Earn Easy Commissions Reviewed, is it a GOOD opportunity or a SCAM

This is a review of Earn Easy Commissions

Earn Easy Commissions is an Offering from Chuck Ngyuen.

It is an Opportunity, which claims to let you the reader / opportunity seeker, do as the name suggests and Earn Easy Commissions Passively online.

Now this was presented to me this week, because I have a blog and like most business owners, passive income is an area of interest to me.

Chuck Ngyuen, claims that he will do all the work for you and the system he has set up, will earn you a lot of money. Though he does encourage you to read his affiliate Disclaimer, which paints a very different picture.

Note: It should be pointed out at this point, that Earn Easy Commissions is an ‘Affiliate Only’ opportunity. It has been around for around 4 months

To understand what affiliate marketing means, This Explains it

So lets start by going through Earn Easy Commissions, to see if its a Good Opportunity or… a SCAM.

First of all you have to create a Free Account, thats pretty straight forward enough so no contentious issues there!

When you create your free account, you receive two emails, one of which tells you to look out for a confirmation email

The confirmation email, duly arrives, along with the first hint as to cost associated with ECC, because the email message comes from

Get Response which is an autoresponder, more on this later

After creating your free account, you then have to watch 5 videos

Getting started

Your Success Formula

How everything Works

Maximising Your earnings

Training Portal

Each video needs to be watched as it leads to the next, but this is where it starts to in my eyes at least, start to fall down

You should also note, that the members area is contained inside a WordPress.Org Hosted Blog.More on this later


Because the first video is 15 minutes long, but its 15 minutes of the same regurgitated waffle, which doesn’t explain anything at all, except how

The subsequent videos are of similar content and length, but again don’t reveal what products  and  / or costs are associated

People have made money, How Mr NgYuen has made a lot of money… But absolutely nothing about the Products/ Services you will be ‘selling’

So, with this in mind, and being more than a little curious, I looked around the site for some explanation of what products you would be selling.

Nothing was obvious, so I clicked on the Maximise Your Earnings video, which is No 4 on his ‘must watch’ videos.


This is where the information that as far as I am concerned should be first, but it isn’t, despite Chucks statement on transparency

So, lets give you the nitty gritty on the important bits of Earn Easy Commissions.

To his credit, here Chuck Does explain that there are 4 steps associated with the Earn Easy Commisisons system

They are



Elite &


What is not explained, or very transparent is the costs associated with each level.

The commissions for each level are explained, as is the fact that you can’t skip levels and have to start as a free member

Starting as a free Member, will earn you a $1 in commission.

The other videos, only explain the commissions available at the Pro, Elite and VIP levels

Finding Out The Costs Associated

Despite the claims of Transparency, the associated costs are hidden in the FAQ section of the membership area and are detailed below.

Pro Membership

Paid Get Response Autoresponder andClixMagikc account which starts at $15 for your first 1,000 subscribers

Paid ClickMagikc account which is $12 for the basic account,

You will need these two accounts, with all membership levels

However what you should also note is that ClickMagikc does not track traffic from Bulk Traffic Sites, Traffic Exchanges or Paid Per View Platforms, so if these are methods of marketing you favour then it might be worth Reconsidering your marketing strategies

ClickMagikc also does not allow posting of links in facebook groups and as this one of the marketing strategies Chuck NgYuen advocates, it might be again worth thinking twice about, as you will be restricted in terms of where you can market

One time Set Up fee of $100 or 6 x $125 payments. It is not clear or documented what this payment is for

What Commissions will You earn as a Pro  Member?

$1 for a Qualified Member, but thre is no definition of what a qualified member is

Affiliate Commissions generated by your Pro System and the 100 x Email Follow Ups

50% of Pro Sales 

Elite Membership

One time payment of $500 or 6 x $125 as with the Pro Mmebership it is not documented what this payment is for

What you get as an Elite Member

Access to the Courses that Chuck NgYuen has set up, though there are no indications as to what these courses are.

Multiple Income streams, in the form of Get Response, Clickmagick and Udimi, which is a seller of Solo Ads

50% commission on Elite Sales

Last but by no means Least

VIP Membership

The first thing that is missing is the fact that there is no cost shown.

VIP Inner circle training which is effectively joining a facebook group, created by Chuck

50% of VIP Direct Sales, up to $1,000 per sale, this assumes upgrades

20% of VIP 2nd Tier Sales, up to $400 per sale, based on previous upgrades.


Absolutely any business needs to be promoted, and promoted well through a variety of different methods

Earn Easy Commissions, advocates, promotion through Facebook, Udimi and Forum Marketing, which are great, but still require your time and effort

Facebook Specifically in the light of the recent analytics data is now clamping down on these type of opportunity, so you are going to need to have further and different methods of Generating Traffic which will bring people to you.



Do you remember a little earlier on, I mentioned that Earn Easy Commissions member area, was built on a hosted WordPress site?

The reason this is mentioned is because of the large One Time amounts of money EG $100 and $500, with no documentation as to what it was for?

Self Hosted WordPress Blogs can be set up for a fraction of the cost, as you will see on my Hosting page


In Conclusion,


with Earn Easy Commissions, you are going to be an ‘affiliate only’ working to promote the opportunity, so it will not be your own business

True enough you will get an autoresponder and a fairly good tracker, which still has some limitations, but this won’t be your own business


In Comparison


Compare Easy Earn Commissions to My 1 Recommendation below


2 thoughts on “Earn Easy Commissions Reviewed, is it a GOOD opportunity or a SCAM”

  1. Well done Dave.
    You have presented this well. You have kept to the facts as they have given them.
    You have compared them to another company that have all their boxes ticked. The reader then is getting educated how to choose a company. You have shown what is important to look out for.
    You let them know about the limitations. That it is not their own business.
    Love the comparison chart at the end. A visual check list for reader to see.

    Di 🙂

    • Di,
      Thanks for the comment, glad you liked it and as you have said, I have presented the reader with a review of things they should be looking for, which it is claimed are transparent, but quite clearly not.


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