, completely vanishing websites altogether from the search engines.

Google Introduced Real Time Updates

Google has moved to a mostly real time environment with their search rankings.

This is the currently methodology that Google operates on.

This is a good thing on several fronts. Not only do they, as a company, have better insights into what is improving the quality of their search results in a real time manner, but you, as an online marketer, now have much more insight into what is working for search and what is not. A Total Win Win Situation for you

Social Media

Has an impact on your content with the likes of

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube to name but some of the content networks

All of them without exception can lead to a great deal of traffic

But they have to be used the right way

Word Of Advice. If you are not using Social Media, then you might want to think about doing so

Consider this …

With a little bit of social sharing and encouraging engagement on your new content, you can definitely (a) increase indexing speeds, and (b) increase your overall rankings.

Social sharing all of your content that you create on the following social networks should be a priority with each page/post that you create on your website on the following platforms






Because people get confused about SEO and tend to forget what Google is and what their business is based off of.

When it comes to Google, it doesn’t care so much about the SEO side of things

Both Google and the other search engines, Bing and Yahoo, are more interested in

Quality Content

That is SEO in a nutshell

To rank well in Google now and rank well in Google 5 or even 10 years from now, you are going to have to put emphasis on creating quality, thorough, helpful and engaging content.

That is what Google wants and with every single Panda, Penguin or other search update they rol out, they continue to get better and better at finding the quality content and punishing low quality content.

Because by always focusing on quality content within every page or post that you create. It is getting a keyword topic and then delivering a powerful and informative article.

There is so much misconception about these “black hat” techniques that float around, and all the junk products that people try to sell to encourage these transient techniques (meaning they don’t last) that people get confused about what they should be doing.

If you build quality, helpful, and engaging content, and make that your focus, Google will find you and Google will rank your entire website well.

So with Quality Content covered, lets now look at


Lets look at what Keywords are. to be definitive

A keyword is a word that someone types into a search engine (like Google). It is when they are looking for something. It could be absolutely anything.

For example, if someone was looking to redo the flooring in their house, they may search for something like this in Google.

When someone types in this search, Google provides them with what they deem as the most relevant and useful search results.

How do You Get Ranked Under Keywords

Answer… Content

Engaging, quality content…will lead you to getting rankings under keywords.

People often times think they need to create their content for search engines because that is where their websites get ranked, when the reality is search engines are looking for quality, engaging content that focuses on the people reading that content.

A keyword is the most powerful thing an online marketer can understand as it is the premise of someone looking for help. If you can help someone, you can build a business doing so. Once you have a keyword, your next natural step is to create content targeting that keyword.

Its Important To Note: When a website gets ranked on the 1st page in search engines, their relevant page comes up in the rankings and as a result, they will end up getting traffic from the “people” searching those keywords.

So Keywords = Traffic!

Traffic = Opportunity!

Once you have traffic, you have the opportunity to make money from your website in lots of different ways. You can do this through…

Affiliate programs,

Advertising, or

Through the building out of an “email” list.

Look at this example

One example for this particular example could be joining the Lumber Liquidators affiliate program, which pays 4% commission on all types of flooring.

If I got ranked under the keyword “how to remove laminate flooring”, there is a good chance my traffic would be interested in purchasing new flooring. If I sent them to this website through the affiliate program, I would earn a 4% commission on each sale, average commission for me being $400+ (say on an average order size of $10,000 which is quite normal).

Making content your first and foremost emphasis is priority though.

Through the creation of quality content, search engines will find you.

Every page or post that you create on your website will target a keyword phrase. You should be targeting the “concept” of your content to a particular keyword. You should also be focusing on creating quality content that helps your reader.

There was a time when people used to spin content and use automation tools to manufacture fake content that would “trick” Google and other search engines, but that is no longer relevant and actually will kill your website rankings (if you attempt to do this).

Google tends to rank websites that do provide this quality reader experience very well and as time goes on, they are getting a better and better grasp of what constitutes quality, engaging content, and what should be ranked high in their search results.

Will You Rank for Every Keyword I target?

Absolutely not. Over the years, Content has been created that has never ranked. That is fine.

Too many people get fixated on trying to rank under one keyword and they end up spending all their time and energy…yet never get ranked. They fail as a result. These very same people would have been more successful if they had simply created more pages/posts on their website targeting more keywords. More content, targeting more keywords, equates to more rankings.

Any given keyword ranking is out of your control and by targeting MORE keywords and creating content more often, you are going to ensure your chances of getting ranked under many more keywords.

One Page or Post Can Equate to = 1,000’s of Rankings in Google. Huh?

What most people don’t realize is that when you create content, you are not just targeting one keyword. You are in essence targeting in some case 100’s of keywords within your content subtly.

Google ranks words and phrases. When you write say a 1,500 word article, that is a lot of potential words and phrases that can get ranked. Yes, they don’t grant you more pull within the search engines for your keywords that are within the Title of your page/post, but the rest of your content is going to naturally get indexed.

Now multiply this by a lot of content on each and every post, and 20, 30, 50, 100 posts on a website and I think you are going to realize the potential with the content you created.

Lets look at 3 Examples of This

Technique #1: The “In between” Phrase

The first technique I am going to show you utilizes Google Instant in a way very few people know about. It reveals the potential phrases in between the first and last words. Confused?

It is a little easier to show you, than explain here.

First, type into Google, a complete phrase. In this case, I typed in “how to make a cake”.

It yielded a bunch of good keyword ideas naturally, . The next step is where the trick takes place when we delete a middle word, in this case “to”.

