Facebook Pages- Reasons To Use Facebook Pages

This post looks at Facebook Pages and the reasons To Use Facebook Pages

Now right from the off I have to be honest and say that I am not a fan of Facebook

The social side of Facebook is way less than appealing to me

But, when it comes to the Business side of the platform

Then Facebook Pages have some benefits to them.

The first one is this

To be able to use Facebook Ads, then you have to have a page

If you don’t know what a page looks like then the picture below shows you

Or at least the top part of one

As you see, it looks like a blog.

Your picture is laid out in the centre and you can add a banner to the top

Beneath your name there are a left side bar and a right side bar

Very similar to your own blog, except that its hosted on the Facebook Server

Above the left hand side bar, are 4 tabs

Posts, About, Photos and Videos

On the right hand side, you can see the latest posts. Your content.

Invite Your Friends and Associates to Like Your Page

You can invite your friends and associates to like your page

The idea behind this is that apart from just liking, they can read your content

Share Your Page Posts

By writing content onto your fanpage, you can also share it.

It can be shared on to Twitter, or within Facebook itself, by posting the link in groups

The advantage of doing this is that if you have affiliate links to promote

Then by including your blog link in your page posts

Then sharing your page into other groups, Facebook is unlikely to ban you

So this works as a double edged sword

Because your fanpage gets promoted organically within Facebook

People then have to read your content, which if its good they will like

In turn from that, if you have good offers within your content

Then there is an increased chance of getting people on to your list

Freinds Business Details

If your page is properly optimised, then it will get found within the search engines

So visitors coming to your page, have their details automatically shown to you

That is details about their business and what they do

This acts like a kind of attraction marketing

Because by looking at their opportunity, you can then present a solution to them


You can also add video to your posts.

Video is becoming the way to go for content

Facebook also puts video at the top of the social feed

Its in a place called watch

Now while watch is not linked directly to your Facebook Page

Your videos if optimized properly, could show up there

1 Million Estimated Active Pages

This of course could be the most likely reason to have a Facebook page

It is estimated that there are 2 Million Active Facebook users

Of that its thought that 1 Million of them are Facebook Page users

Now one million targeted business owners is too good a market to say not to

But how do you reach them


This is the major reason why Facebook wants you to have a Page

So you can advertise any of your posts to your targeted audience

The downside with this is that to reach the masses is going to cost money

Certainly a lot more than the teaser packages you get offered

The upside to this is that your advert gets shown in the Home Feed Section

It usually shows up as a sponsored ad

Which means that you are using Facebook as a turnkey Ad platform

Turnkey in case you don’t know means on autopilot

So even if you dislike the social side of the platform

You can still set ads up to run, even when you are asleep

As you can see These are some of the reasons to use Facebook Pages

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