Free Advertising For You

This post takes a closer look at the Online Advertising Resource

Free Advertising For You

And give you the information you need to decide if its right it for you

Everyone loves Free Advertising

Free Advertising which pays is even better

Free Advertising which pays weekly, is better Still

The Owner of This Site Jason Wise is a top class admin

He works exceptionally hard with his support.

One of the things you will like about it most is that it is Free To Join

However, that is only part of the story.

Part of the home page, seen below,  states this 

Click Through Rates

One of the facts that stand out is the Click Through Rate

In Direct Response Terms anything above 1 to 2% is good

The average CTR is 16.07%

So you see, it kind of sells itself

Combine that with an amazing 10, 666, 904 clicks ( that’s over 10 Million clicks)

Activity Based 

Free Advertising For You is a very much activity based Ad Platform

Though you start off as a Free Member, you can win a Pro Upgrade within 3 Days

The Pro Upgrade earns you a commission

All you have to do is login daily and follow the simple instructions found on the

Daily / Weekly Contest Page

Why would you want to do that?

Well the answer is very simple really

Taking part in the activity puts you in the daily and weekly drawings

If you win, then you get an opportunity to win cash

However, by being active you also win a Pro Upgrade as well

Now, being Pro, means you are eligible for higher commissions.

Win a Pro Upgrade

The picture below, shows the benefits of winning a Pro Upgrade


Below you will see proof of the sort of commissions that you get at the Pro Level

$700 Monthly Draw

Again for being active and using the site, you get the benefits below

Note the highlighted Red box. Diamond or VIP members get 3 Million Credits

You also earn commissions on these upgrades as well.

Click Through Rates

As with all Internet Marketing its important that you get a decent CTR

On Free Advertising For You, the Click Through Rates are well above average

They are around 16 – 17%

Multiple Ways To Advertise

There are also multiple ways to advertise as well on the site

Below you can see the different ways

As you can see there are Solo Ads, Block Ads, Banner Ads and a surfing exchange

Because of the way the site works, visitors are encouraged to view ads

This results in more people seeing your ads.

Well Ranked

Free Advertising for you is also well ranked by both

TrafficHoopla and Profitable mailers

Free Solo Ad

You might be aware that Solo Ads are the way to grow your list fast

9 times out of ten, you have to pay for Solo Ads

With Free Advertising For You, you get a free Solo Ad, just for joining the Newletter

Usually the term newsletter conjures up images of lots of junk and spam!

However, Jasons’ newsletter is different and exceptional

He sends out good unique information, which only benefit your business

The information you get is priceless and save you money, because he is very selective about what he promotes… Very rare in the online world

All in All, you are guaranteed to get good results from Free Advertising For You

Gold Membership

As a Gold Member, for a one time payment, you get the impressive benefits seen below

As you can see, it come with an Impressive 50% Commission

So, lets just recap on this for a moment, to give you the full picture

Free Advertising For you, can be started for Free

With activity you can win a Pro Upgrade

These commissions are paid into Coinpayment

So from a standing start, with zero money, you are well on your way to earning money

Once its in your coinpayment account, you can then scale your advertising up

Scaling Advertising, or buying more advertising, means your business grows faster

This accumulates very quickly, and opens up more strategies for you within the Crypto World, including Earning interest on your Crypto Advertising, but more on that later.

As you can see, Having a Free Advertising For You Account, makes total Sense


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