Earn Free Money With Coinbase

This post explains how you can earn free money with Coinbase

If you haven’t heard of Coinbase, it is the worlds most trusted Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin is FULLY explained here.

So how exactly can you earn free money with Coinbase

The initial thought of most people, is

“How Much do I need to Invest and Will I get scammed”

You might be surprised to learn the answer to that questions is

No need for Investment. You won’t get scammed

So How Exactly Does it Work

Very simply is the truthful answer

What you need to do, is create a free account with Coinbase

Once that is done, then you have the opportunity to earn rewards inside it

The earn rewards tab is shown on the left hand side, shown below

it will be on the left hand side as shown at No 1

And underneath that as shown at Number 2

Quite literally, all you do to earn these rewards, is watch a series of short videos

By short, each one is no longer than 2 minutes.

Each video is accompanied by a short quiz.

Get the answer right and Coinbase will send you money

That money shows up in your Portfolio Balance shown below

Now that money can then be sent directly to your bank account

The rewards at time of writing are available daily and only take a few minutes to do

Now as they will pay you effectively free money, Coinbase will reward you again

The way they do this is, through a referral payment

So for every person you refer to Coinbase, who creates an account

Coinbase will pay you $7. This money shows up in your Portfolio Balance

With this you have to allow up to 24 hours for the balance to reflect this

But that is how you earn free money with Coinbase

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