Do Traffic Exchanges Really Work

Do Traffic Exchanges Really work?…

if you are an online marketer then you will either have heard the term Traffic Exchange, or be using one or indeed more.

In fact, you might not even be sure they do work, so this post sets out to give you some informed facts, which you need to know.

So what are Traffic Exchanges?

The short answer is they are an exchange, where for you can place your website link and in return for looking at other websites

You will get a view back of your website

A Google search will reveal there are over 43, 000,000, (Forty Three Million)  of them. Obviously you can’t join each one

In the main, most of those exchanges have very poor admins, who have set the site up, just so they can earn money from you

Those owners, do very little, in terms of actively making sure their site has new members joining

Those exchanges are not worth joining.

However, there are plenty of good traffic exchanges, which have been tested and proven to produce results. those can be found here

All of them without exception have been tested over a period of 17 years and continue to be monitored on a monthly basis.

Updated monthly rankings are produced, so you know exactly which ones work, so you can plan your use accordingly.

You can join an exchange for free, and upgrade if you so wish.The exchanges to upgrade in, can be found Here Upgrades bring with them more traffic

How Do You Use Them?

So you join an exchange for free and with this free membership, you can usually put up to 5 website links into the exchange, as shown in the video below


Once this is done, you then have to assign a percentage of credits to each site. Typically most traffic exchanges will ask you to assign at least 50% of your credits to each website

So simply divide the percentage for allocation against the number of websites you have shown listed, as the video below, explains

When you do this, you then start to surf, by clicking on the websites that get shown.By clicking on the corresponding image as shown in below, that changes the website, to the next one


You will also see  the amount of credits you are getting for viewing each website, as the image at 2  below shows you.

In the case of this exchange, you are getting 0.5 credits for each website you are viewing.



So you would need to view 2 sites, to get one view back to yours This is known as a 2;1 surf ratio and it is very common with free advertising websites to get this

If the credits were shown as 0.30, that means you would have to view 3 websites, to get one view back to yours. Put another way, you are working 3 times as hard to get your views, so it would pay to upgrade your membership.

One good way, to find out if an exchange is getting traffic to your site, is by placing your blog into it and then surfing for a 100 clicks, as a test.

However, that said, the easiest way is by using the exchanges which are ranked in TE hoopla 

They are proven to work…. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Two Key Things to Remember with Traffic Exchanges…

Never, use your standard affiliate link in them, for what ever reason, those pages do not work, always use a  splash page

The other key thing to remember is to not sell in them, by sell I mean not promote your opportunity

Traffic Exchanges should only be used to build your list, by offering something for free 

Follow that simple principle and you will get a lot  of optins and build your list and achieve financial freedom very quickly.

Okay, So free is good, but what about upgrading?

This is the million dollar question?

What about upgrading? … Is it worth it?

The answer to this is very simple.


Do you want to save time and Surf Less?

If the answer to this question is yes, then Look at the benefits you get for upgrading.

Upgrading buys yous credits, and pays you very generous referral commissions. With both of those comes time freedom

It also means that the exchange is paying you and it means that instead of working 12 hours a day in your business as some surfers do

You can far less and on your business…. Which option seems far more attractive?

You get the picture.

So as you can see, if you follow and apply the methods explained and shown in this post, then yes traffic exchanges really do work.










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