Full Power Utilities Reviewed

Now if you have not heard of ​Full Power Utilities​​​ before, then don’t be too worried, because they are a UK based, Energy Broker, who work exclusively with the UK Commercial Business market.

Admittedly Energy is hardly the sexiest word around and is more likely to have you nodding off at the mere mention of Your Business Energy Bill : )

Well, the Good news is, that this review, may just open your eyes slightly in that respect

Full Power Utiliites,


Are based in Hertford, United Kingdom and were set up in 1997, when the energy market in the UK becamse De~regulated

They have since established themselves as a Premier Energy Broker, who can claim, with some justification and do, actively have relationships with every energy provider in the UK, not every energy broker can say this

For example there are some who say they are independent, but in fact deal with a small handful, thus making a mockery of that statement

Full Power on the other hand, do deal with every single Energy Provider in the UK and its these key relationships with those suppliers that means they are able to shave discounts off of the end users energy bill, in some cases that discount can be up to 25%… Which given the price of energy in the UK is no mean feat.

That discount also applies if the business owner wishes to stay with his current supplier and not move

This allows the Small Business owner to have complete peace of mind, knowing that they have secured the lowest possible energy price and for not 1 year, but in some cases longer than that, which is awesome

No Cold Calling!

Another major plus factor is that Full Power Utilities,  will not cold call for business, though they actively recruited a team of very able self employed reps, trained them up to their standard and rely in the main from the relationships they have with their customer bases to new business introductions

Affiliate Marketing

The reps that are affiliate with Full Power Utiliites, can in some cases earn very good incomes, dependent of course on the type of business that is introduced to the company

One of the major factors which encourages many people to become affiliates with Full Power Utilities is the fact, that all the rep has to do, is ask a question

“Who currently supplies your Energy”

Take a phone number and pass it through to their own dedicated broker, who will deal with the rest of the follow up for the rep, advising the rep of the outcome of the call and if it will lead to a payment or not for them

That is it in its simplest form

The types of business Full Power Utilities Service, include


Costa Coffee

IT companies

Dominos Pizza

There have been many cases of affiliates passing phone numbers to their dedicated broker and a new deal being finalised with the customer, before the rep has got home!! ~ Now thats called service

Who can be an Affiliate Rep?

The answer to this, is… Absolutely anyone, regardless of age background or ethnicity

There are no qualifications to have or exams to pass, simply a willingness to be enthusiastic and ask the question/s

If the business owner wants to know more, then their telephone number is passed to the broker, who then calls and answers any questions the owner has

When are commissions paid to Reps

That depends entirely on who the energy provider is and then they pay Full Power Utiliites really

So payment can be either very quickly, or as sometimes happens a month in arrears, quarterly, usually its fairly qucikly and bearing in mind that the energy providers deals can be for up to 1, 2 and in some cases 5 years, then the affiliate can get some very nice commission checks, when they east expect them

Imagine getting an email which says

“Full Power Commission Paid” and you look in your bank to find that you have received commission from a deal you had totally forgotten about.

Now if that sounds good, then lets look at the next level of this affiliate marketing structure… Yes there is another level


It is not a multi level, or Network Marketing operation or business venture, far from it

Because affiliates are often very happy to work with Full Power and get paid in this way, with very little niggle to go with it

Its hardly surprising that they spread the word to others and have people asking them

“Well if you do, can I”?

The answer to that is yes they can. All thats required in these cases is that the affiliates referral affiliate signs a form saying that they are happy to introduce other businessess to Full Power Utilities.When this happens, the introducing affiliate, then gets paid an override % of the sub affilliates commission… And they don’t have to train and motivate their sub affiliate either.

It doesn’t stop their either, because Full Power Utilities have other just as important services they provide, as you will see below



And exactly the same rules for the company and their affiliates apply with these services as well

So as you can see its a win win all round for both the affiliates and the company.

In 2010, Full Power Began a relationship with ARMA ( Association of Residential Managing Agents) after being  introduced to them by a managing agent client of theirs and Full Power offered to deliver CPD training to their members on utility buying and management.

After being vetted, they began delivering annual courses and as a result of their proving the depth of our knowledge in this very specific area, Full Power became the broker of choice to about a third of ARMA’s members.

This relationship was moved on one stage further, when In 2016 ARMA sought a formal partner to deliver ARMA ENERGY, an initiative for ARMA members to receive 2 benefits, firstly the use of a professional broker and secondly the collective buying facilitated by members ‘pooling’ their usage volumes.

Amongst other brokers Full Power was again invited to be part of the selection process and was successfully appointed as ARMA partner in ARMA ENERGY.

As you can see, Full Power Utilities offers a very comprehenive way to earn a passive income, for literally everyone

You just need to have a chat with them to see if they are a right fit for you


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  1. Hey Dave,

    I wasn’t aware of the company, up until this post. I guess this is because

    1. i don’t reside in the UK

    2. They don;t advertise or cold-call

    3. They work only with corporate clients.

    The affiliate model is great for this company because even more corporate customers do their shopping for products and services online. Especially for a vast market like the UK.



    • Marios, thanks for the comment and taking time to do so, you are correct, the affiliate model for this company is good, because everyone wants energy and prices can always be saved


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