Eleven40 Pro Theme By Studio Press

This is a review of the Eleven40Pro Theme by StudioPress

Eleven40 Pro is a Child Theme and in case you don’t know what a child theme is, then a detailed explanation can be found On This Page along with the reason why you need one, which may surprise you, especially if you have been blogging for some time

Anyway, that said, as a Pro Theme, Eleven 40 is a dream theme, because its clean,  responsive and of all the Child Themes that have been tested over time, by far the most easiest to customize


Eleven40 Pro comes along with the Genesis Framework, which you can read more about here It might sound complicated initially, as did to this author, is actually very simple to install into your WordPress Theme area, which once there, you do nothing with… Not even activate.

You can  read more about the Genesis Framework

Reasonably Priced

Eleven40 Pro is reasonably priced, as are all StudioPress Themes, in fact, to give you an idea as to the look of Eleven40 Pro, this theme is using it!



Is very easy once installed, though initially, you might be a little shocked, once it is activated as to the appearance your site presents to you, especially if you have been using a different theme entirely.

Fear not, because you are supplied with a very detailed Genesis Framework handbook, which explains how to use the Customizer in WordPress to tune your blog from a startling appearance  into the Professional Polished look, very similar to this site’s appearance now

With each Step, as you will see, you are shown a live preview in the customizer, that you can adjust to suit before you click the publish and activate button

In case you don’t know what the customizer is, the picture below shows you



As you will see from the arrows, the arrow pointing to the left-hand side is where you can customize the various sections of your theme

The Arrow to the right and pointing down is the preview area so that as you adjust each section, the preview area, shows you what it will look like

When you are happy with it you simply click on the publish button located at the top left of the left-hand section

Pro Themes

As Pro Themes go, it has to be said that StudioPress are among the most trusted providers of premium themes, with a number of top blogs and websites using both the child theme and genesis framework

Certainly having experienced both free and premium themes, there is no doubting which is the better choice





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