Whammo! Google then gives me some phrase variations that start with “how” and end with “make a cake”.

Google has given me 5 excellent keywords that I could then write content around.

Technique # 2 The Local Phrase

As You might expect, this next technique is going to help you find unlimited “local” type keyword phrases. The “local” market is absolutely massive.

Most local companies have no idea how to research or get rankings. You will be able to use this technique to help drive your local business (if you have one), or you can use it to research keywords for a local client or prospective client.

The first step is to type in a city, followed by a letter. In this case “new york a”.

This will reveal some of the top New York related searches that people are doing. The next step is to type in a letter following the term. In this case,.

Google has revealed 5 more search phrases starting with New York + “d” word (daily news, dmv, dolls, dress, department of revenue). Now I am going to elaborate on this to get even longer tailed, more targeted search terms.

There you have it!! FIVE very targeted search terms. I started with something as broad as New York, and I finished with targeted terms like “new york dmv change of address” in less than 30 seconds. I hope you are seeing the infinite potential here. 🙂

Technique #3 The “Local Finder Hybrid” Phrase

The next technique is a hybrid of the last two techniques. You are going to find local terms using the “in between” technique.

The first step is to type in a local search. In this case, I sought to “find restaurants in new york”.

People that are looking to “find” something are very engaged, potential customers. Really, as a marketer or business, these are excellent types of searches to target with your content efforts.

The next step is going to be to seek out other types of business that people are looking for in a particular location, in this case New York again. We are going to use the “in between” technique and remove “restaurants”.

After this has been deleted, we are given a bunch of new locational terms.

These are all excellent terms and highly searched (remember, Google Instant yields the most popular searches first. What this search is doing is giving us all the terms with “find” + “term” + in new york. The term is automatically entered by Google Instant.

Now we can take this even one step further. We can start typing in any letter (in this case I chose letter B), and Google will give us all the search phrases that have a term with starting with the letter b, as well as having find + new york somewhere in it.

Here are what the search results look like:

FIVE more excellent search phrases that I could write an article on and likely get ranked very quickly. An advanced Google Instant technique that you can use to find diamond­in­the­rough keywords. Awesome stuff!

Instant “news” items

When news happens, people go online. If you follow news closely online, by the time they making it to “print”, maybe a day or two have gone by. More and more people are going to go online to find out what they are looking for, and as a marketer, you can leverage this.

Lets Crunch Some Numbers!

Let’s crunch some numbers. Say you have an average post on your website that gets 10 likes, and 10 tweets. The following are the potential viewers that will see your post:

10 x 120 = 1200 people see it. 10 x 300 = 3000 people potentially see it.

4200 potential viewers from one article!

These people may go onto share it (depending on the quality of your content). This is when things can become viral and your traffic will explode!

Take a look at a sample post on my site:

As you can see, this post definitely got a boost from social sharing (activity). It has 512 tweets, 451 shares on Facebook, and 58 Shares on G+. It gets great search engine rankings and when I update the content on pages like this (improve it), it also gets re indexed very quickly.

Focus on writing quality, not for keywords. Quality will lead to rankings.

I know, tough to wrap your head around because we have all been taught to write only for the search engines. I would say to do both…write quality (first and foremost) with the idea that people may want to share your article in mind, and then write with specific keyword themes and topics in mind that you want to get ranked under.

How do you get more tweets and likes?

Pretty simple really. Write good content!

People will share it, trust me.

You can kickstart any page or post by tweeting, +1’ing and liking it from your own accounts, but you need to be careful about doing this if again, your content is no good. You don’t want to look bad to your friends initially or they will never take any of your content plugs seriously.

If you have a mailing list that would be interested in your content, share it with them. If you have friends or family that are interested in the subject matter that you are writing about, send them an email with the link.


This is how you scale your business, with massive action

And how do you do this?

Writing in volume. This will amplify your success Not all of us have the time to write 5­7 posts per week, but there are many people out there that are more than willing to help you out (and do not charge a whole lot for it.)

What would it be like if you only had to publish your content? Well if you have a bit of a budget and know a few things, this can be a reality with your writing campaigns.

Many of the top writers in the world leverage what we know as “ghost writers” to help them out with content. Fortunately for us, we are living in a global economy and you are one site or one click away from having your own personal writer to help you with content…and it is not all that expensive.

Think of it like this. Say you are able to write 15 posts yourself per month (average one every 2nd day). That is excellent progress and can lead to a lot of authoring success.

15 x 12 = 180 posts per year

Say you average just 5 clicks per day per post, you will be getting 900 clicks per day after one year. This is a low ball number here and it will likely be much higher, but this is essentially $450+ in free traffic per day.

Now let’s look at the potential if we scale. Say you hire a writer that you pay $5 per post. They write an additional 10 posts/pages per week for you.

5 x 52 = 260 posts per year (total cost, $200 per month).

Say these articles average another 5 clicks per day each (which is realistic), you will be getting an additional 1,300 clicks/day in traffic.

After one month you have 35 articles, getting 180 clicks per day with the help of a writer. After one year, you have a total of 440, totaling 2,200/clicks per day. That is a ton of traffic and will definitely lead to A LOT of revenue.

Would you like Unlimited Amounts of Free Traffic

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  1. A truly epic post. I never realised just how important keywords and the changes in the Google ranking rules could make to my business. Loved the idea of finding more keywords through the inbetween technique.

    I had always wondered what up scaling was as I had heard the term. Definitely worth considering paying a ghost writer down the track. For now I need to get my social sharing going. Lots of great meat!

    Thanks Lily


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