Easy1up Is This A Good Opportunity Or A Scam

Easy1up is This a Good Opportunity or a Scam


What is Easy1up

Easy 1 up is a business education platform, which by its own definition, helps entrepreneurs to continue learning and develop themselves

It is difficult to define how old this platform is, as there are is no information either on who owns it, or when it was established

In fact, if you are familiar with Gifting ( which is illegal by the way) then at first sight, this gives the impression of being a gifting venture

It should also be noted that Easy1Up is also an affiliate only venture. If you have read the post about Affiliate Marketing, then you will know what this term means


Easy1up, has 6 (Six) core products, which are

Elevation starting at $25

Elevation Elite starting at $100

Vertex starting at $500


Vertex Elite at $1,000



Vertex Pro Connect at $2,000


So your total layout, or investment as Easy1Up Describes it to go all in is $3,875

Though it should be noted that all the above payments are one time, which is slightly more appealing

However, on closer inspection of the products above, the education you get across the board in all products, really does amount to a ton of freely available information, that you can easily learn from YouTube in fairness and a lot of it is in truth very basic material, which in my opinion is fluffed up to make it more appealing


If you are a seasoned and or Experienced Marketer


Then you will see it for what it is


However, for someone new to the affiliate marketing world, then Easy1up would and could be considered very appealing, given that there are tiered products, meaning the earnings of commisisons is potentially attractive


Why is it called Easy1Up

This is simple, for everyone that joins this venture, you pass your first sale up, hence the name

Now at first sight, that may not seem to bad, given that you are given some very basic social media training in how to get your leads


Consider this, to earn money, you have to market and promote this opportunity, which is easy for some, not so easy for others

If you are in the latter bracket, then it could take some time, for you to achieve your first sale, which when you do and the elated feeling wears off, you realise that you don’t get paid on that referral

Your commissions for your first sale are totally dependent on the person underneath you to begin with

After your first sale, every commission goes to you

Now if you don’t fancy that idea, then Easy1up has you covered, or do they?

Because if you don’t like the idea of passing up your first sale and speaking of the experience of having done it, you feel very deflated realising you put all that hard work into getting the first sale, only to not get paid

Then you are encouraged to go for the


Vertex Advanced Digital Marketing Course at $500

By investing in this course, you skip the pass ups and start earning commissions straight away, which sounds very glamourous and your eyes are probably lighting up at the thought of those lovely significant commissions hitting your bank account


Lets have a little reality check ( no pun intended!) here…


How do you get paid

This is where it starts to fall down for me, because, to buy any of the packages within easy1up, you pay each member dirctly, there is no central processor

So you are totally reliant on getting money directly from the person who wants the next package.

From experience, these models are fraught with pitfalls and most members end up looking for a simpler and easier way to earn money.


With that said and done, lets review Easy1Up against My 1 Recommendation below




10 thoughts on “Easy1up Is This A Good Opportunity Or A Scam”

  1. Thanks for the great information. It is so easy for someone who is new to affiliate marketing to get sucked in to a situation that is not in their best interest…been there done that myself!
    I look forward to seeing more of this type of comparison with other opportunities as well. You are providing a very necessary service, thanks!

  2. Hey, Dave!

    Yeah, this sounds like a real scam, for sure! Another one of those money grabbers that catch unsuspecting newbies by surprise.

    It looks good on the onset, but like you say, who wants to pay for the same info you can find on Google for free! Especially at such inflated prices!

    It might be good for a super sharp marketer who can sell anything to anybody but not for the average Joe! Plus, how can you sleep at night considering you probably just ripped somebody off!

    Nothing is better than marketing a product that is high quality and sells itself! That’s exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is, which you have so clearly shown in this post! It IS truly the best thing going on the net!

    Great review post, Dave! Thanks for the information!


  3. I’m impressed with the education system Easy1up has for its members. But honestly, I cannot stand to have my first sale get passed up to my upline. The reason for this is, our first sale is our first taste of success in our business especially for the newbies. It’s kinda dishearting for the newbies that the fire they ignited after making their very first sale get fanned off because it has been passed up to the upline. I’d rather have a pass up that start with a second sale than with the very first.

    Just my two cents on this program.

    • Gomer,
      It sounds like you have experience with this venture, do you use it?

      How does it compare to other systems you have used, including Wealthy Affiliate?

      Thanks for the comment and taking the time to do so

  4. Reading this makes me feel blessed that my 1st internet venture was, and is, Wealthy Affiliate! This seems like a product that a person could loose interest in very quickly. I know I would! Great article!

    • Suze, thanks so much for taking the time to comment, I appreciate you doing so.

      Indeed, with the amount of fairly poor opps out there, they actually don’t stand up against Wealthy Affiliate that well in terms of value, support and training.


